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A Bag Full Of Flames 13 track collection of 1970/71 raries
from dutch label
´´Flame´´ incl.
Double Dutch,
Phoenix, Sunshine
Express, The Bag,
Ton Vlassmann etc
Insert with liners - full cover cover - Pseudonym
20 €
A Day In My Mind`s Mind DoLP DoLP - Stunning 28
tracker of 1967
-1972 New Zealand
Psychedelic 45s incl Human Instinct,
Smoke, Brew,
Avengers, Spectres, Top Shelf, House Of Nimrod, Principals, Troubled Minds etc) reamstered and
lovingly packaged - Real Groovy records
45 €
A Passing Fancy Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 much beloved
canadian psychedelic album on Boo
Records incl. Your
Trip, People In Me, I`m Losing Tonght,
SpreadOut etc)
Insert w/history &
Photos, original
Cover - Lion
23 €
Abstracts Hey, Let´s Go Now
(11 track collection of rare 45´s and
unreleased Columbia demos plus two
excellent 1965
sounding live
tracks by New York
60s garageband feat their classic
`Always Always´)
four page insert -
full color cover -
14 €
Acid Dreams 3 LP Set 60 track collection of classic and
legendary US 60s
acid punk incl.
Velvet Illusion,
Outcasts, Sparkles, Macabre, Painted
Ship, Crystal
Chandlier etc -
Foldout triple
sleeve, de luxe
booklet - Feed The
Mind Records
46 €
Action Action Packed (17
track collection by UK Mod/RnB Band feat all their 1965-67
45s in chronological order incl. Land Of 1000 Dances, Harlem Shuffle, Baby You
Got it etc) Cool
Cover - Demon
25 €
After All Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 album by US
band mixing psych,
acid rock and prog
rock with a Doors
influence) 180 g
vinyl, insert,
original cover - on Out-Sider Records
20 €
Ahora Mazda DoLP DoLP - Same (Vinyl RI of classic 1970
sole album by dutch psychedelic band
plus second disc of unreleased period
live in the studio
recordings) From
masters, liners,
gatefold sleeve -
22 €
Algarnas Tradgard DoLP Framtiden Är Ett
Skävande Skepp (De
Luxe vinyl RI of
1972 megarare
totally flipped out underground space
rock LP - bonus disc w/unreleased period recordings) From
masters, original
cover -Subliminal
35 €
Algo Salvaje Vol. 1 DoLP 28 track collection of 65-68 rarities of the spanish 60s
Beat & Garage
rebellion incl. 45
sides by Tomcats,
Los Impala, Los
Botines, Los 5 Del
Este, Los Buitres,
Los Polares, Los
Daikires etc
-detailed liners,
pics - Munster Rec.
22 €
Algo Salvajes Vol. 2 DoLP 28 track collection of 65-68 rarities of the spanish 60s
Beat & Garage
rebellion incl. 45
sides by Cefe Y Los Gigantes, Los Tonks, Los Crich, Los
Flechas, Los Gritos, Los Soadores etc
-detailed liners,
pics - Munster Rec.
22 €
Alpha Centauri Same (Vinyl RI of
1977 long awaited
debut album by Uriah Heep type US
originally on Salt
Records) original
cover - Acid
18 €
Altona Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 debut LP by
german band feat ex- Three Mice members - LP is still
showcasing the
relation with
Blodwyn Pig) from
masters, Insert,
original Cover -
Long Hair
20 €
Ame Son Catalyse (Vinyl RI
of 1970 album by
french Soft Machine influenced
experiemtnal free
rock band originally on Byg Records)
Poster, original
cover - Wah Wah
19 €
Ame Son w/free 7´´ LP & 7 ´´ Primitive Expression (Amazing collection of lost
period recordings
done by french
experimental free
form psych
underground band)
free 7´´ of pre Ame Son Freakbeat Band
Primitive`s w/PS &
Poster - Wah Wah
20 €
Amon Düll Psychedelic
Underground (Vinyl
RI of 1969 classic
debut LP by german
17 €
Analogy The Suit (Vinyl RI
of mid ´70s
unreleased second
baroque tinged
progressive folk
album by german band active in Italy)
Full length LP
edition, one bonus
cut - Ohrwaschl
18 €
Andromeda Seven Lonely Streets (Unreleased 1969
recordings musically as good as their
RCA Album - heavy
prog with psychy
edges and killer
guitar leads) Insert - Acme Records
18 €
Angel Dust Psychedelia 1968-72 14 track collection of all killer tracks from rare and
unknown US 45s and
acetates feat
devasting guitar
psych and heavy rock by Local Traffic,
Masalla, Dick St.
John, Mask, First
State Bank,
Flintlock, Ragweed
Patch etc Frisco
speedball Records
19 €
Annie Philippe Sensationnel! Ye ye Bonbons 1965-68 (12 track collection and pure pop highlights by french leading
Mademoiselles incl. C`est La Mode, Pas
de Taxi, Pour La
Gloire, Une Petite
Croix, Le Mannequin etc - Detailed
liners - FOC - Ace
20 €
Aphrodite´s Child End Of The World
(Vinyl RI of 1969
debut album on
Mercury by greek
psych/pop band feat `Rain & Tears´ and
`End Of The World´) from masters, 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Missing
22 €
Apocalypse Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 album on Ariola by german group -
LP has the band on
their way from their psych/pop roots to psych rock) 180 g
vinyl, Insert,
Original Cover -
Long Hair
20 €
Apple An Apple A Day
(Vinyl RI of cool
1968 swinging London heavy modsike and
garagepop artefact) - from masters, 180 g vinyl, original
flipback cover -
20 €
Aquila The Aquila Suite
(Vinyl RI of 1970 UK progressive rock LP on RCA by post
Blonde on Blonde
Group - spellbinding mix of progrock,
psychpop sensibility and early Traffic) Original Cover
17 €
ARC At This (Vinyl RI of 1971 sole LP by UK post Skip Bifferty
combo originally on Decca Records -
progressive blues
rock album) original cover - Klimt
17 €
Arcadium w/7´´ EP LP & 7´´ - Breathe
Awhile (Vinyl RI of 1969 LP rarity
originally on
Middle Earth -
overdriven organ
and scorching
leadguitars) w/7´´
feat rare 45 and
unreleased, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - on Acme
21 €
Arcesia Reachin Arcesia
(Vinyl RI of early
70s big band era
singer with a psych band - top crooner
vocoals meets 60s
acid rock - that's
what we always
wanted to hear)
Insert, FOC -
20 €
Astral Navigations Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 privately
pressed UK folk
rarity on Holyground feat 2 groups:
Lightyears Away and Thundermother - mix of folk and psych
w/lots fuzz guitar) Original Artwork -
22 €
Astral Projection Astral Scene (Vinyl RI of 1968 Bernice
Ross and Lor Crane
project - a lost
classic of studio
psychedelia wizardy a la Curt Boettcher) Original cover -
18 €
Atmosphera Same (Vinyl RI of
1978 sole LP by post Zinagle progressive rock band from
Israel) 250 copies
only, special
cartoon cover and
4-page insert
24 €
Aura Sativa (Vinyl RI of 1976 psych-funk LP
by West Coast band
recorded at Pacific Recording Studio in San Mateo and
features the voice
of Paulette Collins) Original old style cover - Lion
21 €
Avalanche Perseverance Kills
Our Game (Vinyl RI
of early 70s dutch
masterpiece -
stunning LP w/flute, piano and acoustic passages with
devastating fuzz
leads) Detailed
Insert - Sommor
20 €
Azitis Help (Vinyl RI of
rare privately
released 1971
psychedelic album
originally on Elco
Records) 180 g
vinyl, from masters, Original Cover -
Missing Vinyl
18 €
Bachs Out Of The Bachs
(Vinyl RI of 1968 US Garage/Psych LP by Chicago band -
vocals, crashing
Rickenbachers and
Killer Fuzz
Outbursts) From
original `Time-Lag´ audio master,
Insert, original
Cover - Out-Sider
20 €
Back From The Grave Vol. 10 15 cut collection of snarling, snotty,
mid 60s teen garage punk hoot incl.
James Bond & Agents, The Four, Orphans, Nobody`s Children,
GMC & Arcells,
Hardtimes etc
-detailed liners &
pics - Crypt
16,5 €
Back From The Grave Vol. 9 15 cut collection of raw blasting mid
60s punk incl.
Warlocks, Noble
Savages, Raevins,
Emeralds, Why-Nots, Shakles etc
-detailed liners &
pics - Crypt
16,5 €
Bad Vibrations Vol. 3 - repress 16 track collection RI of long gone
limited US 60s
garage album incl.
Five By Five, Other Side Of Time,
Traits, Wayne Pav & Orphans, Wyld
Vybrations, Counts
12 €
Bakery Momento (Vinyl RI of rare 1970 second
album by australian proressive rock band originally on
Astor) 180 g vinyl, original cover -
Reel Time
18 €
Bango O Bango (Vinyl RI of 1970 sole album by brasil progressive
band originally on
Musidisc - LP is
comprimising psych, hardrock, pop and
local influences on killer tracks with
fuzz guitars and
strong vocals) one
Bonus track -
Original Cover
18 €
Bare Sole Flash (Vinyl RI of
1969 lost and Decca rejected album by UK band - heavy
psychedelic rock and blues with wah wah, fuzz and Farfisa
organ) Liners -
Sommor Records
20 €
Baris Manco & Kurtulan Express Live Istanbul 1978
(Vinyl release feat a 78 live appearance by turkish
psychmaster recorded prior to `Yenir Bi Gun LP´ incl. Recent titles and look
back at career)
Great sound -
20 €
Baroques Such A Cad
(Collection of
1964-69 Singles A`s & B`s plus album
tracks by dutch 60s band feat
Freakbeat, RnB &
Psychpop) from
masters, heavy G/F
sleeve, history,
pics - Pseudonym
20 €
Bazaar Drabantbyrock (Vinyl RI of 1974 killer
second album by
norwegian band - wah wah fueld guitar,
heavy numbers,
westcoastish guitar jams and dreamy
moments) Insert,
Original Gatefold
cover - Sommor
20 €
Beat It! 16 Track collection of rare and
outstanding global
60s 45`s incl.
St.Michael Sect, Los Walkers,
Principals, Modsmen Sect, Sicodelicos,
Speakers (Glendora) and more - Cool
Coloured Cover
15 €
Beau Creation (Vinyl RI
of 2nd LP by UK folk - troubador
originally on
Dandelion Records - brillant psych `n´
acid folk with
influences) Insert, two bonus tracks,
original cover -
20 €
Bedpost Oracle Break Of Dawn
(Collection of rare 45s & unreleased by California 60s/70s
Garage / Psychers
feat rare 45s Break Of Dawn, Love Isn't Dead, Somebody To
Love, Chest Fever
plus an unreleased
1972 Hendrix type
Jam Session -
liners, pics - RD
21 €
Bitter Seeds-Rock Shop State Of Your Mind
(Nine track
collection by US
Garageband incl.
sole 45 `Title` b/w `Is That Your Halo` plus unreleased and live 1966
recordings) 4-page
Insert, liners, pics - Out-Sider
20 €
Blakulla Same (Vinyl RI of
sole 1975 album by
swedish progressive rockband - a mix of roughness,
melancholy, swirling organ and gutsy
guitars) Original
Cover - Mellotron
18 €
Blue Phantom Distortions (Vinyl
RI of legendary 1971 album recorded by
unknown artists in
Italy - an
astounding bend of
creepy grooves,
distorted guitar and disonant acid
rock) 180 g vinyl,
original cover -
18 €
Blues Magoos Mercury Singles
66-68 (16 A & B
Sides by New York
Garage/Psych Band-
all accurate mono
7´´ mixes incl.
Tobacco Raod, We
Ain't Got Nothin
Yet, Gotta Get Away, I Wanna Be There, I Can Hear The Grass Grow etc) From
Masters - Sundazed
25 €
Blues Magoos Psychedelic Lollipop (Vinyl RI of 1966
debut album by New
York Garageband
incl. Their anthem
``We Ain´t Got
Nothin Yet´´)
original cover -
22 €
Blues Magoos Electric Comic Book (Vinyl RI of 1967
equally impressive
second LP on Mercury incl. distinctive
numbers such as Pipe Dream, Rush Hour,
There´s A Chance We Can Make it etc)
From masters,
original comic book replica cover -
22 €
Blueset Rock Machine (Vinyl RI of 1974 sole and megarare album by
swedish band
originally on KMB - hard-rockin gutsy
blues rock with
english vocals)
insert, heavy cover - Shadoks
35 €
Bob Brown The Wall I Built
Myself (Vinyl RI of 1970 debut LP by
ex-Conqueroo US
Singer - Songwriter originally on Stormy Forest - cosmic
psychedelic folk
rock w/dreamy vocals and melancholic
long tracks) Tomkins Square Records
22 €
Bodkin Three Days After
Death (Vinyl RI of
1972 privately
released legendary
UK progressive
underground album
with burning hammond and killer fuzz
leads) - original
cover - Acme
18 €
Boz Scaggs DoCD Live At The Fillmore West, 06/30/71 (A
staggering concert
appearance and
testament of the
early brillance by
US visceral soulful blues singer incl.
