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Avengers Everyone`s Gonna
Wonder - Complete
Singles (27 track
collection of
1967-69 single
releases and album
tracks by New
Zealand Pop/Psych
band incl. Title,
Love - Hate -
Revenge, Waterpipe, Days Of Pearly
Spencer etc)
Detailed Booklet -
16 €
Beatfreak Vol. 2 20 track collection of rare 60s UK
Beat/RnB 45s incl.
Loyd Alexander Real Estate, Moquettes,
The All, Pentad,
Phase 4, Trekkas,
Frame, New Breed etc -Background notes, photos - Particles
15 €
Beatfreak! Vol. 4 20 more cool 65-67
with intoxicating UK Beat/RnB 45s incl. raries and
uncompiled by Blues Council, Nocturns,
Anglians, Kevin King Lear, Sandy
Sarjeant, Ivan
Meads, Kingbees etc - Booklet -
14 €
Brown Acid - The Third Trip 10-Track collection of late 60s/early
70s 45s feat rare
proto metal and
pre-stoner hard
rocking rarities
incl. Chook, Limey, Grand Theft, Blown
Free, Cold Sett,
Inside Experience,
Factory etc)
Detailed Booklet -
Riding Easy Records
13 €
Chad & Jeremy DoCD Yesterday`s Gone
-Complete Ember
recordings (48
tracks w/ 1964-65
recordings incl.
both early LP`s,
Mayfair Theatre Live Recordings, Singles A`s & B`s, outtakes and alternates)
Detailed Booklet -
18 €
Cornflake Zoo - Episode 5 20 track collection of most delightful
global vintage late 60s / early 70s
psych/pop raries
incl. Whiskers,
Coopoers, Boujoura, Test, Happies,
Sinners, Newcomers
etc Detailed Booklet - Particles
14 €
Cornflake Zoo Epsiode 4 20 track collection of global 60s
vintage psych/pop
feat raries from
Europe, Canada, USA and South America by Names & Faces,
Annabee Nox, Jim
Pembroke & Blues
Section, Popera, Los Walkers, Los
Shakers etc Booklet - Particles
14 €
Curiosities From The San Francisco Underground 1965-71 Vol. 3 - 3-CD Set Stellar perfomances incl. Grateful Dead (1970 Winterland),
Glass Harp (Pacific High 1971), Initial shock (Avalon
Ballroom 1968) and
more Detailed liners - Shady Grove
22 €
Curiosity Shop Vol. 4 20 track collection of obscure and
exuberant pop
nuggets from the
british 60s
psychedelic scene
Opal Butterfly, Zion de Gallier, Garry & Gary, Bruno etc
Detailed Booklet -
0 €
Fapardokly Same (CD RI of 1967 ultra rare
masterpiece on Glen Records by pre- HMS Bounty band feat
Merrel Fankhausser) Booklet - Gearfab
13 €
Fusion Farm Rush Job (CD RI of
obscure, rare and
excellent psych/prog album by english
band) detailed
Booklet -Shadoks
14 €
Iguanas Same (Screaming wild collection of 1965 recordings by Iggy
Pop`s first garage
group feat the bands 45s and a number of unreleased demos
incl. Mona, I Don`t Know Why, Again &
Again etc) Booklet - Norton
15 €
Influence Same (CD RI of 1968 psychedelic album by canadian band
originally on
Sparton Records -
rich diversity of
styles feat RnB,
Beat, Jazz and heavy freaky Psych
influences) Booklet - Pacemaker
14 €
Jodi Grind One Step On
(Remastered and
expanded CD edition of the bands 1969
debut LP on
Transatlantic. A UK progressive organ - led underground
album incl. The 18
min long suite ´One Step On`) 2 bonus
cuts, detailed
booklet - Esoteric
16 €
Lee Kings DoCD Bingo (48 track
collection of entire recordings by
swedish Beat / RnB
Band incl. their
1966 LP `Bingo´ plus 45's & rare tracks incl . Love On
Delivery, Stop The
Music, Why Why Why, Orient Express, I
Just Wann Make Love To You etc Booklet - RPM
18 €
Leviathan Legendary Lost
Elektra Album (CD RI of 1969 unreleased post- Mike Stuart
Span band LP
recorded for Elektra incl. Evil Woman,
Blue Day, Remember
The Times etc -
aborted LP from the UK 60s psych scene) Detailed Booklet -
16 €
Los Gatos Negros DoCD Todas Sus
Grabaciones Vol. 1
(38 track collection of 1962-66 Singles and LP tracks by
cool spanish 60s
beaters incl. She
Loves You, Memphis
Tennessee, Keep on
Running, Cadillac,
Hippy Hippy Shake
plus more cool
covers and group
originals) Rama
18 €
Majic Ship Complete Authorized Recordings (CD RI of 1970 classic East
Coast underground
psychrock LP
originally on BelAmi Records - newly
remastered tracks,
non LPs 45s and 1966 acetate as bonus)
Booklet - Gearfab
13 €
Marvin Gardens 1968 (CD Collection of rare late 60s
studio & live
recordings by San
Francisco electric
folkrock and
pioneers w/5 bonus
cuts) 32-page
coloured casebound
booklet w/pics,
history etc -
donwload card for
five bonus cuts -
High Moon Records
29 €
Mick Softley Any Mother Doesn`t
Grumble (CD RI of
1972 album by UK
Singer - Songwriter originally on CBS)
Booklet - Morello
15 €
Mike Kennedy (aka Mike Rat & Mike Kogel) DoCD Los Origenes -
1963-65 (Collection of early Beat LPs & 45s by Los Bravos
vocalist incl.
