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$27 Snap On Face Heterodyne State
Hospital (CD RI of
1977 sought after
and privately
released album by US Rockband with a 60s garage flavour)
16,5 €
94 Baker Street Revisited Vol. 5 Poptastic Sounds
From The Apple Era - 17 track collection of previously
recordings by
pre-Grapefruit band `Rights Of Man´ plus Buddy Britten,
Perishers, Coconut
Mushroms, George
Alexander, Timon etc - detailed Booklet - RpM Records
15 €
A Day In My Mind's Mind Vol. 4 - Hurt Love & Fire Heavy Psych, Pop
Psych & Sunshine Pop from New Zealands
66-72 Psych Period
incl. Chris Malcolm, Brew, Troubled
Mind, Ray Woolf &
Avengers, Arch, Vee & The Others,
Salvation, Rebirth, Dave Miller Set etc 12-page coloured
Booklet - Frenzy
17 €
A Fistful Of Fuzz 18 track long out of print mindblowing
collection with rare and outstanding
fuzz drenched
acid/punk and
obscurities incl.
John Doe & Acetates, Pretties, Aliens,
In-Keepers, Flying
Circus, Tapestry
Garden etc - Booklet - on Particles
14 €
A-Square (of course) The Story Of
Michigans Legendary A-Square Records (25 Tracks drawn from
the vaults of US
garage label incl.
Scott Richard Case, Thyme, Apostles,
Bossmen etc Booklet - Big Beat
15 €
Abstracts Hey, Let´s Go Now
(11 track collection of rare 45´s &
unreleased Columbia demos plus two
excellent sounding
1965 live tracks by New York 60s
garageband feat the classic `Always
Always´) 12-page
booklet, complete
History and rare
pics Break-A-Way
13 €
Action In My Lonely Room
(4-track 10´´ feat
their 1965 Decca
audition incl
unreleased tracks
such as Title, Why
You Wanna Make Me
Blue, Fine Looking
Girl, You`ll Want Me Back) Detailed
Booklet - on Top
10 €
Ahora Mazda DoCD DoCD - Same (CD RI
of entire 1970 sole and classic album by dutch psychedelic
band plus a wealth
of unreleased period bonus tracks) from masters, deluxe
digipack set with
detailed booklet -
16 €
Alexanders Timeless Bloozband For Sale (CD RI of
1967 album on Smack by US psychedelic
band with zany
reminiscing on Love, Byrds and the
bluesy romp of Eric Burdon) Kismet
14 €
Algo Salvaje Vol. 1 28 track collection of 65-68 rarities of the spanish 60s
Beat & Garage
rebellion incl. 45
sides by Tomcats,
Los Impala, Los
Botines, Los 5 Del
Este, Los Buitres,
Los Polares, Los
Daikires etc
-detailed Booklet
with pics - Munster Rec.
15 €
Algo Salvaje Vol. 2 28 track collection of 65-68 rarities of the spanish 60s
Beat & Garage
rebellion incl. 45
sides by Cefe Y Los Gigantes, Los Tonks, Los Crich, Los
Flechas, Los Gritos, Los Soadores etc
-detailed booklet
w/pics - Munster
16 €
All Kinds Of High - A Mainstream Pop/Psych Compendium 1966-70 DoCD DoCD - 52 Track
Collection of rare
LP & 45s from the
vaults of the
legendary Mainstream Label incl. Amboy
Dukes, Stone Circus, Country Gentlemen, Tangerine Zoo,
Scarlet Letter,
Orphans, Bohemian
Vendetta, Growing
Concern etc -
detailed Booklet
-Big Beat
18 €
Alpay Yekte (Collection of early 70s single
releases by turkish psych musician -
doleful anatolian
melodies mixed with western psych, and
heavy Wah Wah guitar solos) detailed
booklet - Pharaway
14 €
Alquin DoCD Golden Years of
Dutch Pop Music
-Collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s by dutch progband
incl. Fool In The
Mirror, Wheelchair
Groupie, Soft Royce, I Wish I Could plus rare 45s by related bands) De Luxe
digipack with
detailed booklet -
14 €
Alquin DoCD Mountain Queen &
Marks 2 (1972 and
1974 albums on
Polydor by dutch
progressive band)
12 €
Alquin DoCD The Marks Session (A fantastic journey
through the making
of the band´s 1972
album `Marks` feat
loads fascinating
demos and a 1972
concert appearance
in Scheveningen, on July 2nd 1972)
Detailed Booklet -
16 €
Amen Corner Round Amen Corner - Complete Deram
Recordings (CD RI of 1968 debut LP on
Deram by UK Pop/Mod band plus six non LP Single sides bonus tracks) Detailed
Booklet - Retro
15 €
Anonymous Inside The Shadow
(CD RI of
psychedelic folk
rock masterpiece a
la Jefferson
Airplane, Byrds,
Yankee Dollar - male female harmony
vocals, flashy
guitars, great
songwriting) Booklet - Macchu Picchu
15 €
Applejacks Same (CD RI of
highly collectable
1965 Brumbeat album on Decca plus loads bonus tracks of rare 45´s and
compilation tracks) Detailed booklet -
Cherry Red
13 €
Aquila The Aquila Suite (CD RI of 1970 UK
progressive rock LP on RCA by post
Blonde on Blonde
Group - spellbinding mix of progrock,
psychpop sensibility and early Traffic) background notes
14 €
Arthur Dreams & Images (CD RI of 1968 dreamy
folk/psych album by US singer originally on LHI Records)
Booklet - Light In
The Attic Records
19 €
Artwoods - 3 CD Set Steady Getting It
Retrospective of
entire 1964-67
recordings by UK
impressive RnB Band incl. LP, EP, 45s
plus Valentine`s Day Masscare, Art Wood Combo, several BBC
live recordings and long lost Denmark
Live material)
Detailed Booklet -
27 €
Arzachel Same (CD RI of
classic andrare 1969 sole album by UK
Psychedelic band
originally on
Evolution Records)
Remastered with
liners/photos) Prog Temple
14 €
Association Renaissance (De Luxe CD RI of second
album in Mono by US band originally on
Valiant in 1966 with loads bonus
material) Detailed
16-page booklet
w/are photos and
liners - Now Sound
13 €
Association (de Luxe Expanded Mono Edition) And Then Along
Comes..(CD RI of
1966 smashing debut album by US Harmony folk-rock band incl. complete LP as
original mono mix
plus 12 non LP and
unreleased bonus
tracks) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
13 €
Association DoCD DoCD - Complete
Valiant & Warner
Bros Singles (35
track collection of pure excellence feat a load of fantastic folkrocking melodic 1966 - 71 Singles
by US Band incl.
Along Comes Mary)
Detailed Booklet - from masters - Now Sounds
16,5 €
Audience Lunch (CD RI of 1972 third album on
Charisma by UK
progband originally on Charisma) 3 bonus cuts, from masters, detailed Booklet - Esoteric
15 €
Avalanche Perseverance Kills
Our Game (CD RI of
early 70s dutch
masterpiece -
stunning LP w/flute, piano and acoustic passages with
devastating fuzz
leads) Detailed
Booklet - Sommor
14 €
Back From The Grave Vol. 8 - remastered 32 slabs of US mid
60s garage punk
w/remastered sound
incl. Benders,
Adrian Loyd,
Pseudos, Dagenites, Ravenz, Amberjacks
etc - Digipack -
15,5 €
Back From The Grave Vol. 9 15 cut collection of raw blasting mid
60s punk incl.
Warlocks, Noble
Savages, Raevins,
Emeralds, Why-Nots, Shakles, James Bond & Agents, The Four, Orphans, Nobody`s
Children etc -
26-page booklet -
16,5 €
Banchee Same (CD RI of 1969 debut album by US
acid tinged rockband originally on
Atlantic Records)
14 €
Bare Sole Flash (CD RI of 1969 lost and Decca
rejected album by UK band - heavy
psychedelic rock and blues with wah wah, fuzz and Farfisa
organ) Booklet -
Sommor Records
14 €
Barefoot In Your Head - US Psych Gems 67-73 A remarkable 21
track collection of 1967 - 73
pychedelic 45s incl. Johnny Thompson,
Nobody`s Children,
Denis & Times,
Darkseid, Chatteux, Beautiful Daze,
Baghavad Vita etc - Booklet - Trek
18 €
Barefoot In Your Head Vol. 2 More 1967 - 73
independent and
remarkable Psych
Gems feat the rarest UK psych 7´´ by the Coronets plus rare global 45s incl.
Dutch Masters, Tyde, Trippers, Sound
System, Crysta Rain etc - Booklet - Trek Records
18 €
Baris Manco & Kurtalar Expres` Sözüm Meklisten
Disari (CD RI of
1981 album by
turkish underground legend - LP is full of heavy drums,
basslines, keyboards and psychedelic
guitars) detailed
booklet - Pharaway
14 €
Baroques DoCD Golden Years of
Dutch Pop Music
-Collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s by dutch 60s beatband incl. Silky, She`s
Mine, Working On A
Tsjing Tsjang,
Summer Beach etc) De Luxe digipack with booklet, photos,
liners - Universal
14 €
Bazaar Drabantbyrock (CD RI of 1974 killer
second album by
norwegian band - wah wah fueld guitar,
heavy numbers,
westcoastish guitar jams and dreamy
moments) Booklet -
14 €
Bead Game Welcome (CD RI of
second unreleased
1970 album by US
Psychband feat Jim
Hodder of Steely
Dan) Remastered -
28-page booklet -
16 €
Bear Mountain Band One More Day (CD RI of 1975 sole album
by Arizona group
originally on
Predator - excellent melodic rock with
west-coast flashes) O-Music
16,5 €
Beat Waves Cross The Mersey Vol.4 20-track collection of extremely rare
and previously
unreleased 1963-66
recordings by
Liverpool bands
incl. Mersey Five,
Kinsleys, Cheetahs, Johnny Ringo &
Colts, Newtowns,
Denny Seyton &
Sabres, Mike &
Prowlers, Cordes
15 €
Beatfreak 20 track collection of rare 60s UK
Beat/RnB 45s incl.
Fingers Lee & Upper Hand, Sons Of Fred, Jensens, Roger
Young, Moquettes,
Fifth Column,
Carpetbaggers, Trev Gordon, Habits etc
-Background notes,
photos - Particles
15 €
Bedlam Live In Binghampton 1974 (Excellent
sounding live radio broadcast from US
Tour by UK group
feat Cozy Powell)
one Bonus cut,
Booklet - Angel Air
15 €
Big Lizard Stomp Collection of 66-68 japanese group
garageacts such as
Golden Cups,
Spiders, D`Swooners, Jaguars, Carnabeats and more -
background notes -
on Bamboo
14 €
Big Three Cavern Stomp -
Complete Recordings (31 track collection by Merseyside
stompers incl. All
their 63-64
recordings plus
their 1973 Reunion
´´Resurresction`` - Detailed Booklet - on RPM
15 €
BiGroup Big Hammer (CD RI of 1971 sought after
UK psychedelic
exploitation LP -
late 60s UK psych
sounds with fuzz and wah wah,organ,flute and sitar) O-Music
16,5 €
Black Spirit Same (CD RI of
mid-70s sole album
on Brutkasten by
band with
italo/german origins - heavy guitar
based progrock with blues influences)
Booklet - Ohrwaschl
14 €
Blue Cheer Vincebus Eruptum (CD RI of 1968 debut
album by San
Francisco heavy fuzz power trio incl.
Summertime Blues)
from original mono
masters, digipack,
liners - on
16 €
Blue Things Blow Your Mind DoCD (65 Track collection of 64-68 recordings by Midwest garage
band incl their
complete output and tons of unreleased
material) 24 page
booklet - Cicadelic
21 €
Blues Magoos Mercury Singles
66-68 (16 A & B
Sides by New York
Garage/Psych Band-
all accurate mono
7´´ mixes incl.
Tobacco Raod, We
Ain't Got Nothin
Yet, Gotta Get Away, I Wanna Be There, I Can Hear The Grass Grow etc) From
Masters - Sundazed
16,5 €
Blues Project Projections (CD RI
of 1966 creative and innovative 60s US
band creating a mix of elecric blues,
folkrock and psych) from mono masters,
booklet, digi pack - on Sundazed
15 €
Blueset Rock Machine (CD RI of 1974 sole and
megarare album by
swedish band
originally on KMB - hard-rockin gutsy
blues rock with
english vocals)
detailed Booklet -
14 €
Bo Street Runners Never Say Goodbye - The Complete
Recordings 1964-66
(17 track collection of 45s A`s & B`s
incl. rare `Oak EP´ by british RnB Band plus a number of
assorted extra
tracks) Detailed
Booklet - Retro
15 €
Bob Brown The Wall I Built
Myself (CD RI of
1970 debut LP by
ex-Conqueroo US
Singer - Songwriter originally on Stormy Forest - cosmic
psychedelic folk
rock w/dreamy vocals and melancholic
long tracks) Tomkins Square Records
14 €
Bob Brown Willoughby`s Lament (CD RI of 1972
second album on
Stormy Forest by US Singer - Songwriter - Cosmic / Psych
Folkrock album for
fans of Tim Hardin
and Tim Buckley -
Tomkins Square
14 €
Bonniwell`s Music Machine DoCD Same (CD RI of
second album on
Warner by legendary US garagegang
augmented by further non LP-Singles and outtakes and a
second disc with
vintage Music
Machine rarities
incl. `Ragamuffins´ recordings) 49
tracks, detailed
Booklet - Big Beat
21 €
Book A Trip Vol. 2 24 track collection of US pop/psych and soft/pop 45s from
the Capitol vaults
Tombstones, Laughing Wind, Chris &
Craig, Pink Cloud,
New Kick etc - from masters, detailed
Booklet - Now
13 €
Bossmen Personally Yours:
The Complete
(Collection of rare 64-67 single
releases by Detroit beat/garage band
incl. Dick Wagner - 18 tracksincl. 6
early recordings by follow-up bnad
`Frost´) 32-page
booklet - Lion Prod
15 €
Boxer Absolutely (CD RI of 1976 melodic rock
album on Epic
Records feat Mike
Patto) Background
Notes -Prog Temple
15 €
Brainbox 3-CD set 3-CD Set - Mythology (47-track
collection by dutch band incl their 1969 album by dutch
progressive rockband feat Jan Akkerman - incl. Their 1969
LP, entire stream of 45`s and
unreleased) from
masters, detailed
booklet - Pseudonym
20 €
Bridget St. John - 4- CD Set Dandelion Albums (66 track comprehensive Box Set incl. all
three Dandelion
albums plus bonus
klive tracks and a
comlete disc with
1968-72 BBC
unavailable tracks) Detailed Booklet -
Clamshell Box -
24 €
Buddy Britten & Regents Long Gone Baby
-Complete Singles
1962-67 (27 track
collection of rare
45s recorded for
Oriole & Pye by
britbeaters plus
Regents solo 45 and later psych 7´´ by
Simon Raven / Simon Raverne) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
15 €
Buffoons DoCD Golden Years of
Dutch Pop Music
-Collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s
incl. My World Fell Down, Tomorrow Is
Another Day, Lovely Loretta etc plus all german language
45s) De Luxe
digipack with
booklet, photos,
liners - Universal
14 €
Bump II - (Vinyl RI of
second LP by US
Psych/Prog band
famous for their
Debut on Pioneer -
mix of dreamy organ psych, heavy fuzz,
sound effects and
lysergic lyrics)
detailed booklet -
15 €
Burnin`Red Ivanhoe W.W.W. ( CD RI of
1971 second album by danish progressive rockband on
Dandelion - a unique fusion of jazz,
rock and avantgarde) Detailed Booklet - Esoteric
15 €
Byrds Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, 02-11-68 (Remarkable set in excellent sound
taped for Radio
Broadcast feat Mc
Guinn, Parsons,
White & York - Back Pages, Mr.Spacemen, 8 Miles High, Goin
Back etc) Klondike
14 €
Byzantium Live & Studio (CD RI of 1974 privately
released double LP
incl.71-74 demos and live recordings
that span their
entire existence and allow a generous
perspective of their work) Keyhole
14 €
Byzantium Same (CD RI of 1971 debut album by UK
Band on A&M Records - a blend of
psych,prog and
folkrock with some
westcoast interplay creating a hippy-ish vibe) Prog Temple
14 €
BZN DoCD Golden Years of
Dutch Pop Music - 43 track collection of 1968-78 Singles A`s & B`s and Rarities on Negram Records
incl. Maybe Someday, Everyday I Have To Cry, Bad Bad Woman
etc De Luxe digipack with booklet,
photos,liners -
14 €
C´Est Chic! French Girl Singers Of The 1960s 24 track collection of 60s yeye girls
and gallic female
popstars incl:
Jaqueline Taieb,
Anna Karina, France Gall, Charlotte
Leslie, Christie
Laume, Alice Dona,
Louise Cordet etc - Detailed Booklet -
15 €
CAL Homegrown (CD RI of 1982 US privately
released 60s/70s
psychedelic hardrock album - distorted
guitars, freaky
snyths and mellow
moments) detailed
Booklet - Out-Sider
14 €
California Nuggets - Fuzz, Mod, Rock and RnB Unknowns Vol. 1 25 Tracks of
Teenblast From San
Joaquin Valley Rock Scene 1960-70 incl. 60s garagerock
rarities by the
Brymerz, Cindermen, Canterbury Fair,
Buddahs, Avengers,
Emeralds, Stepping
Stones, Pat & Lolly Vegas etc Detailed
Booklet - Valley
Grown Records
14 €
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band -Mono Edition - Safe As Milk (CD RI from original mono masters of visonary landmark debut album on Buddah Records) 4-panel digi-pack
with all art-work
elements - Sundazed
17 €
Captain Beefheart & Magic Band Live 66-67 (15 track collection of live recordings by
innovative US 60s
band recorded durig their blues-based
beginnings incl.