Material from his
first two albums
plus Steve Millers
`Steppin Stone´)
Keyhole Records
18 €
Brain Police Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 California
psychedelic demo
album - powerful
organ / guitar
psychrock) 180 g
vinyl, silk screened fabric bag, Insert - Guerssen
22 €
Brainbox Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 album by dutch progressive rock
band feat Jan
Akkerman and
originally on
Imperial) 180 g
vinyl, from masters, original cover -
18 €
Brainbox DoLP DoLP - Dark Rose -
Their 45`s
(Collection of 1969 -71 Singles A`s &
B´s by dutch band
incl. unreleased
demos and a 24
min.version of their epic `Sea Of
Delight´) from mono masters, de luxe
Gatefold cover,
liners, pics -
22 €
Bramstoker - (RSD Release) Heavy Rock
Spectacular (Vinyl
RI of 1972 UK
progressive rock
album originally on Windmill Records -
excellent organ-led progrock with great psychedelic guitar
work) 180 g vinyl,
original Cover -
Talkin` Elephant
27 €
Brazilian Nuggets Vol. 1 Back From The Jungle - Collection of
rare 60s/70s Jovem
Guarda rarities -
wild garage psych
and strange Rock and roll by Blobs,
Beggars, Lupe & Loy, Os Nativos etc De
Luxe FOC with
liners, pics -
Groovie Records
18 €
Brazilian Nuggets Vol. 2 Back From The Jungle Again - 18 tracks of rare 60s/70s
Jovem Guarda
rarities - wild
garage psych and
strange Rock and
roll by Os Vips, Os Megatons, Five
Jotas, Galaxies,
Avanco Five,
Espioes, Merlins
Message etc -
liners, pics -
Groovie Records
18 €
Brazilian Nuggets Vol. 3 Cool 20 track
collection of 60s
brasilian surf, beat and garage 45s feat obscure labels and bands such as
Flintstones, Cry
Babies, Cougars,
Cheyennes, Os
Gemeos, Os
Nucelares, Sunshines etc -detailed
liners, rare pics
16 €
Brian Poole & Tremeloes DoCD Live At The BBC
1964-67 (39 track
collection of
Saturday Club
recordings incl. a
load of unheard
never- on- disc
exclusive BBC
recordings, hits,
Brian Poole Solo and Tremeloes
recordings played
live in the studio) Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Bulbous Creation You Won`t Remember
Dying (Vinyl RI of
1971 heavy psych
Classic recorded at Cavern Studios by
Missourie Band -
full length album - release) from
masters - Numero
21 €
Bulldog Breed + Bonus 7´´ LP & 7´´ - Made In
England (Vinyl RI of 1969 sought after
psych/ mod/
freakbeat album on
Deram by british
band feat members of the Flies) Deram
7´´ as bonus - 180g vinyl, original
cover - Acme
20 €
Bump II - (Vinyl RI of
second LP by US
Psych/Prog band
famous for their
Debut on Pioneer -
mix of dreamy organ psych, heavy fuzz,
sound effects and
lysergic lyrics)
heavy sleeve,
Insert, original
cover - Shadoks
35 €
Bump Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 sole album by
Detroit,MI band - a psych/pop classic
with vocal
keyboards and
shredding guitar
work) Original cover -Him-A-Laya
18 €
Bury My Body Vol. 2 16 track collection of rare and
uncompiled 60s US
garage 45´s incl.
Torques, Hard Times, Sapiens, Fairviews, Dynasty, Valiants, Fabulous Counts and loads more - label
reprints, full
coloured cover
15 €
C`est Chic 12 track collection of raries from the
epicenter of 60s
french yeye girls
and gallic female
popstars incl:
Jaqueline Taieb,
Anna Karina, France Gall, Charlotte
Leslie, Christie
Laume, Arlette
Zolar, Liz Brady etc - Detailed
liners/FOC - Big
20 €
CAL Homegrown (Vinyl RI of 1982 US privately released 60s/70s
psychedelic hardrock album - distorted
guitars, freaky
snyths and mellow
moments) Insert,
original Cover -
20 €
Cambodian Rock Vol. 1 - Spectacular DoLP DoLP - Collection of very rare 60s / 70s cambodian rock
sounds incl wild,
anarchic and
undulating sounds by Sinn Sithamouth,
Pan Ron, Thr Kah
Band, Houey Meas,
Ros Sereysothea etc - Liner Notes - on
Lion Productions
21 €
Cambodian Rock Vol. 2 - Itensified DoLP DoLP - Collection of rare 60s / 70s
cambodian rock
sounds incl wild,
anarchic and
undulating sounds by Sinn Sithamouth,
Pan Ron, Ros
Sereysothea etc -
Liner Notes - on
Lion Productions
21 €
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Mono Edition - Safe As Milk (Vinyl RI from original
mono masters of
visonary landmark
debut album on
Buddah Records) 180 g vinyl, insert,
original sleeve -
22 €
Captain Beefheart & Magic Band Live 66-67 (15 track collection of live recordings by
innovative US 60s
band recorded durig their blues-based
beginnings incl.
Bells Of Dunwich,
Stone Angel, Black
Hawk, Black Sailed
Traders etc) 180 g
vinyl - Keyhole
18 €
Caravan If I Could Do It All Over Again (Vinyl
RI of 1970 second
album by UK
Canterbury band
originally on Decca Records) Original
Cover - Universal
30 €
Caravan DoLP In The Land Of Grey And Pink (Vinyl RI
of 1971 by
Canterbury`s own
Caravan - has a
complete disc with
outtakes from the
original 70/71
sessions at Decca
Studios) Original
Cover - Klimt
22 €
Cargo DoLP DoLP - Same (Vinyl
Ri of 1972 sole LP
by dutch psych/prog band on Harvest feat the dual guitars of the De Hont Bros
with period
unreleased bonus
material on Disc
two) from masters,
180 g vinyl,
original LP Cover
Art - Pseudonym
22 €
Carl & Janey Myriad Of All The Wounded
People (Vinly RI of 1972 sole album by
Melbourne Folk Duo
originally on Spin
Records) From
masters, original
insert and cover -
Blank Records
25 €
Carl Douglas Crazy Feeling (12
track collection of 65-67 mod/soul
recordings by the
Kung Fu Fighter
incl. Crazy Feeling, Something For
Nothing, Pain In My Heart, Mr. Pitiful
etc) Acid Jazz
22 €
Casa Das Maquinas Lar De Maravilhas
(Vinyl RI of second album by brasilian
progressive rock
band blending pop
with a crunchy heavy prog sound and
influences) Original Cover - Sagara
18 €
Catapilla Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 debut LP by UK progressive rock
band originally on
Vertigo) 180g vinyl, original gatefold
cover - on Akarma
19 €
Catherine´s Horse Garage Blues From
Connecticut (Vinyl
RI of 1969 self
released LP by US
highschool students reminiscent of early Paul Butterfield
Blues Band - amazing white blues rock
incl. Rocket 88, One More Mile, Think
Twice etc) Detailed Insert - on
14 €
Century Expanded Concerto For Wah Wah (Vinyl RI of
unknown gem
originally on
Perspection Records - a two track
psychedelic jam with wah wah, fuzz and
dueling guitars)
Original cover with textured sleeve -
Wah Wah
19 €
Chicken Bones Hardrock In Concert (Vinyl RI of 1976
privately released
sole album by german heavy progressive Rockband) detailed
insert, Original
Cover - Long Hair
20 €
Christmas Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 debut LP by
canadian progressive underground band
originally on
Heritage) Original
Cover - Paragon
23 €
Churchills Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 classic
psychedelic album by band from Israel - a blast of fuzz,
psychedelic effects and soulful vocals) Four non LP Bonus
Cuts, marble vinyl, original cover
14 €
Churchills Down Same (Vinyl RI of
unreleased 1968 Gary S. Paxton produced album by L.A. Band - excellent songs,
grat harmonies,
great guitars) 180 g vinyl, heavy
sleeve, Insert - on Shadoks
35 €
Ciao Bella! Italian Girl Singers Of the 60s 12 track collection of italian 60s
female beat, shake, pop singers incl.
cool stuff by Mina, Caterina Caselli,
Brunetta & Her
Balubas, Patti
Bravo, Nada, Ornella Vanoni etc) liners, pics - Ace Records
20 €
Circus Same (Vinyl RI of
unreleased 1968
psych album by dutch supergroup feat Q65 and Motions
members) remastered, 180 g vinyl and
de-luxe cover -
18 €
Cold Sun Dark Shadows (Vinyl RI of sought after
1970 classic Texas
Psychedelic LP
rarity in ist
original form -
dark, mystic psych
with floating.
distorted fuzz) -
liners, FOC - on
World In Sound
19 €
Color Humano Color Humano II (
Vinyl RI of second
album by early 70s
argentinian legends - a real excellent
hardrock album
clearly influenced
by Black Sabbath)
Original Cover -
18 €
Condello Phase 1 (Vinyl RI of US psychedelic LP
on Scepter - a
psychy masterwork
and headswirl trip
that trickles
through your mind)
180 g vinyl,from
mono masters,
original cover -
22 €
Corpus Creation A Child
(Vinyl RI of 1972
underground rock LP by US band
originally on Acorn) Original Gatefold
Cover - Akarma
19 €
Cosmic Dealer LP & 7´´ Child Of Tomorrow (9 track vinyl
collection of 1973
unreleased material by dutch psych /
underground band
plus 7´´ EP w/
unreleased 1971
demos / live tracks) Poster, photos,
liners - World In
32 €
Cosmic Michael Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 primitive
home-made bizarre
stoner bluesy psych album originally on Bliss Records)
Detailed liners,
Original Cover -
Out-Sider Records
20 €
Cravinkel Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 debut LP by
german band
originally on
Philips Records -
eponymous blues,
folk and rock album with psychedelic
influences) From
masters, original
poster foldoutcover - Long Hair
25 €
Cravinkel Garden Of Loneliness (Vinyl RI of 1970
ssecond LP on
Philips with a more psychy/prog sound
and acid folk
flashes) from
masters, original
gigantic poster,
orignal cover - Long Hair
22 €
Crystalaugur Terranaut (Vinyl RI of 1975 album by US band recorded in
Singapore -
privately pressed
avantgarde lo-fi
psychedelic LP with raw, spacey prog
sound and sound
effects) Insert,
Original Cover -
Out-sider Records
20 €
D-Men I Wanna Shout
(Collection of rare 1964-66 45`s, studio demos & unreleased by US british
invasion Beat/Garage band incl. I Just
Don`t Care, So
Little Time, Boom
Boom, Empty Heart,
Night On Fire etc)
4-page insert
w/history & pics -
16 €
Davy Graham & Holly Godington Boundry
(Vinyl RI of 1970
raga influenced
baroque masterpiece album on President
by UK`s most
influential and
legendary guitarist) From analogue
masters, original
cover - Acme
18 €
Dean Carter Call Of The Wild
(Power packed 14
track collection of coolest 45s by mid
60s rock-a-billy
rebel garage punk
era incl. Wanderin
Soul, Run Rabbit
Run, Call Of The
Wild, I Got A Girl
etc) coloured vinyl, cool cover -Big
20 €
Dear Mr. Time Grandfather (Vinyl RI of 1971
psych/prog concept
LP a la Moody Blues and early King
Crimson by UK band
originally on Square Records) from
masters, 1 bonus
cuts, insert -
Mayfair Music
20 €
Delaware Garage Cool Collection of
rare and unreleased mid-sixties US
garage 45´s from
Delaware incl.
Trees, Fabulous
Pharaohs, Johnny
Neal & Shapes,
Nobles, State Of
Mind, Souls Of
Britton, Diplomats
etc - detailed
Liners - Distortion Records
15 €
Dies Irae First (Vinyl RI of
classic 1971
Krautrock album by
german band
originally on Pilz
Records - heavy
progressive rock
with psych and jazzy touches) Original
Cover -Ohrwaschl
18 €
Dino Valenti DoLP DoLP -Get Together
(Amazing collection of unreleased
material by
fascinating figure
of S.F. Psych scene incl. his own
version of `Get
Together´ and a
cache of amazing
great sounds with
acid guitar) Superb Sound Quality, de
Luxe extra cover -
Missing Vinyl
30 €
Dogfeet Same (Vinyl RI of
megarare 1970 UK
prog album
originally on
Reflection Records - LP blends
progressive rock
with elements of
folk and atmospheric bluesy psychedelic edge) 180 g vinyl,
original cover -
18 €
Dragonwyck Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 ultrare demo
album by excellent
Ohio psychedelic
band) 180 g vinyl,
FOC) World In Sound
19 €
Dream Get Dreamy (1967
Norway - with giant poster, insert,
from masters)
35 €
Drosselbart Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 Kraut LP
originally on
Polydor - heavy
psychrock with
german lyrics and
two bonus cuts) From masters, insert,
original cover -
Long Hair
19 €
Druids Of Stonehenge 10´´ Same (7 Tracks of
inspired renditions by US Garage band
incl. Who Do You
Love, Bald Headed
Woman, Pretty Thing etc - Sundazed
15 €
Drum Circus Magic Theatre (Vinyl RI of shelved
recodings by suisse master drummer Peter Giger joined by two more drummers and
Joel Vandroegenbrook on Flute) Detailed Insert - Garden Of
20 €
Earthern Vessel Hard Rock (Vinyl RI of megarare 1971
sought after
psychedelic album
with heavy fuzz
guitars and female
vocals) 180 g vinyl, insert, original
cover - Guerssen
20 €
Easy Chair Same (Vinyl RI of
megarare 1968
one-sided Northwest Psychedelic
Underground LP -
epic westcoast blues with psychedelic
guitar lines, fluid lines and hypnotic
chording) 180 g
vinyl, handmade
cover, posters,
liners - Red Fox
29 €
Edip Akbayram Same (Vinyl RI of
1974 debut LP by
Anatolian Psycher
feat earlier 45
releases - dark
drums, fuzz / wah
guitars and
keyboards) Insert
-original cover -
19 €
Edip Akbayram & Dostlar Nedir Ne Degildir
(Vinyl RI of 1977
second album by
psychmaster incl.
Fuzz breaks, Hammond slams and Edips
echo covered voice) 180 g vinyl, insert, original cover -
19 €
Eela Craig Same (Vinyl RI of
early 70s austrian
band excellent
progressive rock
album with two 1974 7´´ bonus cuts) - 20 page LP sized
insert, Gatefold
Cover - Garden of
20 €
Eiliff Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 debut LP by
german Krautband
originally on
Philips) from
cover - Long Hair
20 €
Eiliff Girlrls (Vinyl RI of 1972 sophomore LP
by highly rated
german band blending UK Prog with
typical Kraut moves) Two 7´´ Bonus cuts, Insert, from
masters original
Cover - Long Hair
20 €
El Reloj LP - El Reloj II
(Vinyl RI of 1976
second album by
originally On RCA - complex heavy rock
with hardrock guitar and strong
keyboards) Original Cover - Acid
18 €
El Shalom Frost (Vinyl RI of
1976 privately
released psych/prog album with two bonus tracks) from
masters, insert,
original cover -
Missing Vinyl
18 €
Electric Prunes DoLP DoLP - Singles
1966-69 (26 track
collection of entire Singles A`s & B`s
by US psychband feat the original single mixes from the
masters) De-Luxe
Gatefold Cover
w/detailed liners by David Fricke and
Jim Lowe - Sundazed Rec.
