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Aguaturbia - back in stock !! Volumen 2 (Vinyl RI of 1970 second LP by legendary psychers from Chile - raw
blues rocking
intensity and
astounding fuzz
leads) from masters, de-luxe Gatefold
cover - Essex
20 €
Aguaturbia - out of stock!! Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 debut LP by
psychedelic group
originally on Arena Records -
distortion, fuzz and female vocals) 180 g vinyl, original
Cover - Essex
0 €
Alrune Rod DoLP Alrune Rock (Vinyl
RI of third LP by
danish progressive
rock band incl. the danish and the
english version of
the LP) 180 g vinyl, heavy gatefold
sleeve, poster,
insert - Shadoks
45 €
Amos Key First Key (Vinyl RI of 1974 eponymous
first LP by
influenced Krautrock outfit originally
on Spiegelei - weird Psych elements,
mindbending space
rock moves,
surprising twists)
original cover,
insert - Long Hair
20 €
Arzachel - Repress available again Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 spacey
psychedelic album by UK band originally on Evolution) One
Bonus Cut - 180g
vinyl, original
cover - on Klimt
17 €
Belgian Vaults Vol. 5 14 track collection of 60s/70s beat,
fuzzy psych and
spacy pop from the
belgian scene incl. Paul`s Collection,
Klan, Ferre
Grignard, Jumpers,
Swallos, Patrick,
Les Altesses etc -
detailed liners -
21 €
Bodast Spectral Nether
Street (Vinyl RI of 1968 unreleased
recordings by UK
post Tomorrow Band
feat Stevie Howe -
stunning progressive opus with a share
of psychedelia)
Insert, backflap
sleeve - Wah Wah
20 €
Boxer Absolutely (Vinyl RI of 1976 melodic
rock album on Epic
Records feat Mike
Patto) Original
Cover -Prog Temple
22 €
Breakaways (New Zealand 60s Band on Break-A-Way Records) All For One (17
track comp of rare
45`s & tough LP
tracks by New
Zealand 60s Pretty
Things type Beat/RnB group incl Milk Cow Blues, Rosalyn,
Come See Me, Richard Cory, Baby Please
Don`t Go, Despair, A Travelled Man etc
Insert, Cool Cover - Break-A-Way
18 €
Burnt Suite Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 local
Connecticut psych LP originally on BJW - rural hippie
Original cover -
Void Records
18 €
Callinan-Flynn Freedom`s Lament
(Vinyl RI of 1972
sole album by UK
Folkrock band
originally on
Mushroom Records) 2 Bonus tracks,
Insert, Original
Cover -Wah Wah
20 €
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Strangelands (Vinyl RI of 1969
unreleased second
album by the `God Of Hellfire` and the
missing link between the original Crazy World and Kingdom
Come) Original
planned 69 Cover -
25 €
Cycle Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 top notch US
Garage / Psych album originally on the
band`s `Label´
Records - vox organ, fuzzy guitars and
snotty vocals)
Insert, Original
Cover - Out-sider
20 €
Danny Ben Israel Kathmandu Session
(Vinyl RI of 1970
recording session by most extravagant
musician of the
Israeli 60s psych
scene following the release of his
`Bullshit 3 1/4 LP´) 180 g vinyl,
Insert, 200 only -
24 €
Dashiell Hedayat Obsolete (Vinyl RI
of 1971 LP on
Shandar by french
poet and counter -
culture activist
whoteamed up with
Gong - psychedelic
guitars, hypnotic
bass-lines, freaked out sounds) liners, Original G/F Cover - Replica
16 €
De Kievers - When It Was 64 19 track collection of 1964 / 65 dutch
Beatles novelty
records at the peak of Beatlemania
incl.De Bietletjes, Peter & Zijn
Rockets, Jumping
Jewels, Johnny
Kendall & Heralds,
Karin Kent, Sweet
Sixteen etc -
Concerto Records
20 €
Eyes Of Blue In Fields Of Ardath (Vinyl RI of 1969
second LP by UK
hammond based psych / prog band) from
masters, two bonus
cuts, Insert,
original Cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Eyes Of Blue Crossroads Of Time
(Vinyl RI of 1969
debut LP by UK psych / prog band)
Insert, Original
Cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Gift Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 relevant
Kraut/Hardrock album featuring strong
guitar work and
excellent vocals)
Insert, Original
