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Brandles / Wigholm - THE TAGES - Fran Avenyn Til Abbey Road & 7΄΄ Excellent full
colour 21 c 25
cmbook on swedish
60s beat, pop,
psychband Tages -
incl. History, most complete global
hundreds of pics -
plus unique 7΄΄
w/four unreleased
65/66 tracks
39 €
Flashback #5 Blossom Toes,
Fairport Convention, Room, Culpeppers
Orchard, Arcadium
plus reviews etc
19 €
Flashback #7 Mag feat Vashti
Bunyan, Oriental
Sunshine, Euphoria, Beach Boys, Van
Morrison, Fuzzy
Duck, Down Under
Rock etc
19 €
Flashback #8 Koobas, Caterpillar, Paternoster,
Human,George Martin etc
19 €
Hallberg / Henningsson - TIO I TOPP - 61-74 Definitive 21 x 30
cm coloured
hardcover book with 336 pages about
legendary swedish
60s radioshow -
bookfeat all ever
appearing artists
with updated bios,
1500 record
listings, loads of
cool pics and coer
48 €
Hans Pokora - 7001 Record Collector Dreams 128 Page colour
picture book feat
w/deluxe hardcover
and over 1000
photographs of rare 60s, 70s and 80s
global prog, psych, folk, beat, garage
LP covers. Price
guide... And index
40 €
Kaleidoscope / Shindig #47 Issue incl.
Fotheringay, Tir Na Nog, Mascots,
Reviews and more
8 €
Manfred Kuhlmann - Some Other Guys Follow-up to `Sound Of The Pound΄ - 302 pages of brandnew
information about
the 60s Merseybeat
scene in Liverpool - rare pictures and
trivia and
discography material of rare and obscure bands
24 €
Mike Markesich - Teenbeat Mayhem 400 page hardcover
book dealing with
rare Garage 45s -
discography, label
scans, A-Z listing, pic sleeves etc
85 €
Pim Scheelings - Q65 - The Book A5 sized soft bound 208 pages with tons of rare phots,
interviews and
discography about
dutch 60s l egends Q 65 incl. More than an inner view into
the true life and
times of the band)
Ugly Things
17 €
Shindig # 27 Bra with Chocolate
Watch Band cover and the usual content
8 €
Shindig # 46 90 pages of Kinks,
Blue Cheer, Jeff
Simmons, reviews
8 €
Shindig # 48 96 pages of Grateful Dead, Squire,
Mystrys, Art and
reviews incl. A
Herman's Hermits
50th Anniversary CD Review - buy or
8 €
Shindig # 55 Latest Issue feat
10CC, Fifty Foot
Hose, Clangers,
White Denim, Reviews all that
8 €
Shindig # 57 Mag - 96 pages incl. Beach Boys` Pet
Sounds, Grande
Ballroom, Isle Of
Wight1970, Flame,
Reviews etc
8 €
Shindig # 58 Mag - 100 pages
-Yardbirds, Graham
Nash, Fraternity Of Men, Lenny Kaye,
Turtles, Janis Ian, The
8 €
Shindig #17 June/July issue
incl. Lee Hazlewood, Giles Giles &
Fripp, Pandamonium, Louise, Samuel
Prody etc - reviews (even on records
that are not out
8 €
Shindig #18 Leading UK 60s mag - 76 glossy and
coloured pages incl. The Birds, Tages,
Jamme, Remains, John Sebastian, St
Anthony΄s Fyre etc - Reviews
8 €
Shindig #25 Issue feat Bee Gees, Jason Faulkner,
Mighty Baby,Modern
Folk Quartett,
reviews etc
6 €
Shindig #26 Issue with Small
Faces cover and the usual reviews
8 €
Shindig #28 many pages incl.
Fallen Angels,
Mainstream Records, Strawberry Alarm
Clock etc
8 €
Shindig #29 Edition of ongoing
UK 60s mag feat Bill Fay, Starwberry
Alarm Clock, Lee
Hazlewood, Free
Design, loads review and more
8 €
Shindig #30 Edition feat Rolling Stones psych years, Family, Gary Farr, Daily Flash, Reviews andmore
8 €
Shindig #31 Mag - brandnew full coloured 80 pages
with Shocking Blue, Association, Stones, Choir, reviews
8 €
Shindig #32 97 coloured pages
mag incl. Jokers
Wild, Sweet, Sweet, Sweet, Donovan,
reviews and more
8 €
Shindig #33 Seeds cover story,
Sandie Shaw, Tird
Power, Kim Fowley,
Francoise Hardy etc reviews and more
8 €
Shindig #35 Paul McCartney,
Hollywood Stars,
Stackrdige, more
Nilsson (can`t read, if reading is
without you),
reviews etc
8 €
Shindig #36 Latest issue with
Country Joe Mc
Donald, Artwoods,
Big Jim Sullivan,
Reviews andmore
8 €
Shindig #38 100 page latest
issue feat a cover
story on Granny
Takes A Trip plus
Linda Perhacs,
Leafhound, Twink,
reviews etc
8 €
Shindig #39 Cover story on UK
psychband The End
plus Peanut Butter
Conspiracy, Bonnie
Dobson, Chris
8 €
Shindig #40 UK Music mag feat
the Music Machine,
P.F.Sloane, Daptone Records, Kinks,
Reviews, Pics, etc
8 €
Shindig #41 The Who on The Road in the Magic Bus,
Messengers Service, Can, Rotary
Connection, David
Crosby, reviews
8 €
Shindig #43 100 pages feat the
Prisoners, Dana
Gillespie, peruvian psych bandmads,Allan James Eastwood,
reviews and more
8 €
Shindig #44 Edition incl.