42 €
Electric Toilet In The Hands Of
Karma (Vinyl RI of
stonecold 1970 US
originally on Nasco Records) original
pasted hardboard
gatefold Sleeve -
19 €
Elias Hulk Unchained (Vinyl RI of 1970 UK LP
classic originally
on Youngblood - raw hardrock with
eastern and blues
rock elements) 180 g vinyl, liners,
orignal cover -
19 €
Eloy Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 debut LP on
Philips by german
krautband - great
heavy psych/prog and different to later works) 180 g vinyl, frommasters,
original die-cut
dustbin lid cover
-Missing Vinyl
24 €
Emeraude Geoffroy (Vinyl RI
of 1981 french
privately pressed LP rarity -conceptual, progressive
folkrock with
baroque touches and almost spoken
english lyrics)
Original Cover -
16 €
England Same (Vinyl RI of
1976 sole album on
Deroy Records by UK hardrock group -
hard riffing guitar rock and strong
material) 180 g
vinyl, 300 only,
Original Cover -
Audio Archive
27 €
Equipe 84 Io Ho In Mente Te
(Vinyl RI of second album by italian
Beat/Folk band
originally on
Ricordi incl. You
Were On My Mind,
Bang Bang, I Need
Somebody etc)
Original Cover -
22 €
Ergo Sum Mexico (Vinyl RI of 1971 sole LP release by french
progressive rock act originally on
Barclay) 180 g
vinyl, Foldoutcover- Replica Records
20 €
Ernan Roch La Onda Pesada
(Vinyl RI of 1970
mexican psychedelic rock album
originally on Discos Rex. LP feat the
fuzz rocker `The
Train´ and has all
english vocals) 180 g vinyl, insert,
original cover -
35 €
Everyone Involved & 7´´ Either/Or (Vinyl RI of privately
released album by UK hippie collective
incl. famous
musicians -
perfectly played top notch psychedelic
/prog / folkrock /
acid folk) Original embossed cover,
inserts, poster,
free 7´´ - from
masters - Guerssen
24 €
Fading Yellow #14 A 14 track trip into the spanish late
60s/70s pop-sike and other delights
scene incl. rare and uncompiled titles
by Los Sirex, Los
Isasi, Los Pasos,
Llovido, Pic-Nic,
Los Iberos, Los
Mustang etc Booklet - Flower Machine
18 €
Fairytale Once Upon A Time (CD RI of 1969 album by dutch psych/rock
group from the Hague orignally on
Blossom Records) Arf Records
14 €
Fantasia Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 sole album by
finnish progband
originally on Hi Hat - melodic organ
based progrock with eerie vocals, a
mystical patina and stoned atmosphere)
Original Cover -
18 €
Fantasy Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 sole LP by US
psych/prog band
originally on
Liberty Records -
westcoast bluesy
hardrock a la Big
Brother w/searing
Guitars) 180 g
vinyl, original
Cover - Akarma
24 €
Ferris Wheel Supernatural Girl
(Vinyl RI of 1974 UK priavetly pressed
megarare psychedelic folk album, stoned atmosphere,
guitars) Original
Cover - Nicro
18 €
Fever Tree Live 1969 (First
time vinyl release
of rare 1969 Houston appearance by
legendary US 60s
band mising the
band´s excellent
originals with
covers of `Hey Gyp´ and `99 And A Half´) 180 g vinyl - on
22 €
Fille Qui Mousse Trixie Stapleton 291 (Vinyl RI of 1973
sole album by french band on Futura Red - similar to Ame Son and Amon Düll II)
red vinyl, original foldout cover -
Monster Melodies
28 €
Firebeats Same (Vinyl RI of
1966 legendary and
megarare norwegian
Beatalbum with cool self-penned tunes a la Hollies and Who) Original Cover -
Round 2 Records
32 €
Firebirds Light My Fire (Vinyl RI of 1968 rare
and excellent
exploitation album
originally on Crown - heavy stoner type album with psych
flavoured hendrix
type blistering
guitar leads) first time with complete
cover tracklist -
original labels and cover -
14 €
Flies Complete Collection 65-68 (Entire output by UK `Chocolate
Soup´ freak/psych
band incl. all 45´s, demos and
unreleased) Insert
w/band history,
pictures - Acme
18 €
Flippers Psycodelicia (Vinyl RI of 1967 2nd LP on Condisco by
beat/garage band
incl.spanish covers of Shifting Sands,
Ain`t Got Nothing
Yet & The Lords`
``Don`t Mince
Matter´´ & a load of wild screaming
group originals)
Original cover -
21 €
Flute & Voice DoLP Imagiantions Of
Light-Hello Rabbitt (Vinyl RI of 1970
debut LP on Pilz by german acidkraut /
folk duo couled with 1973 by BASF
shelved second
album) Gatefold
Cover with lavish
Booklet - Wah Wah
32 €
Fon Klement I Feel Lonely In My Town (Come to
Erndtebrueck buddy) (Vinyl RI of 1973
debut LP on BASF by dutch singer -
songwriter) Gatefold sleeve, Insert -
Wah Wah
20 €
Fon Klement Same (Vinyl RI of
1974 second album on BASF by dutch
singer - songwriter) Gatefold sleeve,
Insert - Wah Wah
20 €
Four Winds & Dito 10´´ Same - Cool
Collection of 64-66 EP tracks by spanish Beat/Garagers incl. Cool covers and
their classsic
original fuzzpunker `Me Dejaz Vivir En
Paz´ ) Electro
15 €
Frantic Shindig Frantic mid-60s US
garage comp from a
vintage anti-drug
Soundtrack incl. all uncompiled wild
tracks by The
Disciples, Mark
Four, Poverty Five, Sons Of Adam,
Kapers, Dynamic
Kind, Valiants etc - Outhouse Records
15 €
Front Page Review Mystic Soldiers
(Vinyl RI of late
60s unreleased
psychedelic LP
recorded for MGM -
fuzz-wah guitars,
organ, phasing &
effects) Two bonus, new cover design,
liners - Guerssen
20 €
Fuchsia Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 sole album by
british Progressive / Folk rock band
originally on
Pegasus) Original
Cover - Klimt
17 €
Fuzzy Duck Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 megarare
classic UK
progressive rock
monster orignally on Mam records) Bonus 7´´, Insert, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Reflection
19 €
G.T.O.`s Permanent Damadge
(Vinyl RI of 1969
album by Zappa
produced female US
band - a weird and
bizarre, but tasty
slice of late 60s
Foldoutcover -
Straight Records
18 €
GÄA Alraune`s Alptraum
(A collection of
recordings by german progband feat three 1975 recorded cuts from a second
unreleased album
plus four tracks
recorded in the
`80s) 4-page insert - Garden Of Delight
20 €
Galaxy A Day In The Sun
(Vinyl RI of heavy
cosmic prog album by US band originally on Sky Queen) 180 g vinyl, original
cover -Akarma
20 €
Ghost When You´re Dead -
One Second (Vinyl RI of 1970 UK
psychedelic classic originally on Gemini Records - hammond
organ swirls,
pyrotechnical guitar licks, accoustic
guitar parts and
killer vocal
arrangements) From
masters, original
Cover - Mellotron
18 €
Gila Bury My Heart At
Wounded Knee (Vinyl RI of 1973 second
album by german
Krautband originally on WB Records) 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Garden Of
19 €
Girl Zone! 12 Track Collection of US 60s Girl
Groups feat the
Angels Great `Louie Louie´ version, the Drake Sisters` Gold Star-cut rendition
of `Smoke From Your Cigarette´ plus
Mousie & Traps,
Reperata & Delrons, Kavetts etc)
Detailed liners -
20 €
Girls With Guitars 12 track collection of sixties groovy
guitar toting all
girl bands incl.
Goldie &
Debutantes, The
Girls, The What
Four, The Beas, She Trinity etc -
detailed liners -
Big Beat
19 €
Glimpses Vol. 1 Vinyl RI of one
ofthe rarest and
most sought after US Garage / Psych
comps feat Baloon
Farm, Nite People,
Arrangement, Roy
Sorenson Group,
Yorkshires, Troyes, Westminst`r etc -
Original Cover -
Spiral Groove
20 €
Gnidrolog In Spite Of Harry`s Toe Nail (Vinyl RI
of 1971 debut LP by UK progressive rock band originally on
RCA - great
keyboards, flute and beautiful guitar
playing) Great
Gatefold cover -
18 €
Gomorrha Trauma (Vinyl RI of 1970 english vocal
version on BASF of
the band`s debut
album with a more
modern sound) 180 g vinyl, Insert,
original cover -
Long Hair
20 €
Gomorrha I Turned To See
Whose Voice It Was
(Vinyl RI of 1972 LP on Brain by german Krautband originally on Brain - complex pychrock, fronted
by angry guitars and organ) 180g vinyl, insert, original
cover - Long Hair
19 €
Greasy Bear (RSD Release) Is Adrian There?
(Vinyl RI of 1969
unreleased Phillips / Vertigo album by
UK folk/rock group
said to be
Manchesters answer
to Grateful Dead)
22 €
Group 1850 Agemo's Trip To
Mother Earth (Vinyl RI of 1968 debut
album on Philips by legendary dutch 60s psychedelic band)
3-D glasses,
original cover -
Missing Vinyl
23 €
Group 1850 DoLP Mother No-Head (24
track collection of 65-69 mono singles
A´s & B´s & demos by duutch prime psych 60s band feat I Want More, Misty Night, I Know etc) from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, full colour
detailed liners,
rare pictures - on
23 €
H.P. Lovecraft Live 1968 (Chicago
psych legends caught live at the
Fillmore West in
their trippy gothic psych rock prime
playing their best
tracks in great
sound) From
Soundboard -
25 €
Hackamore Brick One Kiss Leads To
Another (Vinyl RI of 1970 cult album by Velvet Underground
influenced US Band
originally on Kama
Sutra) one bonus
cut, liners,
original cover -
Real Gone Music
19 €
Haikara Geafar (Vinyl RI of 1973 second album by finish progrock
band originally on
RCA Records -LP feat the 14-min title
track) 180 g vinyl, original Cover -
Svart Records
22 €
Haikara Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 debut LP by
finish progrock band originally on RCA
Records -LP feat
instrumentalist Vesa Lattunen) 180 g
vinyl, original
Cover - Svart
22 €
Havenstreet DoLP The End Of The Line - Perspectives
(Vinyl RI of rare
1977 album by UK
band plus bonus disc with unreleased
material) From
masters, detailed
liners -Guerssen
24 €
Head Shop Same (Vinyl RI from masters of sole 1969 album by US
psychedelic band -
excellent vocals,
flying hammond
organ, fuzzy bass,
distroted leads and lats percussion) 180 g vinyl, original
cover - World In
19 €
Help Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 debut album by US hardrocking
christian power trio originally on Decca Records) Original
Cover with pasted
hardboard sleeve -
Sunday Records
20 €
Hero Same (Vinyl RI of
obscure 1974 german only album by
italian heavy
progressive rock
trio) 180 g vinyl,
original labels,
original cover -
Vinyl Magic
21 €
Het Ik Heb Geen Zin Om
Op Te Staan (16
track collection of 45´s and unreleased by dutch Mod/Beat - PopArt band) Great
FOC with loads rare pics - 300 only - on Pseudonym
19 €
Highway Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 sole LP by
forgotten band from New Zealand - superb underground rock
with rural roots)
Two non LP bonus
cuts - Original
Cover -Mellotron
18 €
Hillow Hammet Hammer (Vinyl RI of underground hard
psych monster by
Washington D.C.Band - Steppenwolf meets Led Zeppelin)
original cover -
Himalaya Records
18 €
Ho-Dad Hootenanny Too DoLP DoLP - A 32 track
ultimate mid 60s
garage frat-rocking blow-out incl.
Asenders, Breakers, Stratcasters,
Paragons, B.C. &
Cavemen, Rondells,
Checkmates, Rocks,
Sabres, Playmates
etc - liners, photos - Crpyt
21 €
Hollies Beat Group (Vinyl RI of 1966 cousin LP
to UK´s `Would You
Believe´ with
different track
listing incl. I
Can`t Let Go and
artwork) from Mono
Masters, 180g vinyl, Original Cover -
22 €
Hollies Bus Stop! (Vinyl RI of 1966 fourth US LP incl. The title
track, you Know He
Did and We`re
Through) from Mono
Masters, 180g vinyl, Original Cover -
22 €
Homer DoLP Grown In USA & Bonus (Vinyl RI of 1970
privately released
album by Texas
psychedelic hardrock outfit plus bonus
disc with 45s and
demos) Gatefold
Sleeves with liners, pics - Guerssen
25 €
Huckle Wild Blue Yonder
(Vinyl RI of 1976
second LP by
canadian hippie folk artist - cosmic
psych/folk rock
recorded with a
complete band) from masters, original
artwork, Insert -
21 €
Human Expression + 7´´ Love At Psychodelic Velocity (Collection of rare 45`s and
recordings by
legendary US 60s
garage gang incl.