Bells Of Dunwich,
Stone Angel, Black
Hawk, Black Sailed
Traders etc)
background notes
14 €
Carl Douglas Crazy Feeling (12
track collection of 65-67 mod/soul
recordings by the
Kung Fu Fighter
incl. Crazy Feeling, Something For
Nothing, Pain In My Heart, Mr. Pitiful
etc) Booklet - Acid Jazz
17 €
Catherine`s Horse Garage Blues From
Connecticut (CD RI
of 1969 self
released LP by US
highschool students reminiscent of early Paul Butterfield
Blues Band - amazing white blues rock
incl. Rocket 88, One More Mile, Think
Twice etc) 8-page
booklet - on
11 €
Cats DoCD A & B Sides and more (49 Track
collection incl.
rare 45s by dutch
60s Beat/Pop band
feat Goodbye My
Love, Sure He's A
Cat, Magical Mystery Morning, One Way
Wind Hopeless Try,
Time Machine etc)
Digipack -
14 €
Cem Karaca Kardaslar, Apaslar, Mogollar and Ferdy
Klein Orchestra
(Vinyl RI of second album from 1974 by
turkish folk/psych
artist) detailed
booklet - Pharaway
14 €
Cem Karaca Nem Kaldi (CD RI of 1975 album by
psych/progster - a
collection of 60s / 70s singles
releases) detailed
booklet - Pharaway
14 €
Century Expanded Concerto For Wah Wah (CD RI of
perviously unknown
gem originallyon
Perspection Records - a two track
psychedelic jam with wah wah, fuzz and
dueling guitars)
Simple mini LP
replica sleeve -
Gear Fab
12 €
Charge Same (CD RI of 1973 demo only pressing
by UK underground
band - heavy rock
with frenzied guitar and a complete
bonus LP recorded 12 month earlier) -
detailed Booklet -
Wooden Hill
16,5 €
Chargers EP - Taxi - I`m So
Alone +2 ( RI of
rare 1965 US Garage Classic by
Washington State
Band originally on
Julian Records plus two unreleased)
Fabulous PS - Get
Hip Archive
6 €
Charlies Musiikia Elokuvasta Julisteiden
Liimajaat (CD RI of 1970 debut LP by
finnish underground band incl. Four 1969 EP bonus cuts)
Booklet - on
14 €
Chicken Bones Hardrock In Concert (CD RI of 1976
privately released
sole album by german heavy progressive Rockband) detailed
booklet- Long Hair
16,5 €
Ciao Bella! Italian Girl Singers Of the 60s 4 track collection
of italian 60s
female beat, shake, pop singers incl.
cool stuff by Mina, Caterina Caselli,
Brunetta & Her
Balubas, Patti
Bravo, Wilma Goich, Ornella Vanoni etc) detailed Booklet -
Ace Records
16 €
Circulation Tank Tracks (CD RI
of one of the rarest releases on UK
customs label Deroy - trippy garage /
blues with raw
guitar and organ)
detailed Booklet -
14 €
Clearlight Same (CD RI of 1967 Paul Rothchild
produced sole album by L.A. Psychband
originally on
Elektra incl. the
classic `The Night
Sounds Loud´ - comes w/8 previously
unreleased Bonus
Tracks) Detailed
Booklet - Big Beat
16 €
Coast Road Drive Delicious &
Refreshing (CD RI of 1974 laid back
progressive rock
album by UK band
originally on Deram Records) Prog
14 €
Collusion Same (CD RI of 1971 genuine prog/rock
obscurity originally on the SRT custom
label) Special
poster label with
detailed infos/pics - Audio Archives
16 €
Come Back Bird - The Abilene Teen Scene 64-67 24 track collection of rare 45´s and
unreleased mid 60s
garage recordings
from Texas incl.
Material by Chevelle Five, Livin End,
Continentals and
Coachmen. Comes with detailed booklet - on Cicadelic
15,5 €
Congregation For Anti-Flirts - The McAllen Texas Teen Scene 65-67 19 track collection of rare and
unreleased material from the vaults of
Texas llabel legend `Pharaoh Records´
incl. Headstones,
Christopher & The
Souls,Cavaliers and Playboys Of
Edinburgh. Comes
with detailed
Booklet - Cicadelic Records
15,5 €
Continuum Same (CD RI of 1970 album on RCA by UK
progressive band - a confident and
visionary musical
statement feat
hungarian multi -
instrumentalist Yoel Schwarcz) Booklet - Stoned Circle
15 €
Copperhead Live At Winterland, September 1st 1973
(Superb set by John Cippolina band
showcasing their
unrivaled talents
and searing guitar
leads incl. Rocket
Ship, Spin Spin,
Keeper Of The Flame etc) Keyhole
14 €
Cornflake Zoo Episode 2 20 more tracks of
global 60s vintage
psych/pop & garage
feat raries from
international music scenes by the Raves, Blues Section, Cool Stove, Jess &
James, Proud Flesh, Annabee Knox, Test
etc Booklet -
15 €
Cornflake Zoo Episode 3 20 track collection of global 60s
vintage psych/pop
presenting rarities from Sweden,
Germany, France, UK, USA incl.Jet Stars, Elements, Ronnie
Bird, Annabee Nox,
Science Poption,
Wayne Versage, Klan etc Detailed Booklet - Particles
0 €
Cornufolkia DoCD DoCD - 45 ultra-rare underfround
psychedelic - folk
gems and medieval
sounds from the UK
incl. Troubadours,
Golden Dawwn,
Revelry, Faraway
Folk, Crook Oak,
Pendragon, Gaslight, Hergest etc Comes
with Large Poster
sleeve and loads
info - Audio
15 €
Cosmic Dealer DoCD Crystallization (CD RI of 1971 album on Negram plus a second disc with a load of unreleased bonus
tracks) 42 tracks - from masters,
massive booklet - on Pseudonym
16 €
Cosmic Travellers Live At The Spring Crater Celebrati (CD RI of ultra rare
live 1972 LP feat
`Raider´ Drake Levin - carzed Fuzzed out guitar, thundering bass, pounding drum jams) Booklet -
Gear Fab
12 €
Country Joe & The Fish DoCD Electric Music For
The Mind And Body
(CD RI of vintage
1967 mono & stereo
mixes of a westcoast psychedelic
originally on
Vanguard) De-Luxe
Digi packing with
detailed liners -
Ace Records
16,5 €
Country Joe & The Fish DoCD DoCD - I Feel Like
I`m Fixin To Die
(Remastered CD
edition of 1967
second Vanguard
album by US
Westcoast legends in Mono and Stereo)
Two bonus cuts, from masters, de luxe
40-page booklet -
Big Beat
16,5 €
Country Joe & The Fish DoCD DoCD - I Feel Like
I`m Fixin To Die (CD RI of vintage 1967 mono & stereo mixes of second album by
US westcoast
psychedelic legends originally on
Vanguard) De-Luxe
Digi packing with
detailed liners -
Ace Records
16,5 €
Country Weather Same (15 track CD RI of lost San
westcoastish 1969
demo recordings plus more studio
recordings and live appearances)
Detailed Booklet
-CMV Records
16 €
Crash Coffin Same (CD RI of 1973 psychedelic album
with folky edges by Ohio group original on Mus-I-Col
Records) from
masters, digi pack - Gearfab
13 €
Cressida Trapped In Time (CD RI of 1969 demos by UK legendary Vertigo act incl. Two
unknown tracks)
detailed Booklet -
16,5 €
Cressida DoCD Vertigo Years
(Collection of
complete Vertigo
material incl. Both, 1970 and 1971
albums plus five
1970 unreleased
bonus tracks) from
masters, detailed
booklet - Esoteric
18 €
Crispian St. Peters DoCD The Pied Pieper (51 track package by 60s UK folk/pop singer feat his 1965-74
releases incl. Early 45s, both albums
and raries feat
J.Page and Big Jim
Sulliavan on Guitar) Detailed Booklet - Retro
18 €
Critters Younger Girl (CD RI of US band´s entire Kapp & Musicor
Recordings incl.
