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Beau Brummels - mono Edition LP - Triangle (Vinyl RI of 1967 fourth
album on Warner by
legendary San
Francisco band) blue vinyl, original
Cover, mono Edition - Rhino Records
20 €
Billy & The Kids 7΄΄ When I See You - Do You Need Me (RI Of 1967 teenpunker by band from
Washington state
known from Diggin
For Gold) Booklet,
Cool PS - Julian
9 €
Billy & The Kids 7΄΄ - It`s Not The
Same - Say You Love Me (RI of 1965
teengarage two-sider by Pacific NW band) 4-page booklet,
cool PS - Julian
9 €
Bo Street Runners LP - Exile On Bo
Street (16 track
collection of
1964-66 Single A`s & B`s incl. rare `Oak EP΄ by british RnB Band plus a number
of assorted extra
tracks) Liners -
Munster Records
19 €
Brown Acid -the 5th Trip LP - Heavy Rock From The Underground
Comedown - 10 heavy slabs of obscure
rock incl. Captain
Foam, Finch, Fargo, Clockwork, Mammoth, Lance, Zebra etc
Detailed liners -
Riding Easy
21 €
Deep - 3-LP Set Restock!! De-Luxe 3-LP Set -
Psychedelic Moods Of (Expanded De Luxe
edition of 1966 holy grail of US
psychedelic incl.
3-sides of
alternates and
outtakes from the
original session
plus the Hydro-Pyro recordings) From 4
track tapes, liners, tip-on-jacket -
Lion Prod
45 €
Flashback #9 Mag - brandnew
w/Group 1850, Blonde On Blonde, Fuchsia, Sweet Slag, 50
intriguing british
albums only released outside the UK,
lots more
17 €
Golliwogs CD - Fight Fire -
Complete Recordings 1964-67 (23 track
collection of entire recordings by
Pre-CCR Band incl.
rare Scorpio label
45s & unreleased:
Title, Tell Me,
Don`t Tell Me No
Lies, Fragile Child, She Was Mine etc)
Detailed Booklet -
Craft Rec.
21 €
Golliwogs DoLP (back in Stock) DoLP - Fight
Recordings 1964-67
(23 tracks with
entire recordings by Pre-CCR Band incl. rare Scorpio label
45s & unreleased:
Title, Tell Me,
Don`t Tell Me No
Lies, Fragile Child, She Was Mine etc)
Detailed Liners,
Cool FOC - Craft
39 €
Johnny Farfisa & Individuals LP - The Sky Is
Falling -Best Of (15 track collection by New York Farfisa
led Garageband
incl.their 65/66
recordings (She`s
Gone Away, My Baby`s Bad etc) plus an
early recording as
Tokays and 1968
recordings as
Euphorina Railway)
Detailed liners -
19 €
Le Beat Bespoke Vol. 7 LP - 16 track comp
of 60s groovy
dancefloor fillers - wild mix of styles collected by a top
DeeJay incl. Dan Nix & Teen Sound,
Depressions, Snaps, Cords, Ron Gray,
Obsession Of yound, The Wrench, Showmen, Mike Burnett etc
Insert w/detailed
16 €
Le Beat Bespoke Vol. 7 CD - 20 track comp
of 60s groovy
dancefloor fillers
feat a wild mix of
styles collected by a top DeeJay incl.