Title, Optical
Sound, Reading Your Will etc Bonus 7´´, liners, Cool Garage Cover - Mississippi Records
19 €
Human Zoo Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 album by L.A. psychedelic band
originally on Accent Records - a quirky blend of psych,
garage and westcoast music) original
cover - on Cicadelic Records
19 €
Hurdy Gurdy Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 LP rarity on
CBS by danish
hardpsych trio feat killer long tracks
and a tremendous
psychedelic sitar
track) 180 g vinyl, original
Foldoutcover - Acme
18 €
I Camaleonti Best Record In The
World (Vinyl RI of
1966 debut LP on
Kansas by italian
60s beaters incl. We Gotta Get Out Of
This Place, Sha La
La La Lee, Over &
Over, And My Baby`s Gone, Get Off Of My Cloud etc) Original Cover - On Sale
35 €
I Corvi Un Ragazzo Di Strada (Vinyl RI of 1967
sole album by top
Italian 60s Beatband originally on
Ariston Records
incl. Miracle
Worker, A Strage
Effect, Bang Bang
and group originals) Original Cover - On Sale Records
35 €
I Pooh (+ Single) Memorie (Vinyl RI
of 1969 final LP on Vedette by italian
band - an excellent concept LP still
affected by beat era sounds and with pop elements) 180 g
vinyl, from masters - on Vinyl Magic
30 €
I Ribelli Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 debut LP on
Ricordi by Adriano
Celentano`s backing group feat their 67 hit Pugni Chiusi &
Come Sempre, You
Keep Me Hanging On, Get Ready etc)
original artwork -
21 €
Icarus The Marvel World Of (Vinyl RI of 1971 UK progressive concept album originally on Pye - UK killer
underground with
elements of rock,
psych and prog)
Original Cover -Acme Records
18 €
Icecross Same (Vinyl RI of
sought after album
by heavy underground rockers from
Iceland - a heavy
unique dark sound
and killer guitar)
Heavy original
cover, insert,
poster - Rockadrome
21 €
Ikarus Same (Vinyl RI of
rare and sought
after 1971 album
originally on
exploitation label
+Plus+ - a diverse
sound with complex
arrangements and
diverse melodies a
la King Crimson or
Van Der Graaf) 180 g vinyl, Insert,
Original Cover -Long Hair
20 €
Intensity Polamides (Vinyl RI of 1973 lost and
unreleased acetate
album by Puerto Rico Progressive
Rockband - long
tracks, heavy fuzz
influenced by
Hendrix, ELP, Yes
etc) Detailed liners -RD Records
21 €
International Vicious Society Vol. 7 More painfully
obscure crude
50s/60s global
rocknrolling garage exotica,teenbeat and nonsense novelties incl. Gay Crooners
(Panama), Los
Muricianos (Puerto
Rico), Bentir
(Marocco), Dick
Wolf & Wolferines,
Launchers, Esquire
Boys (US) etc - UOV Rec.
16 €
It`s Boss Man Vol. 2 18 more cool slabs
of thumpin 60s US
Teenbeat Garage with a soulin´ attitude incl Dontays,
Beethovens, Chelsea Banque, Emblems,
Limits, Poor Boys,
Emotional Upsets etc pictures, liners
and a cover -Now
16 €
It`s Boss Man! 18 slabs of cool 60s US Garage thumpers with a soulin
attitude incl. J.T. & Three Wisemen,
East Coast
Piegeons, Royal &
Shades, New
Sensations, Dean
Carter etc - liners, ugly cover - on Now Sound
15 €
It´s Zimmerman`s World ... We Just Live In It An 18 track far-out collection of mid
60s garage & folk
45´s emulating their Hero `Mr. Bob
Dylan´ - LP ct
obscure suff by
Terry & Trip-Outs,
Toads, Bill Easley & Gorillamen,
Changing Times, Love Society and more - Pet Records
17 €
Ithaca A Game For All We
Know (Vinyl RI of
privately released
1973 UK sacred
progressive album by post Agincourt band originally out in a micropress of 99
copies) Original
Sleeve Design -
18 €
Ivory Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 sole LP by US
band originally on
Tetragrammaton -
wetscoast tinges
psychedelic a la
Jeff Air with Fuzz
guitar, organ and
female vocals) 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Out-Sider
20 €
J Ryder No Longer Anonymous (Vinyl RI of
follow-up second
album of Anonymous
´Inside The Shadow´ LP by US band in a
more rocking style) De Luxe RI, liners - Machu Picchu
25 €
Jack London & Sparrow Same (Vinyl RI of
1965 canadian
british invasion
styled beat album
oiginal on Capitol) Original Cover -
Sweet Dandelion
18 €
Jack Mittoo In London (Vinyl RI of 1967 debut LP by jamaican keyboard
player influenced by Booker T. - cool
and groovy instro
stuff) original
cover - Coxsone
13 €
Jagged Edge aka The Off-Set A Change Is Gonna
Come (Collection of both rare 45´s and
six unreleased sides by Brooklyn
garage/psych band
incl. You Can´t Keep A Good Man Down and the excellent
psych-raga classic
Xanthia) Detailed
band history -
13 €
James Patrick Page - 3 LP & Book 3 LP - Box - Session Man (59 track
collection of rare
63-69 UK RnB, Beat, Psych 45`s feat the guitar of JPP -
incl. Blue Rondos,
Zephyrs, Sneakers,
Mickie Most & Gear, First Gear,
Untamed, Talismen,
Primitives, Chris
Ravel & Ravers etc) Detailed Booklet
39 €
Jan Duindam Thoughts (Vinyl RI
of 1978 solo album
by dutch
originally on Munich Records -
psychedelic folk
rock/acid folk)
Gatefold Sleeve,
Insert, Original
Cover - Guerssen
20 €
Jarvis Street Revue Mr. Oil Man (Vinyl
RI of noteable 1970 sole album by
canadian psychrock
band with an acid / underground vibe and environmental,
political and social lyrics) 180 g
vinyl, Insert, heavy tip on G/F Jacket - Lion Production
22 €
Jarvis Street Revue Singles & More
(Collection of all
three 1970-71
incredible Single
Sides plus six
ureleased tracks by leading canadian
progrock group)
Insert - heavy cover -Lion Production
23 €
Jason Crest Collected Works
(Vinyl collection of rare 45´s and
unreleased by
legendary british
60s psychedelic band with insert) 180 g vinyl, full coloured cover - Acme
20 €
Jave Java -Indonesian Screaming Fuzz 20 collection of
rare and outstanding raw beat, garage
and indo rock incl. Hoes Bersadaura,
Rolling Beats,
Swallows, Peels,
Steps, Females etc - detailed liners,
pics - No Smoke
18 €
Jay Jays Same (De-Luxe vinyl RI of 1966 sole
album by dutch
Kinks-Type sixties
Beat/RnB band with
four 7´´ bonus cuts) Liner Notes -
original cover -
18 €
Jean-Bernard De Libreville Allons-y Gaiement
(Vinyl RI of 1969
original acetate of unreleased album by french demented mod - freakbeat- jazz
dandy) Veals &
21 €
Joe & Bing Daybreak (Vinyl RI
of first LP by US
recorded with
Deodato and released only outside the
US) Tip-on-jacket - Large insert -
original cover -
20 €
John Bassman Group Filthy Sky (Vinyl RI of 1970 sole LP by dutch / german band originally on ASP - heavy fuzz rock
with female vocals) 180 g vinyl,
original cover -
Missing Vinyl
19 €
Josefus Dead Man (Vinyl RI
of classic 1969
debut album by Texas heavy acid rock
band originally on
Hookah) 3 Bonus
tracks - original
16 €
Joseph Stone Aged Man
(Vinyl RI of 1968 LP on Scepter by Texas psychedelic
fuzz-blooz man - a
sizzling rattlesnake appetizer with
fuzzy licks and
meat-grinder vocals) 180 g vinyl,from
cover - Sundazed
22 €
Joy Unlimited Schmetterlinge
(Vinyl RI of 1971
album on Pilz by
german kraut band
feat rock
instrumetns, flute
and saxophone) from masters, insert,
original cover -
Garden Of Delight
20 €
Joy Unlimited Minne (Vinyl RI of
1975 fourth album by german prog/kraut
unit feat flute,
mellotron, organ and sax, middle & high german lyrics) from masters, large LP
sized insert,
original cover -
Garden Of Delight
20 €
Joy Unlimited Reflections (Vinyl
RI of 1973 album by german group on BASF recorded for a
ballet peformance
feat flute,
mellotron, organ and sax) Two 7´´ bonus cuts, from masters, insert, original
cover - Garden Of
20 €
JuJus feat Ray Hummel - Break-A-Way Release You Treat Me Bad
(Vinyl RI of 65-67
rare 45´s &
unreleased by
Michigan Garageband famous for the title track inclusion on Pebbles Vol. 1 plus I´m So Sorry, Open
Up Your Door, I´m
Cryin etc) Detailed insert - cool
coloured cover -
Break-A-Way Records
14 €
JuJus feat Ray Hummel III You Treat Me Bad (14 track collection of early JuJus
material feat Ray
Hummel - only 5
overlaps to
Break-A-Way release incl. Title, As
Tears Go By,
Summertime, Fine
Day, She´s My Girl
etc Insert, from
masters - Feathered Apple
13 €
July Same (Legit Vinyl RI of 1968 UK classic psychedelic album
feat `Dandelion
Seeds´ and `My
Clown`) 180 g vinyl, high quality
flipback cartoon
cover, 4-page insert & Poster - Guerssen Records
22 €
July Second Of July
(Vinyl RI of second, 1968 unreleased
demo album by UK
Pop/Psych band incl. You Missed It All, Stamp It, Jolly
Mary, To Be Free,
Crying Is For
Writers Look At Her etc) Essex Records
18 €
Jungle Same (Vinyl RI of
ultra rare 1969 US
psychedelic monster by New York band
originally released in a micro pres of
50 copies only)
Foldoutocver with
bandhistory - Red
15 €
Kak Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 rare &
legendary west coast psychedelic album
originally on Epic) Original Cover with pasted hardboard
sleeve - Sunday
20 €
Kaleidoscope DoLP Forget About
Tomorrow - The
Singles (25 track
collection of
1967-76 Single A`s & B´s by UK psychband incl. 45´s by
`Fairfield Parlour´ and `I Luv Weight`) De luxe gatefold
cover, rare cover
reprints, lavish
booklet - Sunbeam
29 €
Kalevala Boogie Jungle (Vinyl RI of second album by finnish heavy
progsters originally on Hi-Hat feat a
harder rocking
approach than their debut) 180 g vinyl, insert, Original FOC - Svart
22 €
Kaseva +7´´ Silloin Kun (Vinyl
RI of 1974 folkrock album by band from
Finland originally
on Love Records)
Bonus 7" - Original Cover - Svart
23 €
Kay Hoffman Floret Silva (Vinyl RI of 1977/78
recorded album for
RCA Italy that got
shelved at first -
haunting mix of
medieval and
psych/folk w/latin
lyrics straight from the Carmina Burana Book) Insert -
20 €
Keystone State Rock Vol. 2 18 long forgotten
Teenbeat Garage &
Psych Killers from
`60s Pennsylvania
incl. Kruisers,
Early Americans,
Romans, Avanties,
Vandals, Sas-Shades, Showmen etc
detailed liners -
Now Sound
15 €
Kim Fowley - King Of The Creeps Rare Treasure From
the Vaults 59-66
incl.Fowley involved material by John
Paul Jones, Knights Of Round Table,
Navarros, Grains Of Sand, Wolfpack,
Roguers etc -
Detailed liners -
15 €
Kim Fowley - Technicolour Dream Lost Treasures From The Vaults Vol. 4
(16 rare 50s/60s
Fowley productions
incl. Newmarks,
Rangers, Jack
B.Nimble & Quicks,
Falling Angels,
Belfast Gypsies etc) detailed liners -
15 €
King Biscuit Entertainers Northwest Unreleased Masters 1967-70
(Vinyl collection of 45s and unreleased by post Wild Knights incl. garage
jangle, british
influenced mod-psych and early hardrock type stuff) 180 g
vinyl, insert -
Out-Sider records
20 €
Kissing Spell Los Pajaros (Vinyl
RI of 1970 holy
grail of south
american psych by
chilenian band
originally on Arena Rec.- beautifull
melodic songs,
killer fuzz leads,
superb dreamy
atmosphere, great
drifty vocals) from masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Essex
18 €
KKB Same (Vinyl
Collection of
unreleased 1974
demos by US musician Bruce Kulick famous for collaborations with Kiss, Grand
Funk and Meatloaf)
180 g vinyl, insert, heavy sleeve -
35 €
Kleptomania DoLP Elephant`s Lost
(Vinyl RI of 1971
recorded album by
Belgian band -
Hendrix inspired
heavy psych prog,
bonus disc with
unreleased material) 180 g vinyl,
detailed liners,
deluxe heavy G/F
sleeve - Pseudonym
26 €
La De Da`s Same (Vinyl RI of
1966 debut LP by New Zealand RnB/Punk
band original on
Zodiac - incl.
classics such as How Is The Air Up
There) Original
Cover - Hot Smoke
18 €
La De Da`s Find Us A Way (Vinyl RI of 1967 second
album by New Zealand 60s band incl. More soulful stuff such as All Porpose Low, Cool Jerk, Too Many Fish In The Sea etc) Original Cover -
Cold Smoke Rec
18 €
Lang`Syne Same (Vinyl RI of
1976 privately
released german
folk / psych album
originally released in a 200 copy micro press) 4-page insert w/band history and pcitures, original
cover - Garden Of
20 €
Langsyne Langsyne 2 (Vinyl RI of unreleased
studio recordings by german psych/folk
band in similar
style to their rare and sought after
sole album) Detailed Insert - Garden Of Delight
20 €
Larry`s Rebels A Study In Colour
(Collection of best 45s by New Zealand
60s band incl. their RnB, Mod &
Psych/Pop hits:
Painter Man, Train
Kept A Rolling, It's Not True, I Feel
Good, Dream Time,
Coloured Flowers
etc) From masters, & lovingly packaged - Real Groovy
29 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 1 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 15 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Buttons, Colonials, Pastels, Es-Shades, Dirt Merchants,
Vanguards etc
16 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 2 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 15 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Our Gang, Vandals,
End Result, Royal
Coachman, Alan Burn & Ushers, Catsanovas etc liners, pics - Crypt
16 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 3 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 17 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Shade, Young
Strangers, Skip
Ellis, Torques,
Vespers, Poverty
Five, Herds etc
Detailedliners,pics - Crypt
16 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 4 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 15 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Zounds, Vespers,
Fugitive Five,
Couriers, Cavaliers etc Detailed liners, pics - Crypt
16 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 5 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 15 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Thunderbirds, Edges Of Wisdom, Kinetics, French Church,
Symbols, Scurvy
Knights, Dagenites, Ebb-Tides, New
Corvetts etc liners, pics - Crypt
16 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 6 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 15 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Grey Stokes, Caedman & Nobles, Plagues, Starfyres,
Dagenites, Nobles,
Druids, Riots,
Esquires, Sires, New Corvettes etc
liners, pics -
16 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 7 15 prime slabs of
mid-60s US Misery
and Sadness incl.
Nomads, Pulsating
Gremlins, Last
Image, Prince &
Paupers, Shakles,
Timetakers etc
Gatefold sleeve,
Liners, Photos etc - Crypt
16 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 8 15 prime slabs of
mid-60s US Misery
and Sadness incl.