their classic 1966
pop/rock LP ´Younger Girl´ plus loads
raries and two
unreleased tracks)
from masters,
16-page Booklet -
Now Sounds
13 €
Critters Awake In A Dream:
Project 3 Recordings (CD RI of 1968 / 69 albums by US
Softpsychers titled `Touch N Go´ and
`Critters´ plus one rare bonus cut)
Detailed Booklet -
Now Sounds
13 €
Culpepper`s Orchard Same (CD RI of
classic 1970 danish underground album
originally on
Polydor - superb
blend of heavy
progrock, folky
stylings and
haunting songs)
detailed Booklet -
14 €
Curiosities from The San Francisco Underground 1965-71 Vol. 1 - 3-CD set Collection of rare
radio live
recordings by
Grateful Dead, QMS, Joy Of Cooking, AB
SHKY, Sal Valentino & Ron Elliot with
Linda Philips etc
22 €
Curiosities from The San Francisco Underground 1965-71 Vol. 2 - 3-CD set Collection of rare
DoCD - 1965-71 radio live recordings by Final Solution,
Riders Of PS,
Youngbloods, Country Joe & Fish, Bob
Weir, John Cippolina & Bill Champlin,
Jeff Airplane, Bob
Weir, Jerry Garcia
22 €
Curiosity Shop Vol. 1 20 track colourful
collection of
obscure pop nuggets from the british
sixties psychedelic era incl. Day &
Night, Lovelace
Green, David &
David, Saker, Mixed Bag, Tapestry, Grand Union etc Booklet - Particles
14 €
Curiosity Shop Vol. 2 CD - 20 track
colourful collection of 68-71 obscure
pop nuggets from the british sixties
psychedelic era
incl. Raries by Ten Feet, Sasparella,
Casuals, Soft
Slipper, Steve &
Stevie, Ian Campbell Group, Pythagoras
Theorem etc -
Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Curiosity Shop Vol. 3 20 track colourful
collection of 68-71 obscure pop nuggets from the british
sixties psychedelic era incl. raries by Tin Tin, Judas Jump, The Crew, Humbug,
Granny`s Intentions, Young & Renshaw,
Marbles etc -
Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Dallas 66 feat The Exotics and The Esquires 24 track collection feat the entire 7´´ output by two prime Dallas 60s punk
bands plus a batch
of unreleased
Exotics material nc. Come With Me, I
Was Alone, Hymn To
Her, Judgement Day, Come On Come Come
etc - detailed
booklet - Cicadelic Records
15,5 €
Dave Berry DoCD - This Strange Effect (57 Track
collection of 63-66 Decca recordings by UK RnBer incl. his
early LP`s plus rare 45´s) Detailed
booklet - RPM
18 €
Dave Berry DoCD Picture Me Gone -
The Decca Sessions
1966-74 (Excellent
collection of
material by UK
singer incl. His
complete `One Dozen Berries and `68´
LP`s plus a raft of rare non LP 45´s)
Detailed Booklet -
18 €
David McWilliams Lord Offaly (CD RI
of 1972 album by
irish singer /
originally on Dawn
Records) From
masters, detailed
booklet - Esoteric
16 €
Destroy That Boy (Girls With Guitars #2) 24 Track Collection from the world of
garage femmes incl. What Four, She
Trinity Liverbirds, B. Jones &Prestons, Project X etc -
detailed booklet -
Big Beat
15 €
Die Today - 60s Garage USA 24 track collection of rare US 60s
garage 45´s with
mainly uncomped
material incl. One
Eyed Jacks,
Countdowns, Jamie & Jury, Live Wires,
Glory Rhodes,
Wanderers etc
13 €
Dogfeet Same (CD RI of
highly collectable
1970 twin guitar
bluesy psych rock
album originally on Reflection Records) 6 Bonus tracks -
Prog Temple
14 €
Don`t Be Bad - 60s Punk Recorded In Texas Killer 26 track
collection of Texas 60s punkers from the vaults of Tribe,
Pacemaker and
Ventural Records
feat Pirates,
Argyles, Dodas,
Driving Wheels,
Gaylan Ladd, What`s Left, Destiny`
Children etc
Detailed Booklet -
Big Beat
16 €
Dr. K`s Blues Band Same (CD RI of 1968 sole album by UK
blues band
originally on Spark Records) Prog
14 €
Dragonfly Same (CD RI of 1969 legendary fuzz
psychedelic album by US Band originally on Megaphone Records - h eavy riffs,
throaty vocals,
precise drumming) 2 bonus cuts, detailed liners - Sunbeam
15 €
Dream Rebellion (22 track collection of rare
and unreleased 1967 - 71 recordings by
dutch psychband
incl. All their 45`s like `Doting King` plus Tracks by pre
Dream combo Mothers Love) Detailed
Booklet - Pseudonym
15 €
Earth & Fire DoCD - Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music
-Collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s
incl. Seasons,
Mechanical Lover,
Hazy Paradise, Fire Of Love, Dream etc
De Luxe digipack
with booklet,
photos,liners -
14 €
Easy Chair Same (Vinyl RI of
megarare 1968
one-sided Northwest Psychedelic
Underground LP -
epic westcoast blues with psychedelic
guitar lines, fluid lines and hypnotic
chording) detailed
booklet - Red Fox
16 €
Edip Akbayram Same (CD RI of 1974 debut LP by
Anatolian Psycher
feat earlier 45
releases - dark
drums, fuzz / wah
guitars and
keyboards) Booklet
-original cover -
14 €
Edward`s Hands Rainshine (CD RI of 1971 unreleased
semi-mythical third and final LP by post Piccadilly Line
group produced by
George Martin - soft pop / baroque pop
with sumptous vocal harmonies and
arrangements) From
masters, 12-page
booklet - Wooden
15 €
Elastic Band Expansions On Life
(CD RI of 1969 UK
psych/prog LP on
Decca - comes with
the bands 1968
modpop/blue yed soul 45´s as bonus cuts) detailed booklet - Grapefruit
15 €
Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers 5-CD Set 5CD Set - Deluxe
5-CD Set of Eastern tinged rock, pop and folk from the 60s & 70s hippie heyday
feat golbal acts
such as Ray Brown & Moonstone, Abacus, Paper Garden,
Sagram, Mops,
Saffron, Train etc - detailed Booklet
w/detailed liners,
rare photo
44 €
Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Vol. 1 - 11 Boxset 11CD - Set - Classic CD series feat late 60s/early 70s
eastern tinged rock, pop & folk hippie
psych - more than
200 global tracks by Ghost, 1st Century, People, Sagram,
Krokodil, Storybook, Mecki Mark Men,
Churchills etc 84
page Booklet -
Rubble Records
69 €
Elmer Gantry`s Velvet Opera Same (CD RI of the
band`s sole 1968
album on Direction
plus 10 bonus cuts
of non LP 45s,
unreleased and demo versions) Booklet - Grapefruit
15 €
End - 4-CD Box Set From Beginning To
End (Collection of
entire 64-70
recordings by
british 60s band in chronological order incl. `Early Days
64-67`, 1967 psych
`Psych Outtakes´ &
`Later Days´) Large booklet, Clambox -
21 €
Escombros Same (CD RI of top
LP rarity by band
from Chile
originally on Arena Records - LP has a
unique and strong
underground vibe and english vocals and two bonus tracks)
Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Every Mothers Son Come On Down -
Complete MGM
Recordings (CD
Collection incl.both 1966/67 album by US sixties band plus
one bonus non LP
track) from masters, detailed Booklet - Now Sounds
13 €
Everywhere Chainsaw Remastered CD RI of long deleted limited US 60s garage comp incl. raries by the Spiders, K-Otics,
Scepters, Reverbs,
Strangers, Unchained Mynds, Original
Dukes, Heros etc -
Comes with detailed Booklet
14 €
Everywhere Interferences Remastered CD RI of long deleted limited US 60s garage comp incl. raries by the Pied Pipers,
Baskerville Hounds, Todds, Moonrakers,
Satisfactions, Clefs Of Lavender Hill,
Nomads etc - Comes
with detailed
Booklet - Feed The
Mind Records
16 €
Evol Same (CD RI of 1970 acetate of sole
album by unknown
West Virginia Band
sounding remarkably 65/66 Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and
Grassroots - 2 strng guitar, fuzz and
harmonies) Booklet - Gear Fab
12 €
Exception The Eagle Flies On
Friday (26 track
collection by UK 60s band incl their
complete LP, rare 45 sides and five
unreleased tracks
recorded for
President and CBS
Records) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
14 €
Eyes The Arrival Of The
Eyes (CD collection of 45´s, demos,
unreleased plus
entire 66
´Pupils`LP) 24 page booklet - Lion
15 €
Eyes Of Blue In Fields Of Ardath (CD RI of 1969
second LP by UK
psych / prog band)
from masters, one
bonus cut, detailed Booklet - Esoteric
16,5 €
Eyes Of Blue Crossroads Of Time
(CD RI of 1969 debut LP by UK psych /
prog band) from
masters, one bonus
cut, detailed
Booklet - Esoteric
16,5 €
Fading Yellow Vol. 11 A Palette Of US /
Canadian Pop-Sike & other delights incl. 27 tracks by Mike
Konstan, Rangle,
Open Window, Jim & Dale, Carnival,
Saint Jaques etc
Flower Machine
15 €
Fading Yellow Vol. 12 Rare UK / Euro
Popsike & other
delights incl. 24
tracks by Pennywise, Pillow, Jormas,
Skaldowie, Change,
Jackpots, Nameless, Pebbles etc
15 €
Fading Yellow Vol. 3 - Repressed! CD RI incl. 22 shiny jewels of 65-69 US Popsike and other
delights feat London Phogg, Mark Radice, Chicago Loop,
Voyage, Wiggs Of
1666, Saturday`s
Photograps etc
Booklet - Flwoer
15 €
Fairfield Ski Same (CD RI of 1973 long lost acetate
only LP by
Brimingham band - a perfect mix of
progpop,glam and
dreamy psych)
Remastered, booklet - Guerssen
14 €
Fantastic Dee Jays Same (CD RI of
privately released
1966 US garage album - raw basement
garagepop, jangly
teenbeat and moody
ballads) Detailed
Insert - Guerssen
14 €
Farm Same (CD RI of 1979 debut LP by southern rock band. Dual
fuzz guitars and
close to Allman
Brothers and `Canned Heat boogie´)
12-page booklet -
14 €
Feelin High - The Psychedelic Sound Of Memphis 24 track collection by local band
produced by Jim
Dickinson & James
Parks incl. loads of local psychedelic
bands such as
Changing Times,
Nobody Else, Triple X, Poor Little Rich Kids, Goatdancers,
Wallabys etc -
detailed Booklet -
Big Beat
15 €
Fever Tree Same (CD RI of
excellent 1968 debut album by US
psychedelic band
originally on UNI)
from original Stereo masters, detailed
booklet - Sundazed
15 €
Fever Tree Live 1969 (First
time CD release of
rare 1969 Houston
appearance by
legendary US 60s
band mising the
band´s excellent
originals with
covers of `Hey Gyp´ and `99 And A Half´) 180 g vinyl,
Booklet - on
14 €
Fifth Order Bonfire! The Return Of (13 track
collection of rare
45´s and unreleased mid 60s garagers by Ohio´s Teenband No. 1) Full coloured
cover, detailed
insert and on
15 €
Fifth Pipe Dream CD RI of 1969
legendary San
Franciso psychedelic compilation feat
rare west coast acid rock material by
It´s A Beatiful Day, Indian Puddin &
Pipe, Tripsichord
Music Box & Black
Swan) Relics
14 €
Finch 3-CD Set Mythology (CD RI of all three 70s albums by dutch post Q65
progrock band plus, their colossus 7´´, an unheard live
radio recording, and a number of demos. From masters,
detailed booklet, de luxe-digipack -
20 €
Firebeats Let Me Tell You -
Singles & Outtakes
(Splendid collection of non LP A&B`s
Sides plus
unreleased by
norwegian 60s Beat & Freakbeaters incl. A cool mix of group originals and
covers) Round 2
Records - the
masters of product
32 €
Firebirds Inc. (CD RI
of 1966 cool & fresh norwegian beat LP
w/all original
material plus 9 rare non LP Bonus cuts
and unreleased
period recordings
such as Let Me Tell You, Don´t Throw
Stones, Alone Again, Jack The Ripper etc ) Detailed booklet - RPM
15 €
First Chips A Collection Of
Early Recording (CD RI of 1972 album
underground bands
from Chicago`s Clay Pidgeon archives - a legend that boasts 60s bands with fuzz, feedback and
psychedelic mayhem) Detailed liners -
Stone Circle
15 €
Floor First Floor (CD RI
of 1967 Sgt Pepper
type danish
psychedelic pop
album with two 1968 non LP 45 sides as
Bonus tracks)
detailed Booklet -
13 €
Fourmyula Inside The Hutt (21 track collection of 1968/69 recordings
by kingpins of New
Zealand Pop/Psych
incl. classics such as Honey Chile,
Alice Is There,
Mr.Whippy, Nature
etc) Detailed
booklet - RPM
15 €
Fox S.F. Session (CD RI of lost 1969 album
by post `Day
Blindness´ band -
heavy bluesy
psychedelic with two long bonus tracks
not on the LP
Version) Booklet -
RD Records
15 €
Freak Scene Psychedelic Psoul
(CD RI of 1967
indian -eastern raga rock influenced LP rarity recorded by
Rusty Evans along
with Deep members)
comes with nine 1966 demos, 16-page
booklet - Lion
15 €
Gallery The Wind That Shakes The Barley (CD RI
of 1970 rare british folk / underground LP originally on
Midas) Detailed
Booklet - Guerssen
14 €
Get Ready To Fly! Pop Psych from The
Norman Petty Vaults (Mindbending
collection of
terrific US late 60s pop/psych from the Norman Petty studio vaults incl. Apple
Glass Cyndrum,
Cords, Happy Return etc) Big Beat
16 €
Gigymen Same (CD RI of1974
UK limited private
press release by
stunning folk / rock / pop band)
detailed booklet -
14 €
Girls With Guitars Vol. 3 - The Rebel Kind 24 track guitar -
centric 1960s girls pop compilation
incl. Colette & The Bandits, Goldie &
The Gingerbreads,
Jean & Statesides,
The Chymes, The
Honeybeats, Mousie & The Traps and more - detailed Booklet - on Big Beat
15 €
Glass Family Electric Band (CD RI of 1969 sole album by US band on Warner Bros. - a superb
mix of trippy
pop-rock songs and ballads veering from almost heavy psych to poprock) Three
non-LP bonus -
14 €
Gods To Samuel A Son
(Remastered CD RI of classic 1970 second album on Columbia
by UK psych band
feat Ken Hensley)
From masters,
detailed Booklet -
on Esoteric
15 €
Gods DoCD Genesis (Remastered CD RI of 1968 debut album by UK
psychband feat Ken
Hensley - CD
presents stereo &
mono Mix of LP plus four rare bonus
Single sides) from
masters, detailed
booklet - Esoteric
16,5 €
Golden Earring DoCD - Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music - 42 track collection of rare early
Singles A`s & B`s
incl. Please Go,
Chunk Of Steel,
Things Go Better
With Coke etc De
Luxe digipack with
photos,liners -
14 €
Golden State Psychedelia 24 track collection of 45`s and
unreleased 60s psych from the vaults of San Francisco`s
´Golden State
Recorders` studio
incl. Tow Away Zone, 7th Dawn, Ticket
Agents, Bristol
Boxkite, Short
Yellow etc - Alec
Palao liners - Big
16 €
Gospel Oak Same (CD RI of 1970 sole album on Kapp
by US Band - blend
of folk, blues and
country rock)
Background notes -
14 €
Grapefruit Yesterday`s Sunshine - Complete 1967-68 London Session (20
track collection of prime UK Pop/Psych
incl all Alexander
Graham material feat six previously
unreleased &
fourteen tracks
recently discovered on masters incl.
Booklet - RPM
15 €
Gravel Vol. 3 Another 30 cool and great US sixties
garagers compiled.
Mainly uncomped
stuff, all brillant sound incl. Dick St. John, Striders,
Pentagons and more
15 €
Gravel Vol. 4 24 track collection of rare,mainly
uncompiled and
outstanding US 60s
garagers in
excellent sound
incl. Secrets,
Goodsons, King Bees, Jesters III,
Emotions, Blue Beats etc
15 €
Gravel Vol. 5 24 rare &
outstanding US 60s
killer garagers in
excellent sound
incl. Cloudwalkers, Our Gang, Midnight
Angels, Dominions,
Robb London & Rogues etc
15 €
Gravy Train Staircase To The Day (CD RI of fourth LP by UK progrock band originally on Dawn Records incl. The
band`s classic
Starlight´) Two
bonus tracks -
Detailed Booklet -
16 €
Group 1850 Paradise Now -
Agemos Trip To
Mother Earth (CD RI of both 1968/69
classic albums by
dutch paychedelic
band) 2 Bonus, from masters, digipack,
Booklet with
detailed liners -
15 €
Group 1850 Mother No-Head (24
track collection of 65-69 mono singles
A´s & B´s & demos by dutch prime psych
60s band feat I Want More, Misty Night, I Know etc plus
loads of unreleased) from masters,
detailed booklet,
rare pictures - on
15 €
Guess Who Let`s Go (Collection of rare, unreleased & different
recordings from
1966-68 by prime
canadian 60s band
incl. No Time, The
Key, White Room,
Rambln Gamblin Man, Somewhere Up High
etc) Booklet - True North
15 €
Guess Who It´s Time (CD RI of classic 1966
canadian only garage LP on Quality
Records incl.Clock
On The Wall, Don`t
Act So Bad, You Know He Did, And She`s
Mine, Seven Long
Years etc) Booklet - True North
15 €
Guilloteens DoCD - repressed Action! Action!
Action! (20 track
collection of rare
45´s by Memphis
garageband plus
bonus disc incl.
early 60s 45´s by
Laddie Hutchersons
first band ``Le
Sabres´´ and a
number of other
bonus cuts.) 16 page booklet -
16,5 €
Hackamore Brick One Kiss Leads To
Another (CD RI of
1970 cult album by
Velvet Underground
influenced US Band
originally on Kama
Sutra) three bonus
cuts, deatiled
booklet - Real Gone Music
14 €
Hairband Band On The Wagon
(CD RI of 1969 album on Bell by UK group feat Alex Harvey - excellent blend of
psych and jazzrock
with amazing guitar work) Arf
14 €
Havenstreet DoCD The End Of The Line - Perspectives (CD
RI of rare 1977
album by UK band
plus bonus disc with unreleased
material) From
masters, detailed
booklet -Guerssen
17 €
Haystacks Balboa Same (CD RI of sole LP by New York Rock quintet - a lost
heavy rock classic
originally on
Polydor) Aurora
14 €
Heads, Hand & Feet Old Soldiers Never
Die (CD RI of 1973
third album on
Atlantic by UK band feat excellent
british session
musicians incl.
Albert Lee - blend
of driving RnR and
mellow influenced
material) Background Notes - Prog
14 €
Heads, Hands & Feet Same (CD RI of 1971 debut LP by UK Band feat Albert Lee and Tony Colton -
excellent blend of
Folk,Rock and RnB)
Prog Temple
14 €
Hello Everyone - Popsike Sparks From Denmark Street 1968-70 27 track collection of fine and obscure 45s from the vaults of UK poplabel Spark Records incl. Sir
Ching, John Carter & Russ Alquist,
Timothy Blue, Fruit Machine, Just
William, New
Generation, Eggy,
Icarus etc Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Hep Stars Like We Used To -
The Anthology -
1965-67 (25 track
Anthology with best tracks by swedish
60s beatband incl.