Dan Nix & Teen
Sound, Fabulous
Depressions, Snaps, Cords, Ron Gray,
Obsession Of yound, The Wrench, Showmen, Mike Burnett etc
Detailed Booklet
15 €
Los Yetis LP - Same (Vinyl RI of debut LP by
Garage-Beat Heroes
incl. their self
penned nugget `Ya Nu Te Aguando`) 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Vinilissimo
21 €
Monks Maxi CD CD - Hamburg
Recordings 1967 (CD collection of five
so far unreleased
tracks by legendary and pioneering
american GI Band
incl. I`m Watching
You, Julia, Need You Shatzi, Yellow
Grass, PO Box 3291) Cool artwork, liners - Third Man
14 €
Plastic Cloud LP - Same (Vinyl RI of 1968 classic
canadian psychedelic LP on Allied
Records) 180 g
vinyl, from masters, Original Cover -
Lion Production
24 €
Psychedelic States - Missourie Vol. 1&2 DoCD DoCD - Splendid 54
track collection of 1965-70 Missourie
Garage rock and
psych feat raries by the Clann,Roy &
Bristols, Jekyll &
Hydes, Blue Velvets, The Guisse,
Inquirers, Happy
Return The Others,
Cholos, Vectors,
Herde etc detailed
Booklet - Gear Fab
17 €
Shadrack Chameleon LP - Same (Vinyl RI of 1973 sole and
privately released
album by Midwest
psychedelic band -
distorted guitars,
organ and
melancholic vocals) Insert, original
Cover - Out-sider
20 €
Sky Saxon & Seeds LP - Bad Part Of
Town (Collection of rare 45s incl. early Saxon 7΄΄ers as
Richie Marsh,
Soulrockers &
Elektra Fires plus
later post Seeds
45s) Replica
17 €
Third Bardo 7΄΄ - 5 Years Ahead Of My Time - My
Rainbow Life (RI Of defiant and classic 1967 garage/psych 45 on Roulette -
swirling organ and
fuzz break A-side
b/w tripped out
organ psycher)
Original rare Bell
Sound Studios
8 €
Timemazine #9 w/7΄΄ Single and CD Mag - Greek mag
incl. Twink,
Tangerine Zoo, Jelly Bean Bandits,
Peanut Butter
Conspiracy, Phil May & Dick Taylo,Ya Ho Wah 13 etc - comes
with 7΄΄ and 18
track CD
18 €
Tom Thumb (Brandnew Break-A-Way Release) LP - Same
(Collection of
1966-69 recordings
by New Zealand band feat nine 66/67
garage tracks incl. You`re Gonna Miss
Me, I Need You,
Sorry She`s Mine,
Got Love etc plus
their legendary 1969 proggy `Ludgate
Hill΄ EP) Detailed
Insert and Cool
18 €
Tony Harris: Songbook 1965-69 LP - 17 Tracks
blending Garage,
Folk, Surf, Pop &
novelties into a
delicicious energy
drink incl. Tony
Harris, Lincoln
Greens, Woodies,
Fenians, Barbara
Magnificents etc -
liners - Licorice
Schtik Rec.
14 €
Troyes DoLP DoLP - Love Comes,
Love Dies - Complete Recordings 1966-68 (23 track collection from United Sound
vaults by Detroit
60s garage / Psych
Group incl. the
classic Rainbow
Chaser b/w Why 45
plus a load of
unreleased period
recordings) Detailed Insert - Lion
35 €
Ugly Things #47 - Brandnew! Mag - Brandnew
Edition incl. stuff on Lollipop Shop,
Weeds, Fred Cole,
Bogalieu, Little
Bits, Shamrocks,
Yardbirds, Rising
Storm etc
13 €
Vernon Joynson - A Melange Of Musical Pipedreams and Pandemonium Book - 768 Pages of indispensable info
about 1963-76
Australian, New
Zealand, African,
Turkish and Middle
Eastern Rock, Pop,
Beat, RnB, Folk,
Psych Prog - bios,
Reissue &
Compilation info,
rarity scale etc
59 €
Vernon Joynson - A Potpouri Of Melodies & Mayhem Book - Latin
American & Canadian Rock, Beat, Garage, RnB, Folk, Prog &
Psych 1963-76
(Artist Bios and
discographies incl. 45s, EP`s, LP`s,
overseas releases,
Reissue info, rarity scales, b&w and
coloured pics) 896
65 €
Walflower Complextion LP - Same (Vinyl RI of 1967 debut LP by US garag band
recorded and
released in Columbia on Daro records -
mix of covers and
group originals -
all tuff unpolished Garage and cool 60s RnB) Original Cover - Vinillissimo
21 €
Wild Cherries LP - 16 Pounds Of
RnB (16 Track
collection of rare
1965/66 unreleased
studio and live
cuts incl: You Don`t Love Me, Parchman
Fram, I`m Your
Kingpin, Bye Bye
Blues, Ain`t Got You etc detailed liners - Groovie
15 €
Wild Mexico Vol. 2 LP - Fun, Frantic
and Obscure 60s Beat & Garage from
Mexico inc.tracks by Los Hitters, Los
Four Crickets, Los
Black Birds,
Versalites, Los
Sellers, Los
Correcaminos etc
20 €
Wild Things Vol. 1 - 16 Kiwi Freakbeat Nuggets LP - Vinyl RI of
long gone collection of 60s New Zealand Garage, RnB &
Freakbeat 45s incl. Blue Stars, Sandy
Edmonds, Rayders,
Tom Thumb,
Roadrunners, Smoke, Principals, Finders Keepers etc Deatiled liners - Vostok
19 €
Wildwood LP - Plastic People (Vinyl collection of two rare 45s and
unreleased studio
cuts by Califonria
raw, in-your-face
hard psych band -
plenty Vox and
Hammond organ,
powerful guitar and vocals incl.
`Plastic People΄)
Detailed Insert -
20 €
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