Cover - Long Hair
21 €
Gift Blue Apple (Vinyl RI of 1974 second LP
by german krauters - still hard rocking, but more
progressive with
wonderful guitar
riffs and excellent keyboards) Insert,
original Cover -
Long Hair
21 €
Heads Hand & Feet LP (w/CD incl. Bonus tracks of US LP) Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 debut LP by UK Band feat Albert Lee and Tony Colton -
excellent blend of
Folk, Rock and RnB) w/Bonus track CD -
Original Cover -
Prog Temple
22 €
Jeff Liberman Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 debut LP by
Chicago guitar god
originally on his
own Librah Label -
heavy guitar psych
w/plenty of fuzz `n´ wah, phasing,
effects, mystical
westcoast vibes)
Insert, original
Cover - Out-Sider
20 €
Jeff Liberman Synergy (Vinyl RI of third album by
Chicago guitar
wizard - heavy psych and progrock
incorporating also
some cosmic funk and A.O.R. influences) Insert, original
cover - Out-Sider
20 €
Jeff Liberman Solitude Within
(Vinyl RI of 1975
second LP by Chicago musician - more
heavy guitar psych
with acid soloing,
some mellow folk
grooves and
excursions) Insert - original Cover -
20 €
Jerusalem - (Repress in Stock now!) Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 infamous Ian
Gillan produced
metallic heavy rock album by UK Band
originally on Deram Records) From
masters, original
cover - Rockadrome
22 €
Knight Riders - brandnew Break-A-Way release San Francisco 1965 - The Autmn Session
(Collection of 1965 recordings by San
Francisco 60s garage band for Autmn Rec. LP ct the bands
killer `I´, a great `Don´t Think Twice´ version & seven more group originals)
from masters, Insert - Break-A-Way
16 €
Liberty Bell Thoughts & Visions
(14 track collection of rare Cee-Bee &
Back Beat Singles
A´s & B`s plus
unreleased incl.
Nazz Are Blue,
That`s How It will
Be, Reality Is The
Only Answer etc -
Five Star 60s Texas Punk & Psych -
coloured insert -
Break-A-Way Records
16 €
Lows In The Mid 60s Vol. 54 - Kosmic City Part 2 14 track collection of rare mid 60s US
Garage 45s and
unreleased from
Missourie incl.
Montaris, Dearly
Beloved, Bobby &
Fantastics, Here &
After, Mystics,Twon Criers etc -liner
notes/pics - Numero Group
23 €
Marvin Gardens 1968 (Vinyl
Collection of rare
late 60s studio and live recordings by
San Francisco
electric folkrock
and garage/psych
pioneers) Detailed
Insert w/pics,
history etc -
donwload card for
five bonus cuts -
High Moon Records
35 €
Mike Cotton Sound Same (Vinyl RI of
1964 eponymous debut LP on Parlophone by UK Mod/RnB group - comes with 5 rare
non LP Singles bonus cuts) Insert,
Original LP cover
w/Backflaps - Wah
20 €
Moonlight The Edge (Vinyl RI
of 1978 psysch/prog album by finnish
underground band)
180 gvinyl,
originaly heavy
sleeve, insert -
35 €
Morning Dew DoLP Same (Vinyl
collection of 1970 / 71 unreleased post ´At Last` LP
recording by Kansas 60s Garage / Psych
band incl. Their
unreleased second
Roulette LP,
alternates, solo
accoustic versions
and unreleased)
Detailed liners -
33 €
Nederbeat - Beat, Bluf & Branie Vol. 1 DoLP 25 track collection of mid 60s dutch
Beat/RnB 45s mixing the famous & the
obscure incl. Sandy Coast, Q65,
Phantoms, Hu &
Hilltops, Hunters,
Johnny Kendall &
Heralds, Dukes,
Torreros, Rodys, De Maskers etc detailed liners - Concerto
33 €
Nederbeat - Beat, Bluf & Branie Vol. 2 DoLP 25 track collection of mid 60s dutch
Beat/RnB 45s mixing the famous & the
obscure incl. Zen,
In Crowd, Sandy
Coast, ZZ & Maskers, Haigs, Outsiders, Torreros, Blues
Dimension, Cuby &
Blizzards etc
detailed liners -
Concerto Records
33 €
Nederbeat - Beat, Bluf & Branie Vol. 3 DoLP 25 track collection of mid 60s dutch
Beat/RnB 45s mixing the famous & the
obscure incl. Rob
Hoeke RnB Groep, Q
65, Sandy Coast,
Haigs, ZZ & Maskers, Bintangs, Hu &
Hilltops, Jay Jays, Hunters, Les
Baroques etc
detailed liners -
Concerto Records
33 €
Nederbeat - Beat, Bluf & Branie Vol. 4 DoLP 24 tracks of mid 60s dutch Beat/RnB 45s mixing the famous & the obscure incl.