Cadillac, Bald
Headed Woman, So
Consolation etc)
Booklet - RPM
14 €
Ho-Dad Hootenanny A 32 track ultimate mid 60s garage
blow-out incl.
Asenders, Breakers, Stratcasters,
Paragons, B.C. &
Cavemen, Rondells,
Checkmates, Rocks,
Sabres, Playmates
etc - detailed
Booklet - Crpyt
14 €
Hokus Poke Earth Harmony (CD RI of 1972 album by UK Band originally on Vertigo - straight
ahead Rock with
bluesy edge, dual
guitars and Steve
Marriott type
vocals) Prog Temple
14 €
Holy Mackerel Same (CD RI of 1972 LP on CBS by UK band formed out of the
ashes of Jason Crest - twin guitar led
melodic progressive rock) Booklet -
Prog Temple
15 €
Hook Will Grab You -
Hooked (CD RI of
1967/68 albums by US hardrock /
psychband originally on UNI incl. former Leave member Bobby Arlin) Booklet -
Tune In
14 €
Hookfoot DoCD Headlines (CD RI of 1975 compilation
album on DJM by UK band drawing on
rock, blues, country and funk -
Collection has a
cross - section of
early 70s studio LPs plus unreleased
tracks) Background
Notes - Prog Temple
18 €
Human Zoo Same (CD RI of 1970 album by L.A.
psychedelic band
originally on Accent Records - a quirky blend of psych,
garage and westcoast music) Detailed
booklet - Cicadelic Records
15,5 €
I Corvi Un Ragazzo Di Strada - Discografia 66-69 (CD RI of 1967 sole album on Ariston by top Italian 60s
Beaters plus 9 bonus cuts incl. Miracle Worker, A Strage
Effect, Bang Bang
and group originals) Digi pack, Booklet - On Sale Records
18 €
I Dik Dik Storie E Confessioni (CD RI of 1974
album by italian
band on Ricordi - LP feat the more
symphonic and
progressive side of the band) Eight non LP Period tracks,
Booklet - On Sale
0 €
I Profeti Era Bella (CD RI of 1968 second LP on
CBS by italian 60s
beat/pop band plus
14 68-71 non LP
bonus tracks incl . Zucchero and Race
With The Devil)
Booklet - On Sale
19 €
Ian & The Zodiacs Wade In The Water - Best Of (30 track
collection of best
recrodings by
Merseyside band
incl. all Fontana
45s and selection
from Star-Club LP´s and Gear Again LP)
Detailed Booklet -
RPM Records
15 €
Icon Records Story DoCD Comprehensive 60
track collection of rare, unheard &
unreleased 63-66
material from the
vaults of Sacramento recording studio - surf, instros,
garage, folk rock
brit invasion etc
18 €
Ikarus Same (CD RI of rare and sought after
1971 album
originally on
exploitation label
+Plus+ - a diverse
sound with complex
arrangements and
diverse melodies a
la King Crimson or
Van Der Graaf)
detailed Booklet
-Long Hair
16 €
Ill Wind DoCD DoCD - Flashes (RI
of 1968 Boston
originally on ABC
Records - comes with a plethora of
contemporary bonus
material) Detailed
booklet with liners and photos) Sunbeam
18 €
Imaginations - Psychedelic Sounds From The Youngblood, Beacon & Mothers Labels 1969-74 - A
collection of UK
influenced rarities incl. hard psych,
early glam,
psychrock and psych pop by Taiconderoga, Boots, Shakane, Uzi & Styles, Jelly,
Rubber Band etc -
Booklet - on
14 €
It´s A Happening! Texas Girls Of The 60s 25 track collection with cool and rare
tracks by Texas
Girlie Garage bands incl. Heartbeats, , The Word D, The
Bombshells, Linda
Pierre King and The Penthouse) Detailed Booklet -
15,5 €
J Ryder No Longer Anonymous (Vinyl RI of
follow-up second
album of Anonymous
`Inside The Shadow´ LP by US band in a
more rocking style
plus unreleased
`Lunar Dust´
Sessions) Detailed
Booklet - Machu
14 €
J.S.D. Band Country Of The Blind (CD RI of 1972
sought after and
rare debut LP on
Regal Zonophone -
enthusiastic folk
with four bonus
tracks) Background
Notes - Prog Temple with
15 €
Jackie Lomax & The Lost Souls DoCD DoCD - Singles &
Demos 1966-67 (CD
Collection of 65/66 RnB recordings by
ex- Undertakers
leader with the Lost Souls and Lomax
Alliance incl all
CBS 45´s plus
unreleased and 1974 Badger LP as bonus
disc) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
16,5 €
Jagged Edge aka Off Set - brandnew Break-A-Way release A Change Is Gonna
Come (Collection of both rare 45´s and
six unreleased sides by Brooklyn
garage/psych band
incl. You Can´t Keep A Good Man Down and the excellent
psych-raga classic
Xanthia) 8-page
booklet - on
11 €
Java Java - Indonesian Screaming Fuzz 20 collection of
rare and outstanding raw beat, garage
and indo rock incl. Hoes Bersadaura,
Rolling Beats,
Swallows, Peels,
Steps, Females etc - detailed liners,
pics - No Smoke
15 €
Joe Byrd & Field Hippies Same (CD RI of
ground breaking 1968 album by US band - west coast folk rock with male/female
vocals, trippy psych and weird sound
Detailed Booklet -
15 €
John Mayall & Bluesbreakers Bluesbreakers with
Eric Clapton (CD RI of classic 1965 UK
RnB album on Decca) from mono masters,
booklet - Sundazed
15 €
John Morgan Kaleidoscope (CD RI of first solo album on Carnaby Records
by UK Keyborder
famous for his
workswith prog/blues band Spirit Of John Morgan) Prog
14 €
John`s Children DoCD A Strange Affair -
1965-70 Recordings
(53 track CD
collection boasting entire output by UK 60s Modband incl.
complete Columbia & Track 45s, `Orgasmn´ LP, Andy Ellison & Silence recordings, unreleased etc)
Detailed Booklet -
16,5 €
Jokers Wild Liquid Giraffe (CD
RI of unreleased
late 60s album by
psychband - loads of fuzz, speedy drums and tight bass lnes) detailed booklet - Shadoks
14 €
July Second Of July (CD
RI of 67/68 pre-LP
unreleased demo
album by UK
Pop/Psych band incl. You Missed It All, Stamp It, Jolly
Mary, To Be Free,
Crying Is For
Writers Look At Her etc) 12-page
booklet, digipack
-Lion Production
15 €
Jumping Jewels - Jay Jays DoCD Golden Years of
Dutch Pop Music -52 track collection of rare Singles A`s &
B`s by dutch 60s
Beat and Garageband incl. Instros and
early beatnumbers
plus complete Jay
Jays 45s A´s & B´s) De Luxe digipack
with booklet,
photos, liners -
14 €
Jungle Same (CD RI of ultra rare 1969 US
psychedelic monster by New York band
originally released in a micro pres of
50 copies only) 2
bonus tracks,
booklet - Red
15 €
Junior`s Eyes DoCD DoCD - Battersea
Power Station
(Remastered and
expanded CD edition of 1968 album by UK Band plus 14 Bonus
cuts incl. rare 45s and October 1968 BBC Recordings)
Detailed Booklet
18 €
Kaleidoscope Same (CD RI of
megarare and
outstanding mexican 1967 psychedelic LP originally on Orfeon Records) 1 period
bonus cut, 2 from
the 80s - booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Kaleidoscope DoCD Further Reflections - Complete
Recordings 1967-69
(Collection of both 1967/69 Fontana
albums plus a load
of 7´´ bonus tracks by legendary UK
Detailed booklet -
16,5 €
Kayak DoCD - Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music
-Collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s
incl. Lyrics, Don`t Write A Book, See
See The Sun, Sea
Gull, Tintagel etc
De Luxe digipack
with booklet,
photos,liners -
0 €
Keith Tippett Group Dedicated To
You...But You
Weren`t Listening
(Remastered CD RI of 1971 2nd album on
Vertigo by UK
jazz/prog band) from masters, detailed
booklet - on
14 €
Keith Tippett Group You Are Here - I Am There...(Remastered CD RI of 1970 debut album on Polydor by UK jazz/prog band)
from masters,
detailed booklet -
on Esoteric
14 €
Kim Fowley - King Of The Creeps Rare Treasure From
the Vaults 59-66
incl.Fowley involved material by John
Paul Jones, Knights Of Round Table,
Navarros, Grains Of Sand, Wolfpack,
Roguers etc -
Detailed Booklet -
14 €
Kippington Lodge Shy Boy - Complete
Recordings 1967-69
(15 track collection by UK Psych/Pop
band incl. all
Parlophone A´s & B´s plus five more
recordings incl. Two BBC Radio Sessions) Detailed Booklet - RPM
13 €
Kitchen Cinq When The Rainbow
Disapears - 1965 -68 (28 tracks by Texas Beat/Garage group
incl.their complete LHI LP and non LP
45s plus rare sides by earlier Band
Illusion and Ya`lls & three unreleased) detailed booklet -
Light In The Attic
18 €
Knickerbockers 4-CD Set Challenge Recordings (80 track
collection of
Challenge material
incl unrleased
tracks by New Jersey band feat beat,
Garage and forays
into Psychedelia)
Most detailed
Booklet with history and rare pictures
39 €
Lambert & Nuttycombe Eternal Rivers -
Demos 1969-71 (30
track collection of haunting and
accoustic demos by
US duo recorded
during, before and
for their famous
albums on Elektra
and A&M) Booklet,
rare Photos - on Su nbeam
14 €
Larry`s Rebels I Feel Good (25
track collection of rare 45s by New
Zealand 60s
Beat/Mod/Psych group incl. Watcha Gonna Do About Me, This
Empty Place, It`s
Not True, I`ll Make You Happy etc)
Detailed Booklet
15 €
Larry`s Rebels (Two LP`s on one CD) A Study In Black -
Madrigal (CD RI of
1967 Mod/Garage LP
and 1969 Psych/
Soul/ Freakbeat LP
by New Zealand top
60s band both on
Impact Records incl. Flying Scotsman,
Painter Man, Inside Looking Out, Dancing In The Street etc) Booklet - Frenzy
17 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Part 1 & 2 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 29 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Buttons, Colonials, Pastels, Es-Shades, Our Gang, Vandals,
End Result, Royal
Coachman, Alan Burn & Ushers, Catsanovas etc detailed
Booklet - Crypt
14 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 3&4 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 32 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Young Strangers,
Tempos, Torques,
Vespers, Five
Counts, Hentchmen,
Cavaliers etc
Detailed Booklet -
14 €
Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 5/6 American Teenage
Garage Hoot! 65-67 - 15 prime-slabs of
US mid 60s
garage-punk incl.
Thunderbirds, Edges Of Wisdom, Kinetics, French Church,
Dagenites, Nobles,
Druids, Riots,
Esquires, Sires, New Corvettes etc
liners, pics -
14 €
Last Of The Grarage Punk Unknowns Vol. 7/8 15 prime slabs of
mid-60s US Misery
and Sadness incl.
Nomads, Pulsating
Gremlins, Last
Image, Prince &
Paupers, Shakles,
Timetakers, Pastels, Nightwalkers,
Saxons, Henchmen,
Timetakers etc
Detailed Booklet
Photos etc - Crypt
14 €
Leaves All The Good That`s Happening (CD RI of second, more
psychedelic album on Capitol by US 60s
folkrock band from
Los Angeles) 2 Bonus cuts, detailed
Booklet - On
15 €
Lemon Drops DoCD DoCD - Sunshine
Flower Power (36
Track collection of 1967-69 rare 45´s,
´Springtime Sessions LP´ and loads
unreleased material by Chicago
flower-power psychy folkrock band) 12-
page Booklet - on
21 €
Lemon Fog Psychedelic Summer
With...(16 track
collection feat the spacey psychedelic
sound of Texas 60s
band incl. Rare 45s and unreleased such as Echoes Of Time,
Day By Day, Summer, Yes I Cry etc)
Detailed Booklet -
Cicadeic Records
14 €
Les Hamsters L`Integrale 60s - 15 track collection of 45`s and EP's on
CBS, Parlophone and Chapell by french
60s popsike band
incl. their hit
`Flower Power´, L'
Orange Bleue etc
plus italian 45
Bonus cuts) Magic
14 €
Les Sinners Le Top 30 - 30 track collection of 67-72 recordings by
canadian 60s Garage/ Freakbeat/ Psych
band incl. their 67 debut album 45s and Rusticana label
material) Disque
18 €
Life DoCD (swedish band) DoCD - Same (CD RI
of excellent and
sought after
psych/prog album by swedish band incl.
The swedish and
different UK
version) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
16,5 €
Little Boy Blues In The Woodland Of
Weir (CD RI of 1967 Fontana psychedelic LP by Chicago band
w/8 45 A´s & B´s
bonus cuts from
their garage days
incl. I Can Only
Give You Everything, You Don´t Love Me
etc) Kismet
13 €
Liverbirds From Liverpool To
Hamburg (Complete
collection of LPs
and 45´s by female
UK beaters famous in germany) Detailed
Booklet - Big Beat
15 €
Livin Blues DoCD DoCD - A & B Sides
And More (37 track
collection of
excellent Singles
A&B Sides plus
rarities by dutch
Blues band
incl.Conductor Man, Take your Time, It's Allright and more) Universal
14 €
Logos Firesides & Guitars (CD RI of 1970
legendary folk rock album by Kansas Trio - dual accoustic
guitars and fresh
male/female vocals) Detailed Booklet -
14 €
London Dri Western Skies - L.A. Psych 67-69 (11
track collection of excellent west coast rock & psychy
freakbeat incl.the
band`s sole 45 and
unreleased feat a
cover of `X&Y = 13´ and incredible group originals) 8-page booklet -
13 €
Looking Back - 3-CD Set - Mod, Freakbeat & Swinging London 60s Nuggets 3-CD Set - Mammoth
80-track collection feat rare 45´s and
unreleased titles by Trekkas, Wild
Thoughts, Kanves etc plus Couriers,
Midnights, Other
Side and more -
48-page booklet - on RPM
26 €
Looking Good - 3 CD Box Set - A Girl Group Sound Compendium 75 Track Collection of Femme Mod Soul
Nuggets from the
vaults of Classic US labels feat
Gigi & Charmaines,
Ladybirds, Swans,
Yum Yums, Cherry
Stones etc Detailed Booklet - RPM
26 €
Los Dug Dug´s Same (CD RI of rare & sought after 1971 debut album by
mexican psychers
originally on RCA)
from original
masters, mini LP
replica jacket -
Lion Production
13 €
Los Speakers En El Maravilloso
Mundo De Ingeson (CD RI of rare stereo
version of
masterpiece by band from Colombia) 20
page booklet -
14 €
Los Young Beats The Exciting Sound
Of (RI of megarare
66 colombian garage album w/four bonus
cuts, 8 page booklet w/history & pics
and different
artwork to vinyl
13 €
Lost Souls Vol. 3 29 track collection of Arkansas 64-71
garage and psych
rarities incl. Rare 45´s, acetates and
unreleased material by Robin & Hoods,
Villigers, Culls,
Barons, Jimmy Ford & Luzers, Spyders,
Ramrods, Five Rogues etc Detailed
Booklet - Psych Of
The South
14 €
Lost Souls Vol. 4 22 track collection of 1965-68 heyday
years unreleased
garage and psych by Arkansas local
garagebands incl.