Beat-Mixers LP, Mike Rat & Runaways LP, Michael & Firebirds singles & spanish
only Mike Rat 7´´
A`s & B`s) Rama
18 €
Oliver Standing Stone (CD
RI of 1974
impossible to get
rural LP release by welsh musician
melting delta blues w/psychedelic guitar and acid folk)
Background notes -
Prog Temple
14 €
Ora DoCD Same (CD RI of sole LP by UK psychedelic band originally on Tangerine Records - band is led by Jamie Rubenstein of
Byzantium and has a load of excellent
bonus cuts)
Background Notes -
Prog Temple
18 €
Out Of Darkness Same (CD RI of 1971 megarare sole album by UK band
originally on Key
Records - loud
post-psych hard rock with blues hints
and Hendrix type
guitar) Background
notes - Prog Temple
14 €
Paul Martin It Happened
(Collection of rare 45 and unreleased
recordings by US
songwriter feat 1966 - 67 garage
anthems, jangly folk rock and baroque
pop) Remastered
sound, detailed
booklet - Out-Sider Records
14 €
Paul Revere & Raiders Spirit of 67 (CD Ri of mono / stereo
versions of 1967
album by US
pop/garagers incl.
Hungry, Good Thing, Louise, Why Why Why etc) 3 Bonus tracks, Booklet - Now
14 €
Pipers Same (CD RI of 1965 sole album on ARC
Records by italian
RnB/Beatband incl.
group originals and covers of Hurting
Inside, Barefootin, Bummper To Bumper
etc) Four 1967 non
LP bonus tracks -
Booklet - On Sale
19 €
Quite World The Road (CD RÍ of
1970 sole album by
UK band mixing folk and rock with
po,jazz and
narriation) Detailed Booklet - Esoteric
16 €
Spirit Live At The Ash
Grov, 1967 (CD
release of very
early live
appearance by US
Westcoast group in
legendary L.A. Club - a few structured
songs and
jazz/blues incl.
Tunji, Hey Joe,
Ostrich Head etc)
From original tapes, Booklet -
14 €
Tales Of Justine Petals From A
Sunflower - Complete Recordings 1967-69 (21 track collection of recordings by UK psych Trio incl.
their solitary EMI
Single ´Albert` b/w `Monday Morning´
plus many unreleased - all from Abbey
Road Master Tapes) Booklet -
16 €
The KSAN Collection 1966-68 6-CD Box Set Essential Collection of 66-68 Fillmore, Carousel, Avalon &
Matrix live
appearances by Jeff Air (1966/67),
Grateful Dead
(1966), Big Brother, Final Solution,
Initial Shock,
Sparrow etc enhanced Sound Quality -
20-page detailed
Booklet - Rox Vox
32 €
Tomcats Running At Shadows - Spanish Recordings 1965-66 (23 tracks
by UK pre-July
RnB/Beat group incl. all rare spanish
Eps, unreleased &
rare tracks by early incarnation `Second Thoughts´ feat For Your Love, You Gotta Help, It Ain`t
Right etc Booklet - RPM
16 €
Una Serato Al Piper CD RI of 1966
original italian
Beat/RnB LP
compilation on ARC
with cool live
recordings from
Rome's Piper Club
the equivalent to
german Star-Club
feat The Jaguars,
Mike Lidell & Gli
Atomi, I Rokketti
and I Delfini
16 €
Unit 4 + 2 DoCD Concrete & Clay -
Complete Recordings 64--69 (43 track
collection with
entire recordings by UK Harmony beatband feat all 14 Singles A`s & B`s, both LPs for Decca and
Fontana & a US only B-side) Remastered
sound, detailed
Booklet - RPM
18 €
Vietato Ai Maggiori Di Pochi Anni 1966 CD RI of 1966
original italian
Beat/RnB LP
compilation on ARC
feat rare cuts by
The Spitfires, I
Mandrilli, De
Scalzi, The Kites,
Da Polenta etc -
Booklet - On Sale
16 €
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