Damned, Neighb`rhood Childr΄n, Suzy
Shaw, Cool Christmas Albums, Reviews and more
8 €
Shindig #45 Pretty Things,
Poweder, Moody
Blues, Purple Gang, Reviews etc
8 €
Shindig #49 post Peter Green
Fleetwood Mac cover story, Church, Chris Robinson`s
Brotherhood, Isleys, etc
8 €
Shindig #50 Mag feat John
Renbourn, Audience, Roberta Flack,
Roberto Blanco,
Arthur Brown,
Reviews etc
8 €
Shindig #51 Slade (early days), Brian Wilson (later days), Taste (
holidays), Silver
Apples (pioneering
days), Gernaium Pond (yesterdays), plus reviews of records
being out or not
8 €
Shindig #53 Issue feat 1966, the Monkees, Shadows Of Knight, Herman's
Hermits, Move,
Dovers, Reviews etc
8 €
Shindig #54 The Band, Bowie,
Holy Modal Rounders, BBC Radioworkshop, Masters Apprentices, Reviews etc
8 €
Shindig #56 Love (Int w/Johnny
Quintessence, Eyes
Of Blue, Reviews
8 €
Shindig #59 Hollywood Brats,
Bridget St. John,
The Tyrant King,
8 €
Shindig #60 UK Mag with Syd
Barrett, Goffin &
King, Sir Cliff
Richard, United
Artists Records etc
8 €
Shindig #61 UK Mag w/ 90 page
issue feat Tim
Buckley, UFO TV
Show, Syd Barrett,
Groupies, Steve
Hillage, Black
Diamonds etc
8 €
Shindig #62 96 pages feat
Georgie Fame,
Hawkwind, Airplane, Lesley Duncan, Jan & Dean etc
8 €
Shindig #63 Mag - Brandnew:
Kinks, Fred Nail,
Psychedelic, Be Bop De Luxe, revews etc
8 €
Shindig Annual #4 Mag is gathering a
bespoked of revamped Shindig highlights feat Procol Harum,
Kippington Lodge,
Poets, Julie
Driscoll, Brian
Auger & Trinity etc
13 €
Shindig No. 37 Cover story by
Raspberries, Ian
Anderson, Nigel
Mazlyn Jones, The
Dream, Reviews and
8 €
The Vertigo Swirl Label - largely updated 2nd expanded Edition by Klatte / Koopmann Extensively 320
pages updated
brandnew edition on famous prog label
feat collecting
data, label numbers, release dates, mint values, musician & producer details,
reviews, tracklists and 400 coloured
pictures of LPs &
7΄΄ers of famous
progrock label
35 €
Timemazine #7 + CD + 7΄΄ Single A4-96 page greek
psych fanzine incl. Ints with Velvet
Fogg, Anonymus,
Felt, Strawberry
Alarm Clock,
Redondos etc Comes
with CD and Single
13 €
Timemazine #8 w/CD and 7" Greek psychedelic
Fanzine with
articles on
Standells, Children Of The Mushroom,
Mind Garage,
Primevil, new bands etc Comes with 25
track CD and
Manticore Breath
13 €
Ugly Things #32 176 pages incl. Paul Revere & Raiders,
Wimple Winch,Don
Fradon, Sorrows,
Them, Contrasts,
Limey & Yanks,
Creation Of
Sunlight, Finchley
Boys, reviews and
13 €
Ugly Things #33 60s mag feat cover story on Love, Group 1850, Wimple Winch, Craig, Wildwood,
Syndicate, Hangmen, reviews and much
12 €
Ugly Things #34 Brandnew Edition
incl. Haunted, Milan The Leather Boy,
Spike Drivers,
Others, Blue Aces,
Reviews and more
13 €
Ugly Things #35 Issue incl.TY
Wagner, Sons Of
Fred, Paragons,
Thunder & Roses,
and more
13 €
Ugly Things #36 Issue with Andrew
Loog Oldham,
Haunted, Maytrea
Kali, Dream, Sands, Motions, Reviews
13 €
Ugly Things #37 Issue feat Small
Faces, Pretty
Things, Thursdays
Children, Hitmakers, Haunted, Carl
Douglas` Mod Years, reviews etc
12 €
Ugly Things #38 Brandnew edition
feat Kinks`Dave
Davies Interview,
Texas Garage Psych
icons Golden Dawn,
Lazy Bones, Cyril
Jordan & Flamin
Groovies, reviews
and more
13 €
Ugly Things #39 Brian Jones, The
Clingers, Mickey
Finn, Pink Finks,
Turqoise, Johnny
Barbata and more -
reviews etc
13 €
Ugly Things #40 170 pages feat Human Expression, Dave
Hassinger, Steve
Katz, John Barbata, Psychotic Pineapple, Reviews etc
13 €
Ugly Things #41 - brandnew Brandnew edition of US 60s mag incl.
Lovin Spoonful, Ugly Ducklings,Cuby &
Blizzards etc
13 €
Ugly Things No. 42 Yardbirds s/Paul
interview, Game, The Wig, Greasy Bear
and 70/80 bands plus reviews - 150
13 €
Ulrich Klatte - Cosmic Price Guide 2008 /2010 Expanded and Revised 3rd Edition - 448
pages of essential
Krautdata, labels,
numbers, mint
values, 2500
brillant coloured
cover pictures -
Bona fide collector handbook of highest quality in Hardcover and perfect
35 €
 plus lots more books and recent zines available