Federal Union,
Vipers, Barons,
Coachmen, Steppin
Stones, Sons Of
Soul, Loved Ones
etc) 16-Page Booklet with detailed
liners - POTS
14 €
Love Black Beauty (CD RI of lost 1974 album
by legendary L.A.
band combining
seering 70s rock
with gorgeous
melodies) 9 bonus
cuts, De-Luxe
hardbound Eco-book
package with 60 page booklet, High Noon Records
29 €
Love Hit Me! - Decca Beat Girls 1963-1970 24 track collection of rare 45s by UK
Beat Girls from The Decca Vaults incl.
Billie Davis, Dana
Gillespie, Twinkle, Sandra Barry &
Boys, Exceptions,
Babbity Blue,
Orchids, Elkie
Brooks etc
-detailed Booklet
16 €
Love Machine - Rajput (2 LP`s on 1 CD) Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind -
Power Sitar (CD RI
of two rare US
expolito LPs in the style of
Psychedelic Guitars, Psychedelic
Visions and
Mindexpanders) Mini LP Cardboard Sleeve - Gear Fab
12 €
Love, Poetry & Revolution 3-CD Set A Journey through
1966 - 72 british
Psych & Underground - 65 underground,
prog & psychpop
tracks incl. gig
names, obscure acts and rarities by
Mirage, Shy Limbs,
Taiconderoga, Fut,
Simons Secrets,
Cortinas etc - 36
page booklet -
27 €
Lucifer DoCD Dance With The Devil (CD RI of both 1972 LPs `Big Gun´ and
`Exit´ by british
prog / plain fuzz
driven proto Punk / electronica /
demonic rock band
with 3 non LP Bonus cuts) Booklet -
Stoned Circle
19 €
Lulu DoCD DoCD - Complete
Decca Recordings
(WEEE-HE-HE- ELLLL - 42 track collection of entire Decca
Material incl.
1964-67 Singles, 2
albums, a scarce EP and ´Wenn Du Da Bist / So Fing Es An´
45) (WEEE-HE-HE-
ELLLL - Booklet -
17 €
MacArthur Same (Vinyl RI of
ultrare privately
pressed 70s
progressive rock
album by Mochigan
group - basement
psych prog
w/devasting, ripping fuzz guitar solos
and mini-moog
attacks) Detailed
Booklet - Out-Sider
14 €
Marc Brierley Welcome To The
Citadel (CD RI of
1968 debut LP by UK acid/folker
originally on CBS
Records - comes with 1966 Transatlantic EP, 69 rare 45 and
unreleased Demos as Bonus) detailed
Booklet - Cherry
14 €
Marc Brierley Hello (CD RI of 1969 second LP by UK
originally on CBS
Records - comes with 1969 45 rarity and a batch of 1973
uunreleased Island
Recordings) Detailed Booklet - Cherry
14 €
Mascots Your Mascots (19
track collection by swedish 60s beaters incl. their 1965
album plus a load
of period non LP
Single tracks -
Stones Fell, Sad
Boy, Tip Of My
Tongue, Monkey Biz, What Can I Do etc)
Detailed Booklet -
13 €
Mascots DoCD Elpee (CD RI of
second album on
Decca by swedish
melodic beaters with a complete bonus
disc presenting all 66-69 non LP singles incl. Words Enough To Tell You)
16,5 €
Matchmakers 26 track collection by Mark Wirtz
produced swedish 60s psychpop /
freakbeat band incl. their german
Metronome LP incl.
their 45s plus 12
bonus by post
incarnations Crimson Cake, Happy
Cellophane Mop and
Guards) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
14 €
Maureeny Wishful Same (CD RI of 1967 recorded legendary
underground folk
rarity feat prolific singer - songwriter John Williams and
guitar & sitar
accompaniment by
Jimmy Page & Big Jim Sullivan)
Background Notes -
15 €
Mayfly Same (Vinyl RI of
1973 sole LP on
Ariola by dutch band blending folk rock with psych/pop plus nine bonus cuts of
rare 45s and
unreleased) - from
masters, digipack,
16-page booklet -
15 €
Mazhar Ve Fuat Türküz, Türku,
Caghiriz (CD RI of
megarare 1973 album by turkish duo on
Yonka Records -
strong electric folk rock with guitar
effect, great vocals and mystical songs) detailed Booklet - Shadoks
14 €
Michael Angelo Same (CD RI of
brillant 1977 debut album on Guinn
records by US Singer / sognwriter. A
masterpiece of soft and psychedelic
rock) Booklet -
Anthology Records
17 €
Michael Fennelly Love Can Change
Everything (24 track collection of
1967-72 Demos by
Crabby Appleton
leader - excellent songs in a power pop vein with a crystal clear voice and
great melodies)
Detailed Booklet -
17 €
Michael Raven & Joan Mills Hymn To Che Guevara (CD RI of 1974
second LP by british folk-duo originally released in a micro quantity of 100
copies only)
Detailed Booklet -
14 €
Mickey Finn Garden Of My Mind - Complete Recordings (17 track collection of rare &
unreleased 64 - 67
recordings by UK 60s Beat/RnB legends
incl. I Still Want
You, Pills, Garden
Of My Mind, Hush
Your Mouth, Poverty, It Ain`t
Neccessarily So etc) Booklet - Retro
16 €
Mike Cotton Sound Same (CD RI of 1964 eponymous debut LP
on Parlophone by UK Mod/RnB group -
comes with bonus
cuts of rare singles A`s & B`s incl. 45s with US RnB
detailed Booklet
14 €
Mike Stuart Span Children Of Tomorrow (19 track
collection of
rarities by UK 60s
Psychers incl. ALL
45´s for EMI,
Fontana & Jewel
Records, plus Pre
MSS outfit ´Mighty
Atoms´, Radio
Sessions and 1966
demos) Detailed
Booklet - Grapefruit Records
15 €
Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels Breakout (CD RI of
1966 second LP by
Detroit Rocklegends incl. `Devil With A Blue Dress On`,
Shakin With Linda,
Midnight Hour etc)
Booklet - Warner
17 €
Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels Take A Ride (CD RI
of 1966 debut LP by famous Motor City
Group incl. Jenny
Take A Ride, Baby
Jane, Sticks &
Stones etc) Booklet - Warner
17 €
Mixed Up Minds Part 7 Another 20 tracks
from the strange
valleys of late 60s / early 70s obscure UK world of fuzz
guitars, and
anarchic meanderings incl. Ransom Head, Jawbone, Buckley,
Harlan County,
Nimbo, Train etc -
liner notes -
14 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 10 20 late 60s / early 70s from the
overlooked belly of British Rock and Pop incl. Advocates,
Love Story, Jonjo,
Jo Ann & Barry,
Contrast, Kemo Sabay etc - Booklet -
15 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 11 A 20 track
compilation of the
underbelly of the UK late 60s / early
70s rock / pop
underground incl.
Cooperation Choir,
Black Jacks, Macon
Jug, Rasafari,
Jessup, Rich Tea etc Booklet -
15 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 2 20 rare, overlooked and obscure late 60s /early 70s
flamboyant rock &
adolescent pop
tracks from the
british isles incl. Sleepy, Free Ferry, Magnet, Eastwood,
Dry Ice, Christyan, Sundae Times, Alan Hull etc - 16 page
booklet - on
14 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 5 A 20 track dive into the abondend
boundaries of
british 60 Rock `n` Pop feat treasures
by Sunbird,
Profile, Ragamuffin, Bundle, Colin
Scott, Firefly,
Troll Brothers etc - Booklet - on
14 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 6 20 more tracks from the strange valleys of late 60s / early 70s obscure UK pop
and rock incl. Ken
Cameron, Hopestreet, Sun Chariot,
Clahgers, Listen,
Cold Turkes, Moonpie etc - Booklet -
14 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 9 A 20-track intrepid exploration into the darker path of
obscure british Rock and Pop feat fuzz
guitars, flutes,
tablas & Wah Wah as primary weapons. CD ct: Gringo,
Offspring, Tapestry, Chris Garrett,
Piccadilly Circus,
Monks etc - Booklet - Particles
14 €
Moby Grape The Place & The Time (24 track
collection of 67-69 unreleased audition recordings, demos,
outtakes and
alternate versions
cut during the bands heyday) Detailed
Booklet - Sundazed
16,5 €
Moby Grape Live! (Collection of historic Moby Grape Live performances
1966-69 from
Soundboard and
Broadcast Tapes
incl. Avalon 66,
Monterey 67,
Amsterdam 69 etc)
detailed booklet -
16,5 €
Monsters A Go Go 12 track collection of 66-68 raries feat japanese 60s group sounds 45s by
Outcast, Tempters,
Zoo Nee Vo, Golden
Cups, Spiders,
Bunnys, Beavers etc
14 €
Moody Blues DoCD Magnificent Moodies - 50th Anniversary
De Luxe Edition (47 track collection
incl. their 1965 LP on Decca, a load of non LP period 45s
A`s & B`s plus a
bonus disc with 27
unreleased BBC and
Studio recordings)
Detailed Booklet -
18 €
Mops Psychedelic Sounds
From Japan (CD RI of 1967 debut LP by
leading japanese 60s garageband incl. A cool mix of covers
and own stuff incl. I´m Just A Mops,
Inside Looking Out, Kienai Omoi etc
13 €
Morgen Same (CD RI of
classic 1969 US
heavy psych album on ABC with trippy
songs, jaw dropping guitar and spacey
production) 8
unreleased bonus
cuts, booklet with
rare pics and
history - Sunbeam
14 €
Morning Dew At Last (CD RI of
1970 Roulette LP by Kansas psychedelic
band plus tracks
from unreleased
second LP and more
Fairyland Tapes)
Detailed Booklet -
15,5 €
Morning Dew No More 1966-1969
(19 track collection of rarities incl
Audio House
recordings, early
45´s and Fairyland
sessions by Kansas
Psychedelic Band)
Detailed booklet -
15,5 €
Mother Nature Orange Days and
Purple Nights (19
track collection of 1968 - 72 baroque
psych/pop folk
recordings incl.
both the bands 45`s and a load of
recordigns) Detailed 12-page booklet -
Wooden Hill
16,5 €
Motherlight Bobak, Jons, Malone (CD RI of 1970 prog / psych album by UK band orginally on
Morgan Blue Town)
Prog Temple
14 €
Motions DoCD Introduction To &
Electric Baby (1965 devut LP and 1969
LOP on Decca by
dutch 60s Beaters)
12 €
Motowns Si Proprio I Motowns (CD incl. 1967
italian only LP by
UK group on RCA plus 13 1966-69 45`s A`s & B`s excellent
pop/psych bonus
incl. Jenny Take A
Ride, Something You Got, Shoeshine Boy
etc) Digipack,
booklet - On Sale
18 €
Move Something Else From The Move (17 track
RI of classic 1968
live recordings at
the legendary
Marquee Club incl.
The original mono EP plus the complete
remastered live
apperance in Stereo) From masters,
detailed booklet - Esoteric
16 €
Move - DeLuxe 3-CD Set Same (64 track
collection with 1968 debut LP in mono
plus 52 bonus cuts
incl. 01/66 first
studio recordings,
early regional radio appearance and
loads 67/68 BBC
Recordings) Digipack with detailed liner notes - Esoteric
25 €
Move DeLuxe DoCD Shazam (Remastered
43 track collection featuring their 1970 LP plus 37 bonus
cuts incl. rare 45
versions, unreleased Olympia Studio
Recordings and 68/69 BBC Recordings)
Digipack with
detailed liner notes - Esoteric
18 €
Move DoCD Looking On (CD RI of 1970 album with
fourteen bonus cuts incl. Rare b-side,
unreleased outtakes and unreleased 1970 BBC Session
recordings) From
masters, detailed
Booklet - Esoteric
18 €
Mystic Males Vol 2 Mindbending
collection of rare
1966 - 73 US
releases by tripped out troubadours
incl. Jeff Dunn,
Jerry Pond, Richard Coronado, Shalynn,
Paul Stoop, Tyree
Forrest etc Booklet - Pet Records
14 €
Mystic Number National Bank Same (CD RI of 1969 sole album by US
psychedelic band
originally on Probe) - Kismet
14 €
Mystic Siva Same (CD RI of 1970 privately pressed US sought after
psychedelic artefact by Detroit band -
remastered from
original tapes to a superior sound incl. All original guitar parts) Detailed
Booklet - World In
16 €
Neal Ford & The Fanatics Good Men (26 track
collection by
Houston 60s garage
folk/garage band of rare 1965-68 Single and LP tracks from
the vaults of
Hickory, Gina and
Tantara Records plus several unreleased recordings) Detailed Booklet - Big Beat
16 €
Neigb`rhood Childr`n Same (CD RI of 1967 album by San
Francisco based
psych - pioneers
originally on Acta
Records) detailed
Booklet - Sundazed
14 €
Nick Carter Abstracts and
Extracts (CD RI of
1978 tiny run LP
release by UK singer - dreamy and
hypnotic songs built aoround distorted
piano backed with
bass,drums and
touches of guitar & sitar) Background
notes, pics
15 €
Nippon Girls Vol. 2 25 track overview
from the wild world of japanese 60s Beat & Pop girls incl.