Other Sides, Toads, Pastels,
Saxons, Henchmen,
Timetakers etc
Gatefold sleeve,
Liners, Photos etc - Crypt
16 €
Lazarus Same (CD RI of 1973 album by austrian
band originally on
Rex Records -
amazing fuzz guitar, Zappa styled
effects) 12-page
booklet - Shadoks
14 €
Leathercoated Minds A Trip Down Sunset
Strip (Vinyl RI of
1966 west coast
exploitation LP and psychedelic artifact produced by
J.J.Cale - all
covers of the day
plus four Cale
originals) from mono tapes, 180 g vinyl, original cover -
22 €
Left Banke Too (Vinyl RI of
1968 second LP by US Baroque Pop Heroes originally on Smash Records) 180 g
vinyl, from original stereo masters in
original cover -
22 €
Left Banke Walk Away Renee
(Vinyl RI of 1967
debut album by US
baroque pop combo
originally on Smash Records) 180 g
vinyl, from original stereo masters in
original cover -
22 €
Leslie`s Motel Dirty Sheets (Vinyl RI of 1972
unreleased US album by Kentucky band
incl. Memebrs of the Oxfords and Blues
Project drummer Roy Blumenfeld - blues
hard rock with
powerful vocals and stunning guitar and organ) from masters, liners - Out-Sider
18 €
Lily V.C.U. (Vinyl RI of 1973 sole album by
german Krautband
originally on
Bacillus) From
masters, insert, 180 g vinyl, original
19 €
Litter - Mono Edition Distortion (Vinyl RI of legendary 1967
Minneapolis Garage
album feat ´Action
Woman´) from Mono
masters - 180 g
vinyl, original
20 €
Little Boy Blues In The Woodland Of
Weir (Vinyl RI of
1967 Fontana
psychedelic LP by
Chicago band
-tripped out psych, jazz & organ driven rock - comes w/rare 45s bonus cuts incl. I Can Only Give You Everything, Great
Train Robbery etc) Original Cover -
18 €
Los Huracanes Same (Vinyl RI of
1966 debut LP by
spnaish 60s beaters incl. A number of
cool beatnumbers and post-Dylan US
folkrock delicacies) Original Cover -
18 €
Los Nivram 10´´ Same ( Eight track
collection of 65/66 recordings by
spanish beat /
garageband incl.
Peter Gunn and a
load of cool spanish vocal group
originals) Electro
15 €
Los Saicos Demolicion - The
Complete Recordings (12 track collection of rare 45`s by
wildest, rawest and most primitive 60s
garageband from Peru incl. Demolicion, Cementerio, Come On, Camisa De Fuerza
etc 12 Page Booklet with detailed liners - Munster
17 €
Los Salvajes Lo Mejor De Los
Salvajes (Vinyl RI
of 1967 sole album by famous spanish
Garageband incl.
classics such as
Vivir sinti, Mi
Bigote, Es La Eda,
Soy Asi plus several covers) Original
Cover - Munster
18 €
Los Young Beats The Exciting Sound
Of (RI of megarare
66 colombian garage album w/four bonus
cuts, detailed band history and fabulous pics) Break-A-Way
13 €
Lost In The 60s - Fratrockers and Savage Sounds from Obscureville Cool 16 track
collection of rare
and uncompiled 60s
garage 45s incl.
John English III,
Blue Crytsals,
Precious Few, Gary
Steffins & Fugitive 5, Finite Minds,
Fabulous Wanderers, and more - great
cover and label
12 €
Lost Souls Vol. 1 - Part 1 14 track collection of cool 60s Arkansas Garage- and
Psychrock feat rare killer 45s by Blue & The Grey,
Coachmen, Shades,
Problem Of Tyme,
Yardleys, Barefacts, Roustabouts,
Vycounts etc
detailed liners,
pics - Get Hip
15 €
Lost Souls Vol. 4 14 track vinyl
collection of
1965-68 unreleased recordings by local Arkansas garage &
psychbands incl.
Federal Union,
Vipers, Barons,
Coachmen, Steppin
Stones, Vilagers, Loved Ones etc
Insert with detailed liners - Psych Of
The South Records
18 €
Love Black Beauty (Vinyl RI of lost 1974
album by legendary
L.A. band combining seering 70s rock
with gorgeous
melodies) 180 g
vinyl, tip on
sleeve, 28 page
large booklet,
download card) High Noon Records
35 €
Love Exchange Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 sole LP by US
psych band
origininally on
Tower Records -
fascinating aquarius age swirling and
jangly folk / pop)
180 g vinyl,
original cover -
22 €
Love Hit Me! Decca Beat Girls 1963-1970 12 track collection of 45s by UK Beat
Girls from The Decca Vaults incl. Billie Davis, Dana
Gillespie, Twinkle, Goldie &
Gingerbreads, Satin Bells, Barry & Boys, Orchids, etc -
detailed liners -
20 €
Love Machine Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By
(Another exploito
psych album from
1968 experimenting
with phasing,
echoes, stereo
panning etc)
original cover - Wah Wah
19 €
MacArthur Same (Vinyl RI of
ultrare privately
pressed 70s
progressive rock
album by Mochigan
group - basement
psych prog
w/devasting, ripping fuzz guitar solos
and mini-moog
attacks) Insert -
20 €
Mad River 10´´ + Book -
Jersey Sloo (5-track 10´´ with 1967 Ohio Tapes by US
westcoast band plus soft cover book
w/detailed history
and rare photos
written by David
Biasotti) Shagrat
32 €
Madden & Harris Fool`s Paradise
(Vinyl RI of 1975
sole album by Sydney folk duo - a
masterpiece with
keybords, strings,
fuzz and dreamy
vocals) Original
Cover -Guerssen
20 €
Mahogany Rush Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 first studio
album by canadian
rockband - good
heavy psych rock
produced by Frank
Marino) 180 g vinyl, original Cover -
20 €
Majic Ship Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 privately
pressed US
psychedelic album
full of heavy rock
and fuzz guitars)
180 g vinyl,
original cover -
20 €
Major Arcana Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 sole album by
Milwaukee band - a
complex hippie folk psych album incl.
the classic `Western Wind´) Original
Cover - Barnyard
16 €
Malachi Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 LP released in Belgium feat late
60s pop/ psych mixed with early 70s
keyboard driven prog and flute to a
delicate whyimsy
atmosphere) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Akarma
20 €
Manfred Mann Five Faces Of...
(Vinyl RI of 1965
second US album by
UK 60s RnB band
incl.´Come Tomorrow` and `Sha La La´)
From Masters, 180
vinyl - on Sundazed
22 €
Manfred Mann Mann Made (Vinyl RI of 1965 US album
feat a mix of
imaginative covers
and ace originals)
From Masters, 180
vinyl - on Sundazed
22 €
Manfred Mann My Little Red Book
Of Winners (Vinyl RI of 1965 US LP #4
andtheband`s most
eclectic effort
incl. memorable
orignals and RnB
covers) From
Masters, 180 vinyl - on Sundazed
22 €
Manfred Mann Pretty Flamingo
(Vinyl RI of 1965
final US LP with
original line-up
feat catchy pop,
bluesy RnB and
experimental edges) From Masters, 180
vinyl - on Sundazed
22 €
Manfred Mann The Manfred Mann
Album (Vinyl RI of
1964 debut LP by UK band - infectous Pop meets RnB) From
Masters, 180 vinyl - on Sundazed
22 €
Marsupilami Same (Vinyl RI of UK progressive album
originally on
Records - flutes,
organ, scorching
guitars, harmonies
and well crafted
songs) original
cover - Acme
18 €
Matching Mole Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 album on CBS by UK progband incl.
Robert Wyatt) 180 g vinyl, from masters, original cover
26 €
Mayfly Same (Vinyl RI of
1973 sole LP on
Ariola by dutchband blending folk rock
with psych/pop) -
180g vinyl, from
masters, Gatefold
Sleeve - Pseudonym
18 €
Mazhar Ve Vuat Türküz, Türku,
Caghiriz (Vinyl RI
of megarare 1973
album by turkish duo on Yonka Records - strong electric folk rock with guitar
effect, great vocals and mystical songs) 180 g vinyl, 2-page insert, heavy cover - Shadoks
35 €
Megaton Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 german only
killer driving
progressive album by UK band originally on Deram Records)
Original Cover -
Acme Records
18 €
Merrel Fankhauser Maui Album (Vinyl RI of 1976 first solo album by former HMS Bounty/Mu leader - a brillant set of
spiritual folkrock
and light melodic
pop) Original cover, Insert - Sommor
20 €
Michigan Meltdown Vol. 2 12 track collection of 68-75 post garage and pre-punk
outcasts from the
Great Lake State. An overabundance of
fuzz guitar and
primitive riffing
feat Attack, TNS,
Truth, Wild Boys,
Mixed Generation,
Jupiters Children
and more
20 €
Michigan Mixture Vol. 1 Vinyl RI of long
gone comp feat late 60s garage/psych
Michigan rarities
feat snarling, fuzzy and mindblowing
classics by The Up, Orange Wedge, Glass Sun, She-Devils,
Renaissance Fair,
Dick Rabitt etc -
Insert w/rare pics
and liners - Spiral Groove
20 €
Might Of Coincidence Announcing The Birth Of (Vinyl RI of
rare 1971 acid /
folk album album by swiss underground
band originally on
Entropia) Original
Cover - Mellotron
18 €
Minotaurus Fly Away (Vinyl RI
of 1977 self
released sole and
rare album by german progressive
Krautband) From
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
Cover - Missing
20 €
Missing Links LP & 7´´ - Same &
`Links Unchained´
(Vinyl RI of 1966
all-time australian Pretty Things type
classic garage / RnB album originally on Philips with rare
`Unchainded´ EP w/PS as bonus) Mono
Edition, original
24 €
Missus Beastley Same (Vinyl RI of
1974 second LP by
german Krautband
originally on Nova
Records - excellent instrumental
jazzrock) From
Masters, 8-page
insert, original
cover - Garden Of
19 €
Missus Beastley Bremen 1974 (Vinyl
release of
top-sounding live
appearance dated
02/09/74 recorded
for Radio Bremen by german jazzrock
outfit feat three
non LP tracks) From masters, 8-page
Insert - Garden Of
19 €
Missus Beastly Dr. Aftershave & The Mixed Pickles
(Vinyl RI of 1976
third LP by german
Krauters originally on April Records
offering, solid,
mostly instrumental jazz-rock) Insert,
original Cover -
Garden Of Delight
20 €
Missus Beastly Same (Legit vinyl RI of 1970 debut LP on CPM by german
jazz-rock band
originally on CPM
Records) Four page
Insert, original red gatefold cover -
Garden Of Delight
19 €
Mixed up Minds Part 8 20 track obscure
1970-74 obscure rock and pop from the
british isles -Fuzz guitars, flutes,
tablas and wah wah
pedals incl.
Philwitt & Pegasus, Gringo, Key Largo,
Accolade, Zapata
Schmidt, Little Big Horn etc -background notes - Particles
14 €
Mod Meeting International Vol. 7 16 exciting
international mod & soul beaters from
the UK, Australia,
Chechoslovakia and
more incl. raries by West Five, Dick
Jordan, Chasers,
Groove, Beatings,
Profile, Sheiks,
Beatniks etc - oool cover - Style
15 €
Mod Meeting Vol. 4 Sixteen exciting
1965 - 68 british
mod & soulbeaters
incl. Bill Martin & Phil Coulter,
Chanters, J. Covay & Machine, Eddie´s
Crowd, Tonny Rich
etc - cool coloured cover
15 €
Mod Meeting Vol. 5 16 exciting rare
british mod & soul
beaters from 1965 - 68 incl. Gamblers,
Morgan & Mark 7,
Loyd Alexander Real Estate, Outer
Limits, Wolves,
Sasperella etc -
cool coloured cover
15 €
Mod Meeting Vol. 6 16 Track collection of exciting and rare british Mod &
Soulbeaters incl.
Washington DC´s,
Circus, New Formula, Gamblers, Winston
G, Hammers, Loyd
Banks etc - Cool
full coloured cover
15 €
Monocles - Higher Evelation Spider & The Fly &
The Boogie Man (18
track collection of rare 45`s by
Colorado garageband incl. their classics Spider & Fly, This Diamond Mine, You
Don`t Know, Summer
Skies etc) Detailed history - Sommor
20 €
Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 3 More Lost Tracks
From The Action 60s - 16 boss garagers
feat Monuments,
Livin End, Wild
Things, Barry Ebling & Invaders, Jerms, Intruders, Senders
etc - CavernRecords
12 €
Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 2 Vinyl RI of long
deleted and sought
after US 60s garage comp incl. 16 lost
tracks from action 60s by Thingies,
Noblemen, Plato &
Coachmen, skeptics, Kyks etc - Cavern
12 €
Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 4 Vinyl RI of long
deleted and sought
after US 60s garage comp incl. 16 lost
tracks from action
60s by Coachmen,
Skeptics, Intruders, Rod & Satalites,
Dinks, Berries etc - detailed liners -
on Cavern
12 €
Mops Psychedelic Sounds
From Japan (Vinyl RI of 1967 debut album by undisputed kings of japanese
garage/psych scene
incl. classics such as I´m A Mops, Blind Bird, Bera Yu
Isoage etc - 4 bonus cuts - full colour original cover -
Perfect Beat
14 €
Mormos + 7´´ LP + 7´´ - The
Magic Spell Of
Mother`s Wrath
(Vinyl RI of 1972
second LP by US Band released in France only on CBS - gently crafted Acid Folk
with jazzy touches) Bonus 7´´ EP,
Insert, original G/F Cover - Wah Wah
23 €
Mormos+ 7´´ Great Walls Of China (Vinyl RI of 1972
french only LP by US post Spoils Of War band - a masterpiece of experimental
psychedelic acid
folk and bizarre
melodies) Bonus 7´´ EP, detailed liners, original cover -
Wah Wah
20 €
Morning Dew Early Years 66-69
(14 t rack
collection of rare
45´s and unreelased material by Kansas
band famous for
their Roulette LP - Audio House
sesssion, Fairfield 45´s and unreleased) Detailed Insert - Break-A-Way
14 €
Motions Wasted Words - The
Havoc 45s (18 tracks of 65/66 Singles
A´& B´s by original line-up of dutch 60s legends incl.