Cuby & Blizzards,
Hunters, Johnny
Kendall & Heralds,
Roek Williams &
Fighting Cats, ZZ & De Maskers,
Oustiders, Shoes,
Q65, etc detailed
liners - Concerto
33 €
Niagara Afire (Vinyl RI of
1973 third album by german band on
Finger - LP returns to the percussion
sound of the first
LP and features a
feel of harmony all through) Insert,
Original fluorescent ink Cover - Wah
20 €
Penthouse 5 & 7´´ -brandnew Break-A-Way release It`s All My Own
Bizarre Dream
(Collection by Texas 60s Garageband
w/all 45s incl their 66 killer `Bad
Girl´, unreleased
recordings, a so far unknown 5-track
acetate, 3 x WordD & bonus 7´´ feat The By Fives `Keep On
18 €
Ralf Nowy Lucifer`s Dream
(Vinyl RI of 1973
album on Global
feat instrumental
sounds moving
freely from
psychedelic pop to
jazz, progressive
rock and ethnic
touches) Insert,
Original Gatefold
Cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Reason Age Of Reason (Vinyl RI of 1969 local US LP by Virginia Band - heavy
organ-driven rock
with a cool mix of
strong unique covers and excellent
originals) Insert,
Original Cover -
20 €
Rembrandt Records Story + 7´´ - Brandnew Break-A-Way LP 14 track collection of rare garage /
psych 45`s &
unreleased from
famous Chicago 60s
label incl.
Nite-Owls, Nuchez,
Lemon Drops, Nickel Bag, Circus &
Monday`s Children)
Comes w/unreleased
Nite-Owls 7´´,
Insert, Cool Cover - Break-A-Way
18 €
Sweet Marie Stuck In Paradise
(Vinyl RI of second LP by US psych band from Hawaii
originally on
Yard-Bird Records
incl. their hit
`Stella`s Candy
Store´) Insert,
original Cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Sweet Marie Sweet Marie One
(Vinyl RI of 1970
debut LP by Hawaii
Rock trio originally on Yard-Bird - mix of blues,
psychedelic elements and hard edged
acid-rock) Original Cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Too Much Monkey Business Wild & Wooly 14
track collection of New Zealand 1965-69 Beat/ RnB/ Psych
feat Bitter End,
Breakaways, Minors, Selected Few, Top
Shelf, Retaliation, Avengers, Simple
Image etc - from
masters, detailed
insert, 300 only -
NZ Universal
32 €
Wild Oats 10´´ Same (De Luxe nine
track 10`` release
by UK RnB Band incl. their megarare Oak Reords EP, plus
unreleased RG Jones studio and Tony Pike Session tracks -
Nine tracks of
rousing 60s RnB)
Liner Notes - Big
20 €
Wooden Horse Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 debut album by UK folk-rock
quintett feat Susan Traynor - excellent mellow folk-rock
with sparkling vocal harmonies) Original Cover - Prog
22 €
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