Reiko Marie, Akiko
Wada, Marie Henmi,
Bay Beats, Pinky &
Killers etc -
detailed Booklet -
Big Beat
15 €
Nirvana Sitar & String Group - V/A - Sitar & Strings Two 1967/1970
exploito LPs from
the US and germany
on one CD incl. The easy rider cash-in
LP `Born On The
Road´ feat Petards, Tonics etc under
Pseudonym) Gear Fab
13 €
Noel Deschamps Mes Versions
Originales (30
french language
tracks feat 60s
Beat/Garage covers
by french vocalist
incl. Laugh Laugh,
She`s Not There,
Neighbor Neighbor,
Witchdoctor, Would I Still Be Her Big
Man, Don`t Let Me Be Misunderstood etc) - Magic Records
14 €
Now Hear This! Garage & Beat From The Norman Petty Vaults 25 Track collection of rare singles and unreleased top-rated fuzz & farfisa
driven 60s punk
incl. Chances,
Cinders, Chords,
Morfomen, Monocles, Trolls etc - Big
Booklet - Big Beat
15 €
Ohio Express Beg, Borrow And
Steal - Complete
Cameo Recordigns (CD RI of 1966 garage
LP plus four
additional single
sides and two
unreleased tracks
incl. Title, Try It, Soul Struttin,
Roses Are Red, Life Is A Mystery etc
detailed Booklet
-Real Gone Music
15 €
Old Man & The Sea Same (CD RI of rare and sophisticated
bluesy heavy rock
album by danish band originally on Sonet Records) 2 bonus
tracks, 12-page
booklet - Shadoks
14 €
Olivers - cool Break-A-Way release Beeker Street -
Complete Records
1964 - 1971 (15
track collection
feat the entire
`Lost Dove Session´ LP plus rare 45´s by the early Olivers, 1965 `Serfmen´ rare garage singles A´s & B´s plus post
Olivers band
`Triad´) 12-page
booklet on
13 €
Olympic Everyboy (Collection of rare 1965 - 71
singles A`s & B`s
and rarities by
Beat/ RnB / Psych
Band - Many cool
group originals)
Detailed Booklet -
15 €
One Come (CD RI of 1972 extraordinary debut album by US Band
from San Francisco- a climax of communal head sounds with a distrubing indian
absurdity and
Detailed Booklet -
Stoned Circle
15 €
One One (CD RI of highly sought after 1969
sole LP on Fontana
by british
Progressive Rock
Band - incl. French only non LP 45 Bonus cut) Background
Notes - Stoned
15 €
Open Up Your Mind - The Psych-Pop World Of Rembrandt Records 1966-67 22-track collection of rare 45´s and
unreleased from
masters from the
Vaults of Chicago
60s Garage/Psych
label incl.Nutchez, Lemon Drops,
Nite-Owls, Monday´s Children, Nickel
Bag, Circus etc -
detailed Booklet -
on Cicadelic
15,5 €
Outsiders CQ (CD RI of classic 1968 psychedelic
album by dutch 60s
legends plus
recorded 1968 bonus live tracks from
Fantasio Club)
Booklet - RPM
13 €
Outsiders 3-CD Set Everything On Earth (Stunning collection of rare & unissued recordings by dutch 60s legends feat 66 studio demos, 02/67 Live Breda, CD
Session outtakes and a trove of
unreleased Tax Free Recordings) 20-page booklet, Gatefold
Digipack -
20 €
Outsiders DoCD Thinking About Today (Ultimate 50 track collection including the entire Singles catalogue by dutch
sixties legends from `You Mistreat Me´
to `Do You Feel
Allright´ -
digipack, from
masters, 20-page
booklet - Pseudonym
16 €
Panama Ltd Indian Summer (CD RI of 1970 sought
after album by UK
underground rock
band originally on
Harvest Records) Two 7´´ bonus cuts,
from masters,
detailed booklet -
14 €
Panama Ltd Jug Band Same (CD RI of 1968 album by UK
underground band
originally on
Harvest Records) 2
bonus cuts from rare 1969 single
release, from
masters, detailed
booklet, -
14 €
Panhandle Same (CD RI of 1972 sole album on Decca by UK Studio band
feat Chris Spedding - superb set of
tough edged rock
produced by Rodger
Bain) Background
Notes - Prog Temple
15 €
Paper Garden (CD RI of 1969 album onMusicor by New
York Quintett -
catchy songs with an eastern styled
psych flavour and
Booklet - Relics
14 €
Peter Jay & Jaywalkers Jaywalkin (18 track collection 62-65
45´s A´s & B´s for
Decca and Parlophone by UK
Instro/Beatband incl CanCan 62, Kansas
City, Red
Farm etc) detailed Booklet - on RPM
15 €
Peter Walker Second Poem To
Karmela Or Gypsies
Are Important (CD RI of 1968 second LP
on Vanguard - an
excellent acid folk album with a
groundbreaking blend of folk, raga,
psych and eastern
influenced sounds)
detailed booklet -
Light In The Attic
17 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 5 Another 20 track
collection of 66-69 UK pop / psych
flower power
trippers incl. Sight & Sound, Washington DC´s, Bob Rogers
Sound, Nocturnes,
Sweet Thursday etc
Booklet - on Past & Present
14 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Part 6 20 track collection of 60s UK
psychedelic pop feat Ross Hannaman,
Disciple, Mike
Sedgewick, High,
Chuckles, Epics,
Haydon Wood and more - Booklet - on
14 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 1-10 & Bonus CD 11 Disc Boxset
comprising 200 rare pop songs from the
psychedelic era
1964-71 incl.
Magicians, Cups,
Studio 6, Cool,
Peeps, Rising Sons
etc plus bonus CD
with so-far
uncompiled material and 84-page booklet - Rubble Records
65 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 12 20 more exciting UK flower power tracks celebrating the
forrgotten world of the UK psych era
incl. Jigsaw, Kytes, Heatwave,
Monopoly, Fave, Dave Justin, Nerve,
Grannys Intention
etc Booklet -
14 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 13 20 track collection of illustrous 60s
magical UK Pop and
Flower Power from
the psychedelic era incl. The Secret,
The Guys, Concords, Paper Blitz Tissue, Decision, Washington DC`s etc 16-page
booklet - Particles
14 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 16 20 more obscured
artefacts from the
UK sixties
psychedelic scene
incl.rarities from
Toast, Napoleon
Smith, Ivor Cutler
Trio, Studio Six,
Oscar Bicycle, Susie Klee and more -
background liners - Particles
14 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 17 20 track 1966-68
bouqet of british
magical pop and
evocative rock from a bygone era incl.
Candy Choir,
Kinsmen, Chocolate
Watch Band(UK)
Morning Breeze,
Spectrum, Denis
Coultry & Smile,
Christopher Colt,
Sundragon etc
-background notes - Particles
14 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 19 Another 20 track
collection of
british 60s pop /
psych and a
celebration caught
in the glare of the psychedelic dream
incl. Kings Bros,
Californians, Cat`s Eyes, Blue Jeans,
Doggs, League,
Dreams etc
Backgroundnotes -
14 €
Powder Ka-Pow - An
explosive Collection 1967-68 (Remastered edition of rare
recordings by
brit-inspired San
Francisco power
trio. Incisive
melody and violent
chording and
dripping pop art
flash, powerful mod & power-popsounds)
Detailed Booklet -
Big Beat
19 €
Principal Edwards Round One (CD RI of 1974 album by UK
Band recorded for
Decca Records -
innovative and
imaginative music
with a strong folk
influence) from
masters,3 bonus
cuts, detailed
Booklet - Esoteric
16,5 €
Procol Harum 3-CD Set 3-CD Set - Shine On Brightley (Expanded edition of 1968
album by UK Band
incl.the Stereo and Mono Mix of their
LP and 20 Bonus
tracks incl. 9
unreleased) De-Luxe Clamshell Box,
Detailed Booklet -
27 €
Procol Harum DoCD DoCD - Same (CD RI
of 1968 debut LP by UK Band incl.the
original Mono-Mix
plus 27 bonus track incl. 8 unreleased
of 45s, rare
B-sides, alternate
takes & BBC
recordings) Detailed Booklet - Esoteric
18 €
Procol Harum DoCD DoCD - Home (CD RI
of new-line up
recorded 1970 LP
feat Brooker / Reid song-writing - comes with 11 bonus cuts incl. 3 unreleased
1970 BBC recordings) Detailed Booklet
18 €
Procol Harum DoCD DoCD - A Salty Dog
(CD RI of 1969 third LP by UK Band
incl.the original
album plus 12 bonus track incl. 45s,
rare B-sides,
alternate takes &
five unreleased
68/69 BBC recordings and four 1969 US
Live Recordings)
Detailed Booklet -
18 €
Psychedelic Gems Vol. 10 Collection of rare
recordings from the 1969 sixth Beat
Festival in
Recklinghausen incl. Twens, Smiling
Strongs, Mystic
Association and more - 32-page booklet - on Garden Of
14 €
Psychedelic Moods Vol. 2 CD RI of unreleased 1966 follow-up album to Deep LP feat
tracks by New York
band ´Inner Sanctum` and Texas Band
`Sunset Love`. Ct:
Hydro Pyro, Purple
Floating, Snow
Petals etc. Comes
with detailed
Booklet - on
15,5 €
Psychedelic States - Colorado DoCD DoCD - 46 Track
collection of rare
35 incl. 13
unreleased Colorado garage gems by
Ceeds, Doubler
Effect, Fantastic
Zoo, Chasers,
Moonrakers etc -
detailed liners -
Gear Fab
17 €
Psychedelic States - Maryland DoCD Ultimate 54 track
Collection of local 60s Garagebands from the Chesapeake
State incl.rare 45s and unreleased by
Henchmen, Looms, New Diablos, Attic
Sounds, Lost Tribe, Koffee Beans,
Stratfords etc
Detailed Booklet
17 €
Psychedelic States - Wisconsin 31 track collection od mid-west 60s
garage 45´s incl.
loads uncompiled by Dynasty, Voyagers,
Gords Horde,
Delcords, Rubber
Band, No Names, Blue Boys etc - Detailed Booklet
14 €
Psychedelic States -Florida Vol. 4 26 track collection of more 1965- 70 US garagebands from the Sunshine State
incl. Dave &
Absolutes, Bitter
End, Sticks & Stonz, Non Pareils,
Castaways Five,
Wrong Numbers etc - 4-panel Digi pak,
12-page booklet -
Gear Fab
13 €
Psychedelic States -Mississippi In The 60s Collection of 20
never before
compiled 60s
garagers from the
south of the US
incl. Ravin Blue,
Soul Survivors,
Strags, Herdsmen,
Kicks, Substantial
Evidence etc -
13 €
Pulp & Pop Culture 4- CD set 4-CD Set -
compiled four CD set of 50s/early 60s
pulp and pop culture incl. one disc each of `Outer Space
Invasion Songs,
Voodoo Dolls,
Teenage Rebels and
Wild Guitar Instros) Detailed Booklet - de Luxe packaging - on Rock Beat
59 €
Pussycat Boof! - The Complete Pussy Cat 66-69 (28 track collection by tough french Ye Ye Girl famous for her upbeat gaelic pop
incl. covers of hits by the Zombies,
Hollies & Small
Faces plus 1965
Bonus EP by Les
Petit Souris)
Booklet - RPM
13 €
Q 65 DoCD Revolution & Revival (1966 debut LP and 1971 psychedelic LP on Negram) Univ
12 €
Question Mark Be Nice To The
People (CD RI o 1974 african underground band from Kenya -
freakin tracks with heavy fuzz and
english vocals)
Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Radio Times:British Pop on TV and Radio - Lost & Found 67-69 Cool 13 track
collection of rare
BBC Recordings incl. rarities by 60s UK top collectors acts such as Yardbirds,
Move, Tomorrow, Jimi Hendrix, Love
Sculpture etc
16-page booklet, Top Sounds Records
18 €
Rain Make The Day Break
(Unreleased 1974
`Live In
Studio´recorded LP
by norwegian band - great musical
skills, compositions and playing)
detailed booklet -
14 €
Rare 60s Beat Treasures Vol. 10 30 track collection of rare and sought
after 60s UK singles rarities incl.
Time, Wild Ones,
Onyx, Inkase, Judas Jump, Rothchilds,
Spats, Shy Limbs,
Johnston McPhilbry, Peasants etc -
Booklet - Gone Beat Records
15 €
Rare 60s Beat Treasures Vol. 8 Great 28 track
collection of rare
60s UK Beat, Psych & Freakbeaters incl. Palmes, Howlers,
Cain, Bunch, Lions
Of Juda, Brincos,
The Truth etc
14 €
Rare 60s Beat Treasures Vol. 9 28 Track Collection of rare 60s UK Beat, Freakbeat and Psych 45s incl. Keith
Dangerfield, Lord
Sutch, Souls, Outer Limnits, The Act,
Luvvers, Eggy,
Divvorced, Peter
Fenton etc
14 €
Rare Mod EP Choice Vol. 2 Collection of 26
rare UK 60s Mod
tracks from Acid
Jazz`s Rare Mod 7´´ Series incl. Riot
Squad, Dave
Anthony`s Mood,
Afex, Ossie Layne
Show, Geno
Washington & Ram Jam Band etc Detailed l iners
15 €
Rare Mod Vol. 4 Fourth Volumen of
60s UK Underground, RnB, Psych And Mod
Series (16 rare &
unreleased tracks
incl. All Night
Workers, Gary Farr & T-Bones, Syd`s
Crowd, Artwoods,
Wild Ones, Virgin
Sleep, Tomorrow`s
Children etc)
Booklet - Acid Jazz
14 €
Rare Mod Vol. 6 Next in line
collection of UK 60s Underground Beat,
Psych And Soul incl. Penny Blacks,
Blinkers, Montanas, Paul west & Compass, Storytellers,
Dennis Lotis, Ossy
Lane Show Society,
Mr.Max, Hip Show etc detailed Booklet - Acid Jazz
17 €
Rationals DoCD DoCD - Think
Rational (Ultimate
65-68 Collection by fantastic Detroit
60s garagerock band incl. all their
A-Square & Cameo
45´s, rare men´s
shop promo 45 and
tracks from 1968
fan-club LP.
Detailed Booklet -
Big Beat
19 €
Ray Columbus & Invaders DoCD Definitive
Collection (45
tracks by Top New
Zealand 60s Beatact incl.the band`s
complete three LPs, rare EP & 45s for
Zodiac Rec. & four
unreleased live
recordings: Yo Yo,
She`s A Mod, Poison Ivy, She`s Gone etc -Detailed Booklet - Zodiac Records
17 €
Ray Pierle DoCD Time & Money -Rhythm On The Highway (CD RI of 1980 and 1981 LP rarities by Ray
`McKay`Pierle) 24
Page booklet -Lion
15 €
Riverson Same (CD RI of 1972 sole album by
canadian band
originally on
Columbia - excellent CSNY inspired west coast hippie rock) 2 bonus cuts -
14 €
RO-D-YS DoCD Just Fancy / Earnest Vocation (CD RI of both 1967 and 1968
Philips LP`s by
dutch 60s
12 €
RO-D-YS DoCD Golden Years of
Dutch Pop Music - 46 track collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s by dutch 60s
beaters incl. Zen & Harley Jay material plus alternative
recordings) De luxe Digipack with
photos,liners -
14 €
Rob Hoeke RnB Group DoCD Boogie Hoogie & Save Our Souls (First
and second LPs from 1964 and 1967 by
dutch 60s band
originally on
Philips) Universal
12 €
Robbie The Werewolf At The Wale Back (CD RI of truly weird
1964 album by
frantic and manic
California folk
Singer later know as lead singer of
Brain Train. Ct:
Vampire Man, Frankie Stein, Censored
Dooley, Rockin
Werewolf etc)
Booklet - Gear Fab
14 €
Rockadrome Royal American 20th Century Blues (Legit CD RI of 1969 sole album by canadian
psychrock band
originally on Sound Canada) From
masters, booklet -
15 €
Ronnie Jones Satisfy My Soul -
The Complete
Recordings 64-68 (16 track collection of 1964-68 singles A`s & B`s by british
RnB Singer incl. all solo 45s, 7´´ers
with the Nightimers and the Blue Jays
and his US only 45
´Satisfy My Soul´)
Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Roosters (Brandnew CD release on Break-A-Way) All Of Our Days (12 track collection by L.A. mid 60s jangle folkrockers incl.
all rare 45´s a pre - Roosters
Merseypunker and
four unreleased
garagefolk period
tracks) 8-page
detailed bookklet
w/history and rare
pics - Break-A-Way
11 €
Saint Anthony`s Fyre Same (CD RI of 1970 ultrarare
underground hard
rock album
originally on Zonk
Records) detailed
booklet - Rockadrome Records
15 €
Sandrose Same (CD RI of 1972 Polydor LP by superb french mellow
proto-prog rock band feat guitarist
extra ordinaire J.P. Alarcen) Detailed
16-page booklet -
Lion Production
15 €
Sandy Coast DoCD - Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music - Collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s
incl. Subject Of My Thoughts, Sorry
She`s Mine, Anyway
You WantMe, I'm A
Fool etc De Luxe
digipack with
photos,liners -
14 €
Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2 - You Are The Only One 20 track Collection of mid 60s beat &
Garage Rarities from Austria incl.