Wasted Words, It´s
Gone, I´ve Got
Misery, Every Step I Take, You Bother Me etc) From m asters, liners, pics,
Foldoutcover -
18 €
Motowns Si Proprio I Motowns (Vinyl RI of 1967
italian only LP by
UK group originally on RCA - Cool
soul/mod colelction incl. Jenny Take A
Ride, Something You Got, Don`t Fight It etc) Original Cover - On Sale Records
35 €
Moving Gelantine Plates + 7´´ LP + 7´´ - Same
(Collection of 1970 - 78 unreleased
versions by french
psych/prog band -
comes with 7´´ of
1970 one copy
acetate feat X25 &
London Cab) Col.
Vinyl, de luxe g/F
sleeve, inserts -
Monster Melodies
30 €
Mushroom LP & 7´´ Early One Morning
(Vinyl RI of 1971
top UK psych / prog / acidfolk album
originally on Hawk
Records - comes with free 5-track 7´´
incl. one
unreleased) Original Cover - on Acme
19 €
Muziek Express, The Singles 65-67 DoLP DoLP - 30 track
collection of
1965-67 rare 45´s
and unreleased of
legendary dutch
Muziek Express
labels, incl. Peter & Blizzards,
Bintangs, Bumble
Bees, Club Reza,
Folk Messengers etc - Pseudonym
22 €
My Solid Ground Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 sole LP by
german band
originally on
Bacillus - highly
rated hard / psych
effort revealing
traces of Deep
Purple and Black
Sabbath) 180g blue
vinyl, download code - original cover
25 €
Mystic Males Vol. 2 Mindbending
collection of rare
1966 - 73 US
releases by tripped out troubadours
incl. Jeff Dunn,
Jerry Pond, Richard Coronado, Shalynn,
Paul Stoop, Tyree
Forrest etc Booklet - Pet Records
18 €
Mystic Siva Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 privately
pressed US sought
after psychedelic
artefact by Detroit band) Original Cover - Klimt Records
17 €
Neigb`rhood Childr`n Same (Vinyl RI of
1967 album by San
Francisco based
psych - pioneers
originally on Acta
Records) 180 g
vinyl, original
Cover - Sundazed
22 €
Nektar DoLP DoLP - A Tab In The Ocean (Vinyl RI of
1972 second LP by
legendary british
psychprog band based in germany with
extra disc feat four period psych bonus tracks) From
masters, De luxe
gatefold cover -
Missing Vinyl
28 €
Nektar DoLP DoLP - Journey To
The Center Of Eye
(Vinyl RI of 1971
debut album by
legendary british
psychprog band based in germany with
bonus disc feat
eight excellent
period psych bonus
tracks) From
masters, De luxe
gatefold cover -
Missing Vinyl
28 €
Nektar DoLP DoLP - A Tab In The Ocean (Vinyl RI of
1973 fourth LP by
legendary british
psychprog band based in germany. Comes
with extra disc feat two long 1972
psychy bonus tracks) From masters, De
luxe gatefold cover - Missing Vinyl
28 €
New Dawn There´s A New Dawn
(Vinyl RI of 1970
Pacific northwest
psychedelic album
with fuzz guitar,
minor chord organ
dirges and tender
vocals) Original
Cover - Jackpot
21 €
Nickels & Dimes Same (Vinyl RI of
long lost 1967
unreleased album by New Jersey garage
combo feat pure 60s garagerock plus four 1966 moody reverbed originals by
pre-Nickels band
``Savoys´´) 13
tracks, Insert
w/liners, photos -
on Distortions
16 €
Nightbirds Same (Cool
collection of rare
66-68 Single A´s &
B´s by italian /
swiss 60s freakbeat and garage legends
incl. La Strada
Bianca, Nightbirds, Richard Cory, Quelli etc) Groovie
15 €
Nippon Girls 12 track comp with a fascinating
overview of
tremendous 60s
japanese girls
singers. Lots groovy go-go, ye ye and
wobbly pop psych
incl. Yun Mayuzumi, Mie Nakao, Keiko
Mari, Reiko Ohara,
Ayumi Ishida etc -
Foldoutover - Poster - liners - Big
18 €
Nippon Girls Vol. 2 12 track collection of Japanese 60s Pop, Beat & RocknRoll
girls incl. Reiko
Marie, Akiko Wada,
Marie Henmi, The
Peanuts, Katsumi
Yasui etc - FOC with detailed liners and pics - Big Beat
19 €
Nirvana The Story Of Simon
Simopath (Vinyl RI
of 1967 orchestrated UK psych/pop LP
originally on Island Records - four
bonus cuts) Original Cover
16 €
Nite People P.M. (Vinyl RI of
1970 sole album by
UK band originally
on Page One Records - outstanding
psych/prog with
dominating hammond
organ and cool
guitar work) One
Bonus track, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Sommor
20 €
Nostradamus Aquarium (Vinyl RI
of 1970 sole album
by austrian
underground band )
180 g vinyl, Insert, heavy cover -
35 €
Octopus Restless Night
(Vinyl RI of 1969
album by UK
psychband originally on Penny Farthing
blening melodic
driven guitar pop
with psych, prog and hardrock) 180 g
vinyl, insert, one
bonus cut - original Cover - on
20 €
Old Man & The Sea Second (Vinyl RI of unreleased second
album from 1974 by danish proressive
rock band) 180 g
vinyl, heavy sleeve, 2-page insert -
37 €
Olivers Lost Dove Session
(Incredible &
outstanding 1969
unreleased LP by
Indiana 60s Band
recorded at Dove
Studios - top notch psychedelic fuzz
fest by `I Saw What You Did` band - all original material)
4-Page Insert
w/complete history & pics - Break-A-Way
18 €
Olympic DoLP Everyboy (Collection of rare 1965 - 71
singles A`s & B`s
and rarities by
Beat/ RnB / Psych
Band - Many cool
group originals)
Liners, Foldoutcover - Munster
22 €
One Hand In The Darkness 14 track collection of rare and
uncompiled US 60s
moody garage songs
incl. Vy-Countz,
Starblazers, Spider & Mustangs,
Mid-Knights, Big
Inners etc
13 €
Orang-Utan Same ( Vinyl RI of
1971 sole LP by post Jason Crest combo
origianlly on Bell
-blazing early
hardrock with psychy vibes, twin
guitars, fuzz and
powerful vocals)
Insert - Sommor
20 €
Os Mundi Latin Mass (Vinyl RI of rare german
psych/prog album
originally on
Metronome Records)
180 g vinyl,
original cover
-Missing Vinyl
24 €
Os Mundi 43 Minutes (Vinyl RI of 1972 album by
german krautband
originally on brain) from masters,
original cover -
Missing Vinyl
23 €
Oscar & Majestics No Chance Baby! (14 track collection of rare 45´s and
unreleased material by US Garageband
recorded for USA /
Destination Records incl. cool stuff
such as I Can´t
Explain, I Feel
Good, Baby Under My Skin etc) Liner
Notes, Cool Cover - Sundazed
25 €
Outsiders CQ (Vinyl RI of
classic 1968
psychedelic album by dutch legends
Outsiders) Original gorgeous silver foil colour art,
extensive liners -
on Jackpot
22 €
Outsiders DoLP DoLP - Monkey On
Your Back - their
45´s (28 track
collection incl.
entire 65-69 mono
singles A´s & B´s, rarities and
unreleased by dutch 60s legends) from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, 340 g
foldoutcover - on
22 €
Outsiders DoLP DoLP - Same (De Luxe RI of 1967 debut LP by legendary dutch band - with bonus
disc incl.
unreleased studio
material, 1968
Paradiso live and a remarkable `Strange Things´ intro) 180g vinyl, full color
cartoon gatefold
sleeve, liners, pics - Pseudonym
22 €
Outsiders DoLP CQ Mythology
(Fascinating glimpse on a kind of shadow version from
original session
tapes with outtakes / different version and takes of 1968
dutch psychedelic
classic) from
masters, alternative cover art -
22 €
Paddy, Klaus & Gibson 10´´ 10´´ - Same (6-track collection of rare 45`s A`s & B`s by UK 60s beat trio incl. No Good Without You Baby,I Wanna Know, Quick Before They
Catch Us, Rejected
etc) 300 copies
20 €
Pakistan: Folk & Pop Instrumentals 1966-76 DoLP DoLP - Mindblowing
set of pakistani
instros incl. RnR
beat, surf,
traditional folk,
pop, electric
guitars, sitars and organ sounds by
Panthers, Mods,
Bugs, Blue Birds,
Abstarcts, Fore
Thoughts etc G/F
jacket, photos,
liners - on Sublime Frequencies
33 €
Paper Garden Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 sole album by
US psychypop band
originally on
Musicor Records -
fuzzy pop psych with early Bee Gees
influence) from
masters, 180g vinyl, original cover -
22 €
Paradise Square Never Thought I`D
See The Day (Vinyl
RI of 1974 privately released rare
home-made lo-fi
psych/folk LP with
acoustic guitar,
violin and delicate male/female vocals) Insert - Sommor
18 €
Paternoster Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 sole LP by
austrian progressive album originally on CBS) original Cover - Ohrwaschl
18 €
Paul Ngozi The Ghetto (Vinyl RI of early 70s LP
rarity from Zambia
of 70s rocking
underground band
blending african
rhythms with razor
sharp guitars) 180 g vinyl, heavy cover - insert - Shadoks
35 €
Pazop Same (Vinyl RI of
1973 recordings made at Start Studios by Belgium Progressive band widely
influenced by King
Crimson & Weather
Report) Replica
16 €
Pazop Psychillis Of A
Lunatic Genius (RI
of 1971 recorded and shelved LP by
Belgian Band arisen our of the ashes of Waterloo and Wallace Collection - a
mythical LP
influenced by Zappa and the Canterbury
Scene) Replica
16 €
Perry Leopold Experiments In
Metaphysics (Vinyl
RI of 1970 acid /
folk cornerstone by US artist) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover, insert -
20 €
Peter Michael Hamel The Voice Of Silence (Vinyl RI of 1974
second LP by german Kraut artist
originally on
Vertigo - an
experimentation with meditative and
minimalistic sounds) Original Cover -
Wah Wah
20 €
Phantasia Same (Vinyl RI of
legendary 1971
gentle psychedelic
hippie rock album
originally on Damon Records) Insert,
Original Cover -
World In Sound
19 €
Phantom`s Devine Comedy Part 1 (Vinyl RI of 1974 US album famous for its Doors-type sound and Morrison
type vocals)
Original Cover with pasted hardboard
sleeve - Sunday
20 €
Please 1968-69 (Historic
collection of
unreleased material by excellent UK
group feat Bulldog
Breed and T2 members -LP incl.the
original version of ´No More White
Horses´) 180 g
vinyl, great cover - Acme
18 €
Polyphony Without Introduction (Vinyl RI of
jaw-dropping 1972 US progressive rock
album originally on 11th Hour Records - a masterpiece of
hardprog, acid
guitar leads, heavy organ and off-center vocals) 180 g
vinyl, insert,
19 €
Portobello Explosion Vol. 2 20 swinging 1966-69 cool Mod/Pop and RnB sounds culled from rare 45s incl.
Peeps, Falling
Leaves, Eden Tree,
Curiosity Shoppe,
Stdio Six,MadeIn
Sheffield, west
Point etc Background Notes - Particles
14 €
Projection Company - Steve Carpenborg & Electric Coronas CD - Gimme Some
Loving & Fantastic
Party (CD RI of two rare 60s exploito
LPs with wild
haunting organs, raw fuzz guitars,
swamping bass,
strange Sci-Fi
Sounds and groovy
grubworms) Mini LP
Format - GearFab
13 €
Ptarmigan Same (Vinyl RI of
1974 sole LP release by canadian Band
originally on
Columbia Records -
eastern influenced
hippie folk psych
with long
instrumental parts) detailed liners,
Original Cover -
Lion Prod
22 €
Q 65 Afghanistan (Vinyl
RI of 1970 legendary dutch album
originally on Negram - tough hard rock
close to the
`Parachute´) from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
Foldoutcover -
18 €
Q 65 We´re Gonna Make It (Vinyl RI of 1971
final album by dutch rock legend incl.