Slaves, Seals,
Earls, Boys,
Gamblers, V-Rangers, Roletts,
Desperates, Meadows etc - Detailed
Booklet, Pics -
Konkord Records
19 €
Scorpions Hello Josephine - 30 RnB Classics 1964- 66 (30 track
collection of rare
45s & LP tracks by
Manchester beaters incl. Baby Back Now, My Babe, Too Many
Lovers, Gloria,
Sticks & Stones, Who Do You Love,
Fortune Teller etc) Booklet - RPM
15 €
Scott Bradford Rock Slides (CD RI
of 1969 US LP on
Probe by a loose
conglomerate of
(KB`s), Nathan
Davies (Sax), Philip Catherine (gtr),
Gunter Lenz (bs),
Stu Martin (dr) - a lysergically tinged jazz LP with deep
grooves) Kismet
14 €
Scratch My Back - Pye Beat Girls 1963-68 29 track collection of rare and cool
girlie 45s from the Pye/Picadilly
catalogue incl. Jan Panter, Pat Harris & Blackjacks, Sandra Berry, Sheila Carter & Eoisode 6,
Breakaways, Jeannie & Big Guys etc)
Detailed Booklet -
16 €
Scullion Balance & Control
(CD RI of second
album by irish band feat three ex-Tir Na Nog members - a
wonderful set of
accoustic material
with a distinctive
Celtic flavour
touching on pop,
jazz and more)
Background Notes -
Prog Temple
15 €
Seeds Singles A`s & B`s - 1965-70 (24 track
collection of Single sides feat the 7´´ mixes, non LP sides like Daisy Mae, The Other Place or Wind Blows Your Hair and the MGM releases)
detailed Alex Palao written Booklet -
Big Beat
15 €
Seeds Same (A spectacular CD RI of 1966 US
garage classic by
legendary L.A.
punkers incl.
complete debut LP
from mono masters
plus 10 unissued
recordings and early versions of rare
B-Sides) Detailed
Booklet - Big Beat
15 €
Seeds DoCD Raw And Alive (DoCD RI of 1968 legendary live in the studio album by L.A.
Garageband incl a
dubbed and undubbed version of the LP
plus more studio
live recordings on
disc 2) 2-CD
digipack, hefty
booklet - Alec Palao liners
18 €
Seeds DoCD A Web Of Sound (CD
RI of 1967 classic
second album as
expanded version as stereo/mono mix
incl. 17 min. `Up In Her Room´,
unreleased and mono `Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues" LP) Detailed liners, digipack - Big Beat
18 €
Seeds DoCD Future (De Luxe DoCD of 1967 third LP in stereo by L.A. 60s band - comes with
some unreleased mono mixes plus several session outtakes and unheard versions)
Foldout Digipack
with jam-paked
Booklet - Big Beat
18 €
Shaggs Philosophy Of The
World (CD RI of 1969 privately released album by talented or not,but certainly
otherworldly US
female psych outfit) Shag Records
15 €
Shakers All The Best (30
track collection of 1965-67 rare 45s and cool LP tracks by
Uruguay 60s furious beatband incl. their classic Break It
All) Hitland
12 €
Shanes Let The Show You
64-67 (22 track
collection by
swedish 60s
Beat/RnB/Pop band
incl picks from
their growling `Let Me Show You´phase to the Abbey Road type `Chris Craft #9´)
detailed booklet -
15 €
Sheep War Babies (CD RI of 1973 UK only LP by Minnesota band
originally on Myrrh Gold Records - a
brand of straight
ahead progrock with fuzz guitars,
hammond organ and
great vocals)
Notes/Photos -
Stoned Circle
15 €
Shoes DoCD DoCD - Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music
-Collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s
with all early 45s
as `White Shoes`
incl. The Shuck,I
Will Be Home Again, Osaka, Standing &
Sharing, Ask My
Mother etc De Luxe
digipack with
booklet, photos,
liners - Universal
14 €
Side Show Same (CD RI of 1970 unconventional
psychedelic Pop LP
by US Band
originally on
Atlantic -excellent soft rock/psych with lyergical lyrics,
moog and trippy
effects) Kismet
14 €
Sing Me A Rainbow - Trident Record Story DoCD DoCD - 44 Track
collection of rare
and unreleased folk, pop & garage from
the vaults of San
Francisco´s Trident Records incl Front
Line, Justice
League, Crysal Set
etc plus unreleased New Tweedy Bros,
Thorinshield etc -
Detailed Booklet
-Big Beat
19 €
Sixties Garage Psych Sampler RI of long deleted
16 track collection of rare 60s Japanese Group sounds feat
cool garage 45s by Carnabeats, Beavers, Bunnys, Golden
Cups, Swooners etc - Full coloured
booklet - Bamboo
14 €
Skeptics The Complete Early
Years 1965-69 (14
track CD collection incl. entire rare
Single A´s & B´s,
alternate takes and unreleased by US
Garageband) Booklet - Gearfab
13 €
Smith A Group Called Smith - Minus Plus (CD RI of 1969 and 1970
LPs on ABC Dunhill
by California
rockband feat Gayle McCormick and their sole hit `Baby It`s You´) detailed
Booklet - Real Gone Music
18 €
Smokin` & Trippin´ 17 track psychedelic collection feat
ultra-rare tracks
taken from private
press releases,
studio demos &
acetates incl.
Incas, Projection,
Kozmic Kev,
Underground Set, Dog Rose, Graphite etc Poster sleeve with
rare pics and infos - Audio Archives
15 €
So Cold - Unearthed Mid ´60s Sacaramento Garage 30 track Bumper
Bundle of classy
´60s punk from
California 1965-67
incl. Marauders,
Fugitives, Mods,
Sel-Sync, Gear One
etc Detailed liner
notes - Frantic
16,5 €
Soft Machine DoCD DoCD - Tanglewood
Tales (23 track
collection of
1963-1970 rarities
feat Robert Wyatt,
Kevin Ayres, David
Aellen amongst
others) Secret
15 €
Solution DoCD Golden Years of
Dutch Pop Music - 30 track collection of 1973-91 Singles A`s & B`s and Rarities on Negram Records
incl. Many 7´´
Divergence, Fever,
Empty Faces etc De
Luxe digipack with
photos,liners -
14 €
Sons Of Champlin Live At San Rafael, CA 1975 (Remastered RI of terrific1975
KSAN Radio Broadcast by excellent West
Coast group a la
Grateful Dead or
Background liners & rare pics - Echo
15 €
Spirit of Glencoe Same (CD RI of 1973 second album by
british progsters
originally on CBS - band has members of Skip Bifferty)
Background Notes -
Prog Temple
15 €
Spring DoCD Same (CD RI of 1971 classic progrock
album on RCA/Neon by UK Band - bonus
disc with 21
unreleased 1971 demo recordings) from
masters, detailed
Booklet - Esoteric
18 €
Stained Glass (Big Beat Limited Edition `Luxe`Series) A Scene In Between
(24 tracks of
1965-67 pre-LP
recordings by Bay
Aera band incl.
early 45s as the
Trolls, unreleased
and live material
and early 45s
recorded for RCA
incl. Psych/Pop gem ´My Buddy Sin`)
Booklet, limited Lux release - Big Beat
19 €
Standells Live On Tour 1966
professionally at
their peak in 1966
at the Michigan
University, the band provides vintage US Garagerock incl.
Gloria, Why Did You Hurt Me, Dirty
Water, Midnight Hour etc) detailed
booklet - Sundazed
16 €
Stella Same -Expanded
Edition (CD RI of
1966 sole 60s LP by french anti-ye-ye
girl feat pop,
psych,soul and rough edged garagerock - comes with 14 rare
Singles A`s & B´s
bonus cuts) Detailed booklet - RPM
14 €
Steve Linnegar`s Snakeshed Classic Epics (CD RI of 1982 album by
South African
prog/psych crown
jewel. Dreamy organ, fuzz leads, nice
vocals and effects. Incl. The 14-min
long ´Desert´)
detailed booklet -
14 €
Stone Angel Same (CD RI of 1975 megarare UK
privately released
psych/folk album -
male-female vocals, electric leads,
12-string guitar,
mandolin) Prog
14 €
Stormville Shakers One And One Is Two
(27 track collection of rare and
unreleased 1965-67
recordings by UK 60s RnB/Mod group plus 45s by post
Stormville group
`Circus´ and Philip Goodhand-Tait solo
45s) Booklet - RPM
15 €
STOS Same (CD RI of 1978 privately released
belgian hard-rock / protometal beast -
dangerous, agressive sound, a wall of
Fuzz guitars and
manic speed
drumming) Detailed
Booklet - Sommor
14 €
Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense &
Peppermints (CD RI
of 1967 debut LP by California Psych -
Sunshine pop -
Harmony band) From
masters, booklet -
15 €
Strawberry Window Same (CD release of unreleased 1967
material by pre-
Dandelion Wine Bay
Area band - beld of cathy electric
folk,westcoast rock and energetic
acid-jams) Booklet - World In Sound
16,5 €
Stud Same (CD RI of 1975 Texas privately
released LP -
powerful hardrock,
killer boogie rock, and heavy psych
jams) Detailed
Booklet - Out-sider Music
14 €
Supersister DoCD To The Highest
Bidder / Iskander
(Second and fourth
LP from 1971 / 73 on Polydor by dutch
12 €
Syndicate The Egyptian Thing
(10 track CD
collection of rare
45`s & four
unreleased period
recordings by L.A.
60s garage combo
incl. My Baby`s
Barefootin, Egyptian Thing, She Hauts
You, It`s Simple
etc) Detailed
Booklet w/Mike Stax liners - Break-A-Way Records
13 €
T2 1971-72 (CD RI of
unheard and
unreleased early 70s album by british
underground band -
an unreleased
masterpiece with
virtually unchanged sound from the dense hard-driving
excellence of
previous recordings) Digipack with
12-page booklet
15 €
Tages DoCD Go! - Complete
Singles (47 track
collection of entire Platine /
Parlophone Singles
A´s & B`s by coolest swedish 60s
RnB/Beat/Psych group incl.I Should Be
Glad, Bloodhound,
Leavin Here, Fantasy Island, Fuzzy
Patterns etc)
Detailed Booklet
18 €
Tamalpais Exch Same (CD RI of 1968 Atalntic LP by
talented 3-Boy,
3-girl sextett -
hard edged pop-rock, melodic folk-rock
and delicte hippie
ballads with superb vocal harmonies)
14 €
Tea & Symphony An Asylum For The
Musically Insane (CD RI of 1969 debut
album by UK
progressive group
originally on
Harvest) From
masters, one bonus
cut, booklet -
16 €
Tea & Symphony Jo Sago (CD RI of
1970 second LP by UK progband originally on Harvest Records) from masters,
detailed Booklet -
16,5 €
Tee-Set 4CD Set 4-CD Set - Mythology (Unbelievable 99
track collection by Holland`s 60s
bandincl.all hit
singles, album
tracks, unreleased
versions, Tetteroo
tracks etc) Detailed Booklet -
24 €
Tee-Set DoCD DoCD - She Likes
Weeds - Collected
(Massive 47-track
de-luxe collection
of 45´s A`s & B´s,
LP tracks and
unreleased by dutch 60s band from the
masters) Digi book
edition with 20-page booklet w/pics,
track info history - on Pseudonym
15 €
Tee-Set DoCD Emotions - Album &
Rarities (Collection of 1965-67 releases by dutch
beat/RnB/Pop band
incl Emotions LP,
early 7´´ A`s & B`s and unreleased live & studio) detailed
Booklet -Pseudonym
16 €
Terry Knight & The Pack Same & Reflections
(CD RI of both 1966 /67 albums for Cameo by Michigan
pre-Grand Funk US
Garageband incl all their fuzz-laced
hits) Detailed
Booklet - Big Beat
15 €
The Band Live - Carter Barron Amphitheatre
Washington (Recorded in the summer of
1976 shortly before their split, the
Band plays a cross
section through
their remarkable
back catalogue incl. The Weight, King
Harvest, Shape I`m
In Chest Fever etc) Keyhole
14 €
The Birth Of Surf Vol. 3 Exciting 26 track
collection of US
Surf rarities incl. Beachcombers,
Genteels, Rondells, Original Surfaris,
De- Fenders,
Treasures, Pyramids etc detailed Booklet - Ace
16 €
The Horde - Break-A-Way Killer release Press Buttons Firmly (CD RI of
ultra-rare early
1967 North Carolina raw & frantic garage LP. Cool mix of
originals & sharp
covers incl. Title, Troubles, My Flash
On You, Gloria etc) Four unreleased 1967 EP Bonus cuts,
12-page Booklet -
13 €
The JuJus You Treated Me Bad
(23 track complete
collection of rare
45´s and a plethora of unreleased gems
by Michigan
Garageband) Detailed Booklet -
15,5 €
The Outcasts & S.J. & The Crossroads Route 66 (18 track
collection of rare
1966/67 45´s and
unreleased from the vaults of Askel and Salmar records by
two excellent Texas mid 60s garagebands) detailed booklet - Cicadelic Records
15,5 €
Them In Reality (CD RI of 1970 album on Happy Tiger by hard
rocking US Them
version feat
original bassist
Alan Henderson)
Relics Records
14 €
Them Same (CD RI of final effort by US
version of UK band feat Alan Henderson originally on Happy Tiger - LP mixes
unding psych with
garagepunk and
furious Rock) Relics Records
14 €
Three O`Clock Merrian Webster Time 22 Psychedelic
Sounds From Texas - 1966-68 (Essential
collection of Texas 60s Punk and Psych
incl. Nomads, Front Page News, Remaining Few, Carrols Mood, Sights & Sounds etc) Detailed Booklet - Cicadelic
15,5 €
Tiffany Shade Same (CD RI of 1968 sole album by
psychedelic poppunk band originally on
Mainstream) Kimset
14 €
Tin House Same (CD RI of 1971 sole album by US
band originally on
Epic and produced by Rick Derringer -
hard rocking stuff
incl. their sole 45 plus two unreleased tracks as bonus)
detailed Booklet -
Lion Prod
16 €
Tin Tin - Steve & Stevie DoCD Complete Works -
1968-73 (TheLegend
Of Pop/Psych Duo
Steve Kipner & Steve Grooves feat their 1968 LP as Steve &
Stevie on Toast plus Tin Tin - Same from 1969, 1970 LP
Astral Taxi plus non LP bonus cuts)
18 €
Tinkerbell´s Fairydust Same (CD RI of 1969 sought after
unreleased album by UK harmony / pop /
psych band recorded for Decca. CD comes with loads bonus by pre-Tinker bands
Rush and Tommy
Bishop´s Ricochet)
Detailed booklet -
on Grapefruit
15 €
Tomorrow's Gift Same (CD RI of 1970 debut LP and german Kraut classic on
+Plus+ Records -
long powerful tracks with plenty of
guitar, organ,
flute, drums solos
and strong female
vocals) Detailed
Booklet - Long Hair
16,5 €
Tormentors Hangin´ Around (CD
RI of 1967 LP on LHI by US band feat
garage, psych and
british invasion
sounds - fuzz
guitars and
harmonies) Booklet - Gear Fab
13 €
Toujours Chic! More French Girl
Singers Of The 60s
(24 track hip ye-ye girl pop sounds of
french 1960s feat
Fabienne, Zou Zou,
Laura Ulmer, France Gall, Charlotte
Walters, Sheila,
Stone, Veronique,
Isabelle Aubrey etc) detailed Booklet - Ace
16 €
Tres Chic - More French Girl Singers Of The 60s 24 track collection of french 60s femals ye-ye singers feat a load of cool
Mademosielles incl. Elsa, Violaine,
Jaqueline Taieb,
Valerie Lagrange,
Anne Kern etc)
Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Trip In Tyme Vol. 1 25 Track collection of rare US snotty
60s punk, teen
garage and
magnificient moody
winners - all tracks on CD for the first time incl Sleepless Knights, Fabulous
Royals, Voxmen.
Torquays etc
13 €
Trip In Tyme Vol. 2 Another 25 US 60s
garage rarities -
All first time CD
appearances by
Chozen Ones,
Cavemen, Oscar Five, Ethics, Bearings,
Rainmakers etc
13 €
Trip In Tyme Vol. 3 23 Track US garage
collection incl.
cool punkers, wild
garagers and
magnificent moody
winners - all tracks first time on CD
Chevelle Five,
Ferris Wheel, Kidds etc
13 €
Trip In Tyme Vol. 4 23 track collection of time travelling
moody sixties US
garage sounds incl. the complete `One
Hand In The
Darkness´ compi plus 9 uncompiled bonus cuts by Huntingtons, Countdowns,Jokers, Mystifying Monarchs etc
13 €
Trip In Tyme Vol. 5 22 Track Collection of rare US 60s
garage incl. snotty punkers, teen
garage and moody
winners incl. Stone Cutters, Grim
Reapers, Tombstones, Buttons, Satins,
Lost Tribe etc
13 €
Tripsichord Music Box Same (CD RI of
classic US westcoast psychedelic album
originally on San
Francisco Sound
Records - genuine US psychedelic acid
rock with excellent quality solos)
remastered - five
rare early bonus
cuts and liners -
14 €
Troyes Rainbow Chaser (21
track collection of 45`s and 1966/67
recordings from the vaults of United
Sound by Detroit 60s garage / Psych
Group incl. The
classic Rainbow
Chaser b/w Why 45)
Detailed Booklet -
15,5 €
Truk Truk Tracks (CD RI
of sole album by US rock band originally on Columbia - loud organ based hardrock feat Willie Daffern of Hunger) -
14 €
Truth Who`s Wrong - Mod
Bedlam 1965-69 (18
track collection of rare 45s by UK
modbeat duo incl.
The bands hit
`Girl´, Who`s Wrong, Baby You Got It,
Hey Gyp etc plus
1969 Shere Khan
Bonus 45 and two
unreleased tracks)
Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Tucker Zimmerman 10 Songs -Expanded
Edition (CD RI of
1969 UK folk album
originally on Regal Zonophone - stern & angry compositions
with shades of
Donovan or Tim
Buckley) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
16 €
Tully Same (CD RI of 1970 debut album by
australian band
originally on
Parlophone - gentle, hypnotic
progressive music on which guitar and
keyboards blend
together) Chapter
16 €
Twink Think Pink (CD RI of legendary 1969 UK
underground psych
album incl.members of Tomorrow, Pretty Things, Deviants and mastermind John
`Twink´ Alder) 8
Bonus cuts, detailed booklet - Sunbeam
14 €
Tyll Sexphonie (CD RI of 1975 german
Kraut/Psych LP
rarity originally on Kerston Records -
mix of acidrock,
hardrock and
progressive folky
sound with some
eastern influences) Detailed Insert -
Mental Experience
14 €
Ultimate Acid Dreams Collection 5-CD Box Set 5-CD Set - 93 Track feat all 5 long gone `Acid Dreams´ vinyl LPs - all classic
US 60s garage/psych 45s incl. Painted
Faces, White
Lightning, Velvet
Illusions, Little
Bits, Cellars,
Undertakers, Human
Society, Avengers
etc 32-page Booklet - Rubble Rec.
47 €
Ultimate Spinach Live At The Unicorn, July 1967 (Excelent sounding rare live - appearance by
legendary Bosstown
band blending
folk-rock, pop and
Booklet, rare photos - Keyhole
14 €
Uncle Dog Old Hat (CD RI of
1972 album on
Signpost by UK band feat Carol Grimes on Vocals and
songwriter David
Skinner - blend of
progrock with rural influences and
Carols excellent
voice) Prog Temple
14 €
Underground Electrics - The Generation Gap Hey Judy - Up Up And Away (Two
indispensable late
60s US exploitation psych albums with
cover-design and
real groovy song
titles) Mini LP
Cardboard Sleeve -
Gear Fab
12 €
United Travel Service Wind And Stone (15
track collection of 45´s and unreleased studio recordings by Pacific Northwest
psychedelic folkrock band incl. title,
Gypsy eyes, Drummer of Your Mind etc) 5 non vinyl bonus
tracks, detailed
12-page booklet - on Break-A-Way
11 €
Up From The Grave 1965-68 North Valley Garage - Cool Collection of rare mid 60s US
garage 45s incl.
Drusalee & The Dead, Boy Blues,
Caretakers, Next
Step, Graveyard Five etc - 38 Page
Booklet with Alec
Palao liners - on
18 €
Upside Down Vol. 2 A 20-track lysergic pop extravaganza
feat original
artefacts from the
australian 60s
psychedelic era incl Simon & De Sade,
Magic, In-Betweens, Motion, Harry Young & Sabbath, Gremlins, Motivation,
Somebody`s Image etc Booklet -
14 €
Upside Down Vol. 3 20 track collection feat a lysergic pop extravaganza from
the 60s australian
psychedelic scene
incl. Zoot, Brigade, Strangers, Autmn,
Atlantics, Daisy
Clover, Long Grass, Executives etc
Bookklet -
14 €
Upside Down Vol. 4 20 forgotten 1966-70 relics from the
australian 60s psych scene incl. pop
platters, flower
power wonders &
Freakbeat by
Avengers, Birds, Oak Apple Day, Bobby
James Syndicate,
Challenge, Zoot etc Booklet - on
15 €
Upside Down Vol.5 20 track collection of 1966 - 71
lysergic pop/psych
extravaganza from
the 60s australian
psychedelic scene
incl. Cam-Pact,
Travis Wellington,
Hedge, Wheelbarrow, Sons Of Bacchus,
Zoot, The Clik,
Autmn, Society etc
Booklet - Particles
15 €
Uther Pendragon DoCD San Francisco
Earthquake (A
Treasure Trove of
unreleased 1966 - 75 - West Coast guitar psych by San
Francisco band incl. a 1967 acetate,
home recordings, and unreleased 1969
World Pacific Studio Recordings)
detailed booklet -
19 €
Valentines The Sound Of (20
track collection by australian beat/pop band feat Bon Scott - all orignal
Clarion material
plus four bonus
tracks by
Spektors) detailed
Booklet - RPM
15 €
Vanity Fair DoCD I Live For The Sun
(47 track
Anthology by UK 60s beat/harmony group
incl. Both LPs, rare 45s, four 1966 Pre Band recordings by
the Sages and Trevor Price solo 45s)
Detailed Booklet -
18 €
Velvet Illusion Acid Head (10 track CD compilation incl. all rare 1966/67
Singles A`s & B`s by Pacific Northwest
Garage / Psych band) Detailed Booklet - Tune In Records
14 €
Velvet Revolution Vol. 2 20 sixties eastern
bloc rock tracks
from behind the iron curtain recorded
during the cold war era incl. Olympic,
Kamaleoni, Blue
Effect, Romuald I
Roman, Illes Sarika, Crni Biseri, Grupa 220 etc Background
Notes - Particles
14 €
Velvet Revolutions - Psychedelic Rock From The Eastern Bloc 17 track collection of hugely innovative and unique sounds
from behind the Iron Curtain - all 1969 -73 recordings
incl. Juventus,
Illes, Czerwony
Czarni, No To Co,
Neoton etc - Booklet - on Particles
14 €
Velvet Underground La Cave, October
1968 (CD release of legendary concert
feat Doug Yule -
superb performance
incl. some then
unreleased songs and excellent guitar
soloing) Booklet
w/notes and pics -
14 €
Velvet Underground DoCD DoCD - At The End Of Cole Avenue - First Night (RI of
legendary 1969 live Dallas, Texas,
appearance by
legendary New York
band incl. Doug
Yule) Keyhole
16,5 €
Velvet Underground DoCD Live Boston Tea
Party - March 13th
1969 (Coinciding
with the release of their 3rd LP, and
after establishing
Doug Yule, VU played three nights at
their fave place
feat confrontational early classics and glorious ballads)
Booklet -Keyhole
18 €
Velvet Underground DoCD Live Boston Tea
Party, December 12th 1968 (Remastered
1968 final year show feat reworked
versions of early
classics, tracks
from forthcoming
third LP and never
released material)
Detailed Booklet -
18 €
Virus Thoughts (CD RI of
1971 second LP
release by german
Kraut band
originally on famous Pilz label - more
tougher than debut
with a psychedelic
musical and lyrical edge) 2 Bonus cuts, detailed Booklet -
Garden Of Delights
14 €
Warren S. Richardson Jr. Same (CD RI of
excellent and rare
1969 Mike Condello
produced LP on
Contillion by Tubes leader Bill Spooner - a raunchy set of
fuzz-propelled blues and hard rock)
background notes
15 €
We Five There Stands The
Door (Essential Best Of Collection by US Folkrockband incl. 45´s, LP Tracks,
Rarities and
incl.their smash
`You Were On My
Mind´) detailed
Booklet - on Big
15 €
We The People Too Much Noise (14
track collection of rare Challenge
released 45s by US
Garage / Psych Band incl. Mirrors, You
Burn Me Up & Down,
Colour Of Love etc) Sundazed
14 €
West Coast Natural Gas (aka Indian Puddin` & Pipe) Two`s A Pair
(1966-67 recordings by the band
responsible for the incredible `Hashish´ - killer westcoast psych incl. Their
rare 45, their
`Fifth Pipe Dream´
contributions and
unreleased material) Detailed insert
w/rare pics - RD
15 €
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Companions (29 track collection of
1960-71 rarities
drawing together
pop, garage,
folk-rock and psych recordings by
various bandmembers with other groups or solo) Detailed
Booklet - Sunbeam
14 €
What Did You Do In The Beat Era Daddy!!! Excellent 37 track
collection of New
Zealand mid 60s
beat/garage punk
incl. rare 45s by
Layabouts, Secrets, Vigilantes, Jay
Epae,Dave Miller &
Byrds, Mods,
Strangers, Sierras, Rayders etc detailed Booklet w/history, pics - Frenzy
17 €
Wheels Road Block (12 track CD collection of
cool 60s garage punk / RnB band from
Belfast incl. Rare
45´s and unreleased incl. Bad Little
Woman, Call My Name, Kicks, You Got Me
Dizzy etc) Big Beat
11 €
White Light Same (CD RI of 1970 album by US group - progrock with an
experimental twist, a host of
instruments and
special effects) 3- bonus tracks,
booklet) Shadoks
14 €
White Light Parable (CD RI of
1974 privately
pressed Xian heavy
rock album by
scottish Band -
christian hard psych with bluesy edges
raw fuzz guitar and organ) detailed
Booklet - Sommor
14 €
White Summer Same (CD RI of an
obscure 1976
privately released
album by Michigan
trio feat melodic
vocals and stunning lead-guitar) Booklet - Out-Sider
14 €
Wild Butter Same (CD RI of 1970 album by Ohio band
originally on UA -
mix of hardrock and dreamy ballads with psychedelic
flourishes) Aurora
14 €
Wimple Winch Tales From The
Sinking Ship (29
track collection
feat rare 45s and
unreleased by UK Mod / Freakbeat band
plus rare 65/66
unreleased Bonus
tracks by `Just Four Men´) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
15 €
Wizards From Kansas Same (CD RI of 1970 sole album on
Mercury by US band a legendary set of
West Coast Ballroom Psych) Comes with 9 bonus cuts,
detailed booklet -
14 €
Wooden Horse Two (CD RI of 1973
second album by UK
folk outfit on York Records - more
electric and diverse than their mellow
debut album)
Background notes -
Prog Temple
15 €
Wooden Horse Same (CD RI of 1972 debut album by UK
folk-rock quintett
feat Susan Traynor - excellent mellow
folk-rock with
sparkling vocal
Background Notes -
Prog Temple
15 €
Woody's Truck Stop Same (CD RI of 1968 sole album by former Todd Rundgren group from Phildelphia
originally on Smash Records) Relics
14 €
Yankee Dollar Same (CD RI of 1968 top notch USA
psychedelic album - male / female
vocals, fuzz guitar, organ and killer
tracks) 2 bonus cuts from rare post-LP
45 - Relics
14 €
Young Flowers DoCD DoCD - Take Warning - Complete Studio
(Collection of 67-69 recordings incl.
Both Sonet LP`s,
rare 45´s and
unheard live
material by danish
Progressive rock
band) Detailed
Booklet - RPM
16,5 €
Yuri Morozov Cherry Garden Of
Jimi Hendrix (CD RI of 1973 casette only release of russian surealistic
underground rock LP - amazing dark &
heavy album with
great songs, fuzz
guitar and effects) detailed Booklet -
14 €
Zager & Evans In The Year 2525 (24 track collection by apocalytic US duo
incl. Both 1969 /
1970 LPs plus4non lp bonus cuts incl. A censored version of `Mr. Turnkey´)
Booklet - Tune In
16 €
Zakary Thaks It's The End (22
track collection of rare 45´s,
alternates &
unreleased by Corpus Christie 60s Garage Legends incl.Bad
Girl, I Need You,
Face To Face etc
plus two early
unreleased tracks)
all from original
masters, detailed
Booklet - Big Beat
18 €
Zipps Kicks & Chicks -
Ever Stoned
(Excellent CD
collection by dutch 60s beat /
psychedelic band
feat live 65, demos, unreleased 45
`Singer Was Stoned
b/w Lotus Love´ etc) Detailed booklet
with stunning pics - Pseudonym Records
15 €
ZZ & De Maskers DoCD DoCD - Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music
-Collection of rare Singles A`s & B`s
incl. 45`s w/Chubby Checker: Cadillac,
Baby Baby Balla
Balla, Stoppin In
Las Vegas, Don`t Let Me Be Misunderstood etc De Luxe
digipack with
photos,liners -
14 €
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