their late 45´s, a
live track and one
non LP bonus) from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Pseudonym
18 €
Q 65 The Life I Live
-Decca 45´s (de Luxe vinyl set gathering all 66-67 vinyl
singles from
original mono
masters incl. Ttitle , I Despise
You,You´re The
Victor, complete
Kjoe Blues EP etc)
Great package with
cover reprints and Mike Stax liners -
20 €
Quatermass DoLP DoLP - Same (Vinyl
RI of 1970 sole
album by british
powerrock trio
originally on
Harvest) Original
pasted hard board
Gatefold Sleeve -
29 €
Question Mark & Mysterians 96 Tears (Legit RI
from masters of 1966 cult album by
Michigan organ based garage rockers
incl. Title, You´re Telling Me Lies,
Don´t Tease Me etc
180 g vinyl,
original cover - on RGM
18 €
Question Mark & Mysterians Action (Legit vinyl RI of second LP on
Cameo by Michigan
Organ based punk
band incl. Girl You Captivate Me, Can´t Get Enough Of You
Baby etc - from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - on RGM
18 €
Quicksilver Messenger Service DoLP Live Fillmore, June 7th 1968 (Recorded
at their peak in
1968 on a devasting night feat twin
guitar attacks by
Duncan and Cippolina on Pride Of Men,
Acapulco Gold &
More, Light Your
Window etc) Vinyl
20 €
Rabbits Looking In The
Universe (16 track
collection by greek 60s beat/garage band incl. their sole 45 `Looking In The
Universe b/w Run
Around Of A Girl´
plus 14 previously
unreleased period
recordings) Detailed Insert - B-Other
18 €
Radio Times:British Pop on TV and Radio - Lost & Found 67-69 Cool 13 track
collection of rare
BBC Recordings incl. rarities by 60s UK top collectors acts such as Yardbirds,
Move, Tomorrow, Jimi Hendrix, Love
Sculpture etc
16-page booklet, Top Sounds Records
18 €
Rainbow Ffolley Sallies Fourth
(Vinyl RI of rare
1968 sole LP by
british popsikers
originally on
Parlophone - catchy songs, inventive
arrangements, vocal harmonies and sound effects) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover, old style
backflaps, one bonus track - Sommor
22 €
Rainbow Press There`s A War On
(Vinyl RI of 1968
psychedelic concept album by US Band
originally on Audio City - excellent
songs, harmonies,
effects plus
sunshine and baroque touches) Liner
notes, original
cover - Out-Sider
20 €
Rare Mod Vol. 6 Next in line
collection of UK 60s Underground Beat,
Psych And Soul incl. Penny Blacks,
Blinkers, Montanas, Paul west & Compass, Storytellers,
Dennis Lotis, Ossy
Lane Show, Society, Mr.Max, Hip Show etc detailed liners -
Acid Jazz
20 €
Ray Pierle Time & Money (Vinyl RI of 1980 more hard rocking LP rarity
by outlaw rock hero Ray `McKay` Pierle) Insert, original
cover - Out-Sider
20 €
Redondos - brandnew Break-A-Way Release Full Circle With... (Collection of
unreleased material by pre-United Travel Service band -
moody originals,
storming surf
instros and cool
covers to a Bobby
Fuller Four meets
the Beau Brummels
sound) Painstakingly remastered, Cool
Cover - Break-A-Way
14 €
Reign Ghost Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 debut LP
underground psych
group feat vocalist Linda Squires - Jeff Airplane, Ultimate Spinach type sound) from masters,
Insert, original
cover -Out-Sider
19 €
Reign Ghost feat Linda Squires
(Vinyl RI of 1969
second LP by
canadian psychers
-west coast psych
rock with fuzz-wah
guitar and male /
female vocals) from masters, large
Insert, original
Cover - Out-Sider
19 €
Relatively Clean Rivers Same (Vinyl RI of
classic 1975 US
psychedelic album
originally on
Pacific Records -LP feat the enigmatic
Phil Pearlman of
Beat From The Earth) 180 g inyl,
original cover -
19 €
Rin Eric Soundtrack To The
Movie In Your Mind
(Vinyl RI of
appreciated and
sought after 1972 US privatley released loner psych-folk
album - handmade
sleeve -26 page
booklet) Branco
21 €
RO-D-YS DoLP Take Her Home - The Philips 45`s (30
track collection of 67-69 A`s & B`s by
dutch 60s band from original mono
masters plus Bonus
tracks incl. Title, Take Care Of
Yourself, Just Fancy etc) G/F Sleeve,
detailed liners and cover reprints -
22 €
Robbie The Werewolf At The Wale Back
(Vinyl RI of truly
weird 1964 LP by
frantic and manic
California folk
Singer later known
as lead singer of
Brain Train. Ct:
Vampire Man, Frankie Stein, Rockin
Werewolf etc)
Insert, old style
tip-on-sleeve -
20 €
Rockin´ Horse Yes, It Is (Vinyl RI of 1970 sole album by ex-Merseybeats / Kirkbys guys - a
birtish power pop
classic incl.
`Biggest Gossip In
Town´) Original
cover - Sing Sing
15 €
Roger Rodier Upon Velveatur
(Vinyl RI of 1972
rare album by
canadian loner folk singer originally on Columbia -
accoustic and
electric guitar,
lush orchestral
arrangements and
beautiful melodies) Original Cover -
17 €
Rufus Zuphall Phallobst (Vinyl RI of 1971 second album by german band on
Pilz Records - a
wider dynamic and
instrumental range
and more polished
than their debut)
From masters,
insert, original
cover - Long Hair
19 €
Rumpelstiltskin Black Magician
(Vinyl RI of 1971
second, german only album by UK
prog/hardrock group originally on
Bellaphone) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Soundvision
18 €
Ruperts People Hold On (10 track
collection of rare
1966 - 69 45s plus
two live tracks and an unreleased
acetate by UK 60s
Mod/Psych band
incl.Hold On, Dream In My Mind, I Can
Show You etc ) Cool Cover Artwork -
20 €
Ruth Ann Friedman Complete Constant
Companion Sessions
(CD RI of 1969 Joe
Wissert produced
intimate folkalbum
by US songwriter
famous for `Windy`) from masters, 12
bonus cuts, detailed booklet - Now
13 €
Salvation (back in stock) Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 album on ABC by San Francisco
psychedelic band -
all original tracks feat the psych
classic `Think
Twice´) 180 g vinyl, original cover -
20 €
Sandstone Can You Mend A
Silver Thread (Vinyl RI of 1971
privately pressed
acid psychedelic
folkrock album
w/male - female
vocals) 180 g vinyl, original cover -
Missing Vinyl
19 €
Sandy Denny & Strawbs DoLP All Our Own Work
(Vinyl RI of 1967
first recordings by UK folkrock act made in Copenhagen plus outtakes from the
`Vanlose Bio
Sessions´ - all
historic material
incl. first ever
version of `Who
Knows Where The Time Goes´) Numero
24 €
Seeds 10`` - Evil Hoodoo
(Three cool non
vinyl tracks by L.A. 60s punkers feat a stormy early punkoid `Out Of The
Question´, 15 minute unedited `Evil
Hoodoo´ & non
audience `Satisfy
You´) Megacool cover - Big Beat
15 €
Serpent Power Same (Vinyl RI of
1967 all time
psychedelic - folk
classic by US band originally on Verve) Original pasted
hardboard gatefold
cover - Akarma
19 €
Session Unikuva (Vinyl RI of 1972 sole album by fnnish progressive
rock band -
experimental rock
with loud guitar
solos, organ, horns and a fiercely
driving bass) 180 g vinyl, heavy cover, insert - Shadoks
35 €
Shadows Of Knight Live 1966 (Top
sounding live
recordings by
Chicago garage
heroes recorded `At The Cellar´ w/3
unheard tracks incl. Peepin & Hidin,
Anyway That You
WantMe & Willie Jean etc an attitude
drenched anarchic
appearance) 180 g
vinyl, cool cover,
22 €
She Wants A Piece Of You (14 track
collection of mid
60s 45 and
unreleased by
Sacramento based all female garageband
incl Bad Girl, Bus
Stop, Like A Snake
etc) Detailed
liners, Big Beat
20 €
Shide & Acorn Under The Tree
(Vinyl RI of 1971
privately released
UK folk album rarity - haunting fragile female vocals,
electric /
accoustic guitar,
sitar) 180g vinyl,
original cover -
Acme Records
20 €
Sitting Bull Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 album on CBS by german Krautband
with a westcoast
flavour - electric
and acoustic guitar, keyboards and a
jamming sound) from masters, insert,
original cover -Long Hair
20 €
Skeptics Apple Candy - (11
track vinyl
collection by US
Dovers-type 60s
garageband incl.
entire rare Single
A´s & B´s: Ride
Child, For My Own,
Aplle Candy etc)
Detailed Insert -
17 €
Skip Bifferty + Bonus 7´´ Single Same (Vinyl RI of
legendary 1968 UK
psychedelic rarity
originally on RCA)
7´´ Bonus `Round &
Round b/w Reason To Live´ - Original
Cover - Acme
20 €
Slaves 10´´ Shut Up! We're The
Slaves (6-track
collection of
Singles A`s & B´s by austrian Pretty
Things type 60s RnB band incl. Shut Up, Slave Time, Panic,
Never Free etc) Cool Cover, Be-Records
16 €
Slitherama -Psychedelic Tokyo Cool collection of
sixties japanese
group sounds incl.
Sharp Hawks, Savage, Mops, Spiders,
Voltage, Sharp Five etc background notes - on Bamboo
14 €
Snakegrinder ...And The Shredded Filed Mice (Vinyl RI of 1978 stunning
local Delaware LP - rural rock with well structured guitar
jams, blistering
leads and tasty
keyboards) Original tip-on Gatefold
Jacket - Lion
22 €
Spencer Davis Group Their First LP
(Vinyl RI of 1965
debut LP on Fontana by british RnB Band feat five rare 45/EP Bonus tracks incl. Goodbye Stevie)
Original Cover -
16 €
Spencer Davis Group Their First LP
(Vinyl RI of 1966
second LP on Fontana by british RnBers
feat five rare 45/EP Bonus tracks incl. Pretty Woman etc)
Original Cover -
16 €
Spirit Of John Morgan Age Machine (CD RI
of second LP by UK
bluesrock band
originally on
Carnaby Records)
14 €
Spoils Of War DoLP & 7´´ DoLP & 7´´ - Same
(Gorgeous release
with all studio
works by US band
incl. unreleased
material plus bonus 7´´ of 1969 debut
EP) Gatefold Gimmick Sleeve, Insert -
Wah Wah
32 €
Spot Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 monster rarity by swiss band
originally on
Evasion Records -
excellent heavy
bluesrock with
influences) 2 Bonus tracks, Original
Cover - Ohrwaschl
18 €
Squires & 7´´ LP & 7 ´´ - Going
All The Way & 7´´
collection of
1965/66 45s and
unreleased by US
60s garageband incl. Go Ahead, Same All Over The World,
Gloria, Farmer John, I Fought The Law,
Oh No etc) detailed liners, pics -
16,5 €
Stack Above All (Vinyl RI of 1969 privately
released wild and
heavy psych hardrock album by L.A.Band) One Bonus Cut,
Insert, Original
Cover - Out-sider
19 €
Standells Live On Tour 1966
professionally at
their peak in 1966
at the Michigan
University, the band provides vintage US Garagerock incl.
Gloria, Why Did You Hurt Me, Dirty Water etc) Superb Package with liners & pics - Sundazed
22 €
Stephen John Kalinich - Record Store Day Release A World Of Peace
Must Come (First
time vinyl RI of
long lost 1969
poetry album by
Beach Boys
Songwriter recorded in Brian Wilsons
house) Orange vinyl ltd edition - Light In The Attic
21 €
Stone Angel Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 megarare UK
privately released
psych/folk album -
male-female vocals, electric leads,
12-string guitar,
mandolin) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Acme
18 €
Stone Garden Same (Vinyl RI of
late 60s unreleased heavy psychedelic
albumbymidwest band previously released on Rockadelic) 180 g vinyl, Insert, Cool Coverart - on
20 €
Stoney & The Jagged Edge Chasing Rainbows
(Long Lost United
Sound Studio Sesion by premier 67/68
famous Detroit
Grande Ballroom
Psychedelic Band
with a power`n´punk edge) Excellent
Psych Cover, liners - Big Beat
19 €
STOS Same (Vinyl RI of
1978 privately
released belgian
hard-rock /
protometal beast -
dangerous, agressive sound, a wall of
Fuzz guitars and
manic speed
drumming) Insert,
Original cover -
20 €
Strawberry Alarm Clock The World In A Sea
Shell (Vinyl RI of
1968 third album on UNI by US Band - a
mix of day glo psych and lush pop with
gentle grooves and
soaring voices) 180 g vinyl,
originalCover -
22 €
Stud Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 Texas privately released LP -
powerful hardrock,
killer boogie rock, and heavy psych
jams) Insert -
Out-sider Music
20 €
Suburban Life Cool 16 Track vinyl collection of US mid 60s boss garage,
moody teen anthems
and spooky psycher
incl. Voxmen, Stone Cutters, Glass
Threads, Pubs,
United Notions,
Satins etc
15 €
Sunbirds Zagara (Vinyl RI of 1972 second album on BASF by Munich
Krautband with
onebonus cut) from
masters, 4-page
insert, original
20 €
Sunbirds Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 album on BASF
by german Kraut
fusion group)
frommasters, 4-page insert, original
cover - Garden Of
20 €
Swinging Mademoiselles Vol. 3 Cool 16 track
collection of genre leading compilation feat 1965- 68 french girl sounds by
Arlette, Dorine,
Monika Berg,Nicole
Josy, Patricia,
Francine Sarall etc - detailed liners, cool cover
15 €
Syndicate The Egyptian Thing
(10 track vinyl
collection of rare
45`s & four
unreleased period
recordings by L.A.
60s garage combo
incl. My Baby`s
Barefootin, Egyptian Thing, She Hauts
You, It`s Simple
etc) Insert with
Mike Stax liners -
Break-A-Way Records
16 €
T2 1971-72 (Vinyl RI of unheard and
unreleased early 70s album by british
underground band -
an unreleased
masterpiece) 180 g
vinyl - Acme
18 €
T2 It´ll Work Out In
Boomland (Legit
vinyl RI of 1970
sole official LP by UK underground band originally on Decca) 40th anniversasry
remastered edition
with detailed LP
sized Insert - Acme
18 €
Tasavallan Presidentti Milky Way Moses
(Vinyl RI of 1972
fourth and final
album by finnish
progressive rock
band originally on
Love Records)
Original Cover -
Svart Records
21 €
Tasavallan Presidentti II (Vinyl RI of 1970 second album by
finnish progressive rock band originally on Columbia
Records) Original
Cover- Svart
21 €
Tea Company Come & Have Some Tea With (Vinyl RI of
1968 sole album by
US underground
psychers originally on Smash) 3 bonus
cuts & original
cover - World In
19 €
Tee Set Emotions (Vinyl RI
of December 1966
debut album by dutch Beat / Mod / RnB
band originally on
Delta Records) 300
only, original cover - Pseudonym
18 €
The Raunch Total Raunch
(5-tracker by cool
New York 67
garageband incl.
rare 45 `A Little
While Back´ b/w ´Say That You`re Wrong´ & three unreleased
tracks inc. Heavy
fuzz killer versions of Hey Joe, Tobacco Road & Hungry) LP
sized insert - Cool Cover
12 €
The Roosters All Of Our Days (12 track collection by L.A. mid 60s jangle folkrockers incl.
all rare 45´s a pre - Roosters
Merseypunker and
four unreleased
garagefolk period
tracks) detailed LP sized glossy insert - full coloured
cover and on
14 €
Them Now And Them (Vinyl RI of 1967 Tower
album by UK band
from their post Van Morrison era adding a trippy psychedelic edge to their tough RnB) 180 g vinyl,
original cover -
Spiral Goove
19 €
Third Power (RSD Release) LP w/download card Believe (Vinyl RI of 1970 sole album by hard hitting
Michigan three-piece originally on
Vanguard - excellent psychy hard-rock
from the original
tapes with a
download card
w/unreleased studio & live bonus)
Gatefold Tip-on
Sleeve - Future Days Records
29 €
Thirsty Moon You`ll Never Come
Back (Vinyl RI of
1973 second album on Brain by german
krautband. LP
captures the true
character of
Acid-rock to place
it in a jazzrock
format) From
masters, insert,
original cover -
Long Hair
19 €
Thor`s Hammer (Iceland 60s Beat/Punk) If You Knew (14
track collection of 1965-67 raw wild
beat/garage fuzzpunk by Iceland 60s
legends incl. their scarce 1966 EP incl. Title, I Don`t
Care, If You Knew.
Love Enough, Better Days etc) Cool 60s
styled cover - Ugly Pop
21 €
Thrice Mice Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 album on
Philips by german
Krautrock band - a
crossover of
Progressive and
Jazzrock) 180g
vinyl, Original
Cover - Long Hair
20 €
Tiger B. Smith We're The Tiger
Bunch (Vinyl RI of
1974 more
progressive rock
album by Frankfurt
Krautband originally on Bacillus
Records) Insert,
Original Cover -
Long Hair
20 €
Tin House LP & 7´´ Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 sole album by
US band originally
on Epic and produced by Rick Derringer - hard rocking stuff incl. Their 45
versions plus two
unreleased tracks as bonus) 180 g vinyl, detailed liners,
original cover -Lion Prod
33 €
Titus Oates Jungle Lady (Vinyl
RI of 1975 album on Lips by Texas
privately released
hard-rock album -
spooky organ, hot
guitar licks, warm
vocals and folkrocky ballads) Insert,
Original Cover -
20 €
Tomorrow`s Gift DoLP Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 debut DoLP and german Kraut classic on +Plus+ Records - long powerful
tracks with plenty
of guitar, organ,
flute, drums solos
and strong female
vocals) 4-sided
insert with detailed history - Long
28 €
Tomrerclaus Same (Vinyl RI of
1978 album by danish guitar hero -
distorted Hendrix
inspired psychedelia for guitar and
cello) Green vinyl, Original Cover -
26 €
Touch Street Suite (Vinyl RI of 1969 US
psychedelic rock
album originally on Mainline Records)
180 g vinyl,
original gatefold
cover, insert
w/liners - on
Outsider Music
20 €
Toujours Chic! More French Girl
Singers Of The 60s
(12 track hip ye-ye girl pop sounds of
french 1960s feat
Fabienne, Zou Zou,
Laura Ulmer, France Gall, Charlotte
Walters, Sheila etc) coloured vinyl,
Foldoutcover with
detailed liners and pictures - Ace
20 €
Traffic Sound Virgin (Vinyl RI of 1969 second and
psychedelic album by peruvian band
originally on Mag)
180g vinyl, original cover -
21 €
Tres Chic - More French Girl Singers Of The 60s 12 track collection of french 60s femals ye-ye singers feat a load of cool
Mademosielles incl. Violaine, Jaqueline Taieb, Anna Karina, Delphine, Liz Brady etc) Detailed liner - Ace Record
18 €
Tully Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 debut album by australian band
originally on
Parlophone - gentle, hypnotic
progressive music on which guitar and
keyboards blend
together) 180 g
vinyl, original
Cover - Chapter
18 €
Turn To Stone Vol. 1 Repress of long
deleted US Garage
compilation incl.
rare 45s by Ascots, TR5, Fugitives,
Knight &
and more
14 €
Turn To Stone Vol. 2 16 track of the real thing - cool
healthy 60s US
Garagerock, fuzz and snotty punkers,
thrilling teen
coolness, moody
winners by Bacardis, Stone Cutters,
Young Strangers,
Real List, Mister`s Virtue, Mergers and more - it´s the real thing!
14 €
Turn To Stone Vol. 3 14 track collection of rare & obscure
64-68 local Garage & Psych 45s feat boss garagers, thrilling teen coolness &
trippy punkadelic
raries by Creepers, Rovin Kind, Laughing Kind, Paper
Menagerie, Pirates, Beau Gents etc -
cool coloured 60s
15 €
Twink + CD incl. 8 Bonus cuts LP & CD - Think Pink (Vinyl RI of 1970
legendary british
psych album
originally on
Polydor and produced by Mick Farren -
detailed liners, CD incl. Entire LP & 8 Bonus cuts) 180 g
vinyl, original
Foldout Cover -
22 €
Tyll Sexphonie (Vinyl RI of 1975 german
Kraut/Psych LP
rarity originally on Kerston Records -
mix of acidrock,
hardrock and
progressive folky
sound with some
eastern influences) Insert, original
Cover - Mental
Experience Records
20 €
Ugly Ducklings Somewhere Outside
(Vinyl RI of 1966
sole album by
undisputed candian
garage kings)
Original cover - new edition on
16 €
Ultimate Bonehead Vol. 4 A Quagmire of 1969 - 77 heavy dope and
dark satanic poop
sliced up into 14
slabs of shamless
stoneage incl. Puple Sun, Abbadon, Larry Lynn, Stone Foxx,
Image, Plymouth Rock etc detailed liners - Belter
20 €
Ultimate Bonehead Vol.3 14 examples of
1969-76 brutalising heavy assualts
retrieved from the
Garbage Dump of Hard Rock Infamy
incl.Pelican Peace
Band, Hot Ash,
Glory, Galactus,
Pendulum, Alice Blue etc detailed liners - Belter
20 €
Ultimate Spinach DoLP - Behold & Sea (Vinyl RI of 1968
second album on MGM by Boston Psychband - comes with Bonus
material) Original
gatefold Cover -
23 €
Ultimate Spinach Live At The Unicorn, July 1967
(Excellent sounding rare live -
appearance by
legendary Bosstown
band blending
folk-rock, pop and
psychedelia) liners - Keyhole
18 €
United States Of America Same (CD RI of 1968 US psychedelic rock LP remastered and
expanded incl.10
Lpsesion bonus cuts) Detailed
Booklet,from masters - Eclectic
14 €
United Travel Service Wind And Stone
(Collection of 45´s and unreleased
studio recordings by Pacific Northwest
psychedelic folkrock band incl. title,
Gypsy eyes, Drummer of Your Mind etc)
Detailed 4-page
insert w/history and pics - on
14 €
Uther Pendragon 3-LP Box Set San Francisco
Earthquake (A
Treasure Trove of
unreleased 1966 - 75 - West Coast guitar psych by San
Francisco band incl. A 1967 acetate,
demos & unreleased
1969 World Pacific
Studio Recordings)
8-page booklet,
Poster - Guerssen
45 €
Velvet Illusion Same (Collection of rare 1967-68 Single sides by US
Northwest 60s Garage / Psychband incl
classics such as
Acid Head, Minny
Shimmy and Velvet
Illusion etc) Insert w/history, silk
screend cover - Moi J`Connais
18 €
Velvet Underground 6-LP Box Set 6-LP Set - The Quine Tapes (Legendary
1969 live recordings from S.F. & St.
Louis recorded by
Robert Quine with
final band line-up
incl. all classics. 6 LPs in three
gatefold jackets
with poster inserts, photos in deluxe
slipcase) from
masters - Sundazed
110 €
Virus Thoughts (Vinyl RI
of 1971 second LP
release by german
Kraut band
originally on famous Pilz label - more
tougher than debut
with a psychedelic
musical and lyrical edge) Insert
w/liners - original cover
19 €
Virus Revelation (Vinyl RI of 1971 debut album by german
reminiscent of early Pink Floyd) Insert, original Cover -
Garden Of Delight
19 €
Waterloo First Battle (Vinyl RI of sole LP by
Belgium progressive band originally on
Vogue Records) 180 g vinyl,original
cover - Guerssen
20 €
Web I Spider (Vinyl RI
Of 1970 third album by UK band on
Polydor moving
towards a more
progressive sound)
original Cover -
17 €
Weed Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 album on
Philips by german
Krautband famous for their Uriah Heep
crossover sound)
Repro of original
cover sleeve with
insert - Long Hair
19 €
Werwolf Creation (Vinyl RI
of 1982 rare and
sought after album
by german band with early 70s musical
spirit - two long
tracks with lots
organ, guitar
dominated parts and female vocals)
Insert - Long Hair
20 €
West Coast Natural Gas (aka Indian Puddin` & Pipe) Two`s A Pair
(1966-67 recordings by the band
responsible for the incredible `Hashish´ - killer westcoast psych incl. Their
rare 45, their
`Fifth Pipe Dream´
contributions and
unreleased material) Detailed notes,
rare pics, gatefold cover - RD Records
15 €
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Where´s My Daddy
(Vinyl RI of fourth album from 1968 by
legendary US Band - more pop based than previous efforts)
180 g vinyl,
original cover -
Spiral Groove
19 €
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band DoLP DoLP - Companions
(29 track collection of 1960-71 mainly
unknown rarities
drawing together
pop, garage,
folk-rock and psych recordings by
various bandmembers with other groups or solo) Lavish
Gatefold sleeve with liners and pics -
27 €
Wheels Road Block (12 track vinyl collection of cool 60s garage
punk / RnB band from Belfast incl. Rare 45´s and unreleased incl. Bad Little
Woman, Call My Name, Kicks, You Got Me
Dizzy etc) Booklet - Big Beat
16 €
White Light Parable (Vinyl RI of 1974 privately
pressed Xian heavy
rock album by
scottish Band -
christian hard psych with bluesy edges
raw fuzz guitar and organ) Insert -
20 €
White Summer Same (Vinyl RI of an obscure 1976
privately released
album by Michigan
trio feat melodic
vocals and stunning lead-guitar) Liners, Original Cover -
20 €
Wigwam Tombstone Valentine (Vinyl RI of 1970
second LP by finnish progressive
rockband produced by Kim Fowley)
Original Cover
-Svart Records
23 €
Wigwam DoLP Fairyport (Vinyl RI of 1971 third album by finnish
progressive rock
band originally on
Love Records - band feat british
keyboard player and vocalist Jim
Pembroke) Original
Cover - Svart
28 €
Wigwam DoLP Being (Vinyl RI of
1974 fourth LP on
Love Records by
finnish progrock
band) Triple Foldout Jacket, Booklet -
Svart Records
27 €
Wild Turkey Rarest Turkey
(Collection of 1974 recordings by UK
progrock band feat
former Jethro Tull
Glen Cornick - LP
incl. 1974 Chalfont Tapes meant to be
the third `Turkey´
LP) - Gatefold
Sleeve, liners -
Audio Archives
24 €
Wilson McKinley LP - Heaven`s Gonna Be A Blast (Vinyl RI of 1972 privately
releases third album by US christian
west-coast type
band) 180 g
notes, original
cover - Lion
23 €
Wind Morning (Vinyl RI of 1972 second album
by german progrock
band originally on
CBS - comes with 7´´ bonus cut
`Josephine´) Insert, Original Cover -
Long Hair
20 €
Wizards From Kansas DoLP Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 sole album on
Mercury - a
legendary set of US West Coast Ballroom Psych and 9 bonus
cuts on second disc) detailed liners -
29 €
Woody Kern Awful Disclosures Of Maria Monk (Vinyl
RI of 1969 sole
album by UK band -
progrock with a
buesy edge) Original cover - Tapestry
20 €
Working Class Devils - Subversive Beat, RnB and Psych from Poland 65-71 16 track Collection of rare and mad
polish 60s 45´s
incl. Klan, Szwagry, Tarpany, Polanie,
Filipinky, Nibiesko Czarny, Elar etc -
Detailed liners - on Beat Road Records
15 €
Working Class Devils Vol. 2 Fuzz, Vodka &
Flowers - Polish
Psychbeat 65-72 (16 track Collection of rare polish 60s
releases incl.
Polanie, Slonce,
Wislanie, Lancety,
Nibiesko Czarny,
Zdroj Jana etc)
Detailed liners -
Beat Road Records
15 €
World Of Acid 12 track global
collection incl.
some of the finest
60s/70s garage/psych 45´s from the US
and Europe incl.
mindblowers by
Pretty, Raw Meat, Cerebrum, Shy Guys, Living End, Purple Canteen etc -
detailed liners,
original coverart - Particles
20 €
World Of Oz Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 classic UK
popsike album by
Birmingham Band
originally on Deram Nova) Original Cover - Universal
30 €
Writing On The Wall The Rockfield
Sessions (Vinyl LP
of 1973 unreleased
material by famous
UK progrock band
mixing heavypsych
w/blues and abstract lyrics) From
masters, insert,
green velvet heavy
sleeve - Shadoks
35 €
Writing On The Wall DoLP Power Of The Picts
(Vinyl RI of
legendary UK
underground album
originally on Middle Earth plus bonus
disc incl. Rare
single tracks and
full length
`Buffalo´ plus demo version) 180 g
vinyl, original
metallic sleeve - on Acme
21 €
Yesterday´s Dawn 16 track strictly
limited collection
of US garage feat
teen anthems,
straight garagers
and spooky psychers. Ct: Vectors, Blues Unlimited, Crystal
Sect, C.C. & The
Chasers, Brown Paper Bag etc - cool
coloured cover
15 €
Young Flowers No. 2 (Vinyl RI of
1969 second album by danish progressive band originally on
Sonet - fuzz
guitars, great
vocals & tight
underground songs)
180 g vinyl, heavy
gatefold silver
cover, insert -
37 €
Yuri Morozov Cherry Garden Of
Jimi Hendrix (Vinyl RI of 1973 casette
only release of
russian surealistic underground rock LP - amazing dark &
heavy album with
great songs, fuzz
guitar and effects) 180g vinyl, thick
cover,insert -
35 €
Zingale Peace (Vinyl RI of
1977 highly
progressive rock
album by band from
Israel with a
Canterbury / Caravan sound flavour)
Original gatefold
cover - Insert -
Black Gold Records
29 €
Zoot Money & His Big Roll Band Big Time Operators
(16 track collection of Single A`s and
B`s by UK RnB
Mod-Jazz band incl. Uncle Willy, Big
Time Operator, Jump Back etc) Cool flip back cover, insert - Wah Wah
20 €
 DTF, Get Hip, Sundazed, Lance. DSX, Essex, 10th Planet, Akarma, Get Back, etc & many private releases available