Special 60s LPs Reissues

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After Tea Joint House Blues
(Vinyl RI of 1970
album on Negram by
dutch progressive
bluesrock outfit)
180 g vinyl, from
masters, original
gatefold sleeve -
18 €
Aggregation Mind Odyssey (Vinyl RI of 1970 sole LP
by US psychedelic
Band originally on
LHI) Orginal Foldout Cover - Sweet
18 €
Airbus Test Flight
(Collection of long lost 1970 -72
recordings by post
West Coast
Consortium group -
superb songs with
vocal harmonies and hook laden melodies) 180g vinyl,
detailed liners -
20 €
Alcatraz Vampire State
Bulding (Vinyl RI of 1971 album by
german krautband
band originally on
Philips) one bonus
track, insert - Long Hair
20 €
Almer Tandyn Along Comes Tandyn
(Vinyl RI of long
lost unreleased US
pop/psych gem by
writer of
Associations` ´Àlong Comes Mary` - a
stuning collection
with a wide
stylistic range)
detailed Liners - on Sundazed
19 €
Alpay Yekte (Collection of early 70s single
releases by turkish psych musician -
doleful anatolian
melodies mixed with western psych, and
heavy Wah Wah guitar solos) remastered
sound / insert -
20 €
Aphrodite´s Child DoLP DoLP - 666 (Vinyl RI of legendary 1972
magnum opus by
famous greek band
originally on
Vertigo mixing pop, psych and greek
folk) from masters, 180 g vinyl,
original de luxe FOC - Missing Vinyl
26 €
Ark Voyages (Vinyl RI of 1978 legendary and rare US psychedelic album - eering
folkrock Doors
sounding spookers
with strong
songwriting and
superb musicianship) Guerssen Records
20 €
Armando Piazza Suan (Vinyl RI of
ultrarare 1972
italian acid / psych album w/english
lyrics originally on Black Beautiful
Butterfly Records)
Original G/F Cover
25 €
Asylum First & Last (RI of excellent and almost unknown 1973
privately pressed US psych bands sole
release) On World In Sound
35 €
Athanor Flashback
(Collection of rare 1973-75 single
releases by local
Chicago beatlesque
psychedelic power
pop musicians. Comes with unreleased
studio tracks and
home demos) Insert - Guerssen
20 €
Audience Same ( Vinyl RI of
1967 debut album by London artrock band originally on
Polydor - 3 bonus
tracks and w/bonus
CD) Original Cover - Vinyl Lovers
19 €
Barclay Records Story Collection of garage 45´s from local
Pittsburgh label
12 €
Baris Manco Yenir Bi Gün (Vinyl RI of 1979 album by turkish rock
musician - funky
recordings with some lean mean
synthesizer and
excellent keyboards) Gorgeous FOC -
Insert - on
20 €
Baris Manco 2023 (De Luxe Vinyl RI of 1975
masterpiece by
turkish psycher - a stunning, psychic,
cosmic with
electronic use and a strong turkish
flavour) 180g vinyl, original Foldout
Cover - Guerssen
23 €
Baris Manco Sakla Samani, Gelir Zamani (Vinyl RI of 1976 third LP by
King of Anadolu Pop with slightly
different tracklist - collection of
funky psychedelic
single releases)
Original cover -
20 €
Beat 4 Habia Una Vez (Vinyl RI of 1968
emotional soft
folkbeat album by
popular chilenian
band originally on
RCA) 180 g vinyl,
insert, original
heavy sleeve -
35 €
Big Brother & Holding Company Same (Vinyl RI of
1967 debut album on Mainstream feat
Janis Joplin - rare mono Edition)
Original cover
22 €
Biglietto Per L´Inferno Same (Vinyl RI of
1974 italian
progressive rock
album originally on Trident) Original
cover - Vinyl Magic
21 €
Bill Fay Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 debut LP, a
classic UK folkrock album originally on Decca Nova) 180 g
binyl, original
cover - Four Men
With Beards
23 €
Bill Fay Time Of The Last
Persecution (Vinyl
RI of 1971 classic
second LP by UK
singer / songwriter originally on Deram Records - a perfect example of classic
folkrock) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - 4 MenWith
23 €
Blocco Mentale Poa (Vinyl RI of
1973 megarare
italian progressive rock album
originally on
Titania Records)
Original gimmick
Cover -Vinyl Magic
21 €
Blops Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 sought after
debut album by
chilenian psych /
prog band origanlly on Alba Records)
180g vinyl, original cover - on Acme
18 €
Blow Your Cool 20 previously
uncomped psych/prog assaults from the
UK/Europe incl.
Tritans, Mogul
Trash, Triangle,
Bedlam, Variations, Bluebird etc on
Psychic Circle
(Isn´t UK in Europe as well?)
15 €
Bob Markley A Group (Vinyl RI
of 1969 final album by WCPAEB member
feat melodic songs
and delicate
arrangements) 180g
vinyl, original
cover - on Spiral
17 €
Bobby Keys Same (Vinyl RI of
Rolling Stones
comrade feat a load of funky instroy and George Harrison,
Nicky Hopkins,
Leslie West, Dave
Mason and more) 180 g vinyl, original
19 €
Bokaj Retsiem Psychedelic
Underground (Vinyl
RI of 1968 german
psych album -
eccentric acid-fuzz album with savage
guitar and trippy
Original Cover
18 €
Brainchild Healing Of The
Lunatic Owl (CD RI
of sole album UK
progressive rock
band originally on
A&M Records) kismet
14 €
Buenos Aires Soul 1968-72 14 tracks of ultra
groovy sounds of
wild fuzz, horn,
organ filled
psychedelic soul,
mod dancers,
psychedelic soul,
latin funk and RnB
raries incl. Jumbo, Banana, Satanic
Girls, Clan Equis,
Mandinga, Toppers
etc - detailed
liners - La Crema
18 €
Buffalo Dead Forever (Vinyl RI of 1972 debut
album by australian hard rockers
originally on
Vertigo) 180 g
vinyl, original
Cover - Akarma
20 €
Bulldog Breed Made In England (CD RI of 1969 Deram
album by brit psych band w/bonus cuts)
15 €
C. K. Strong Same (CD RI of 1969 album by US
westcoast band with 8 original cuts of
dark, haunting and aggressive electric music with female
vocals) detailed
Booklet - World In
16 €
C. K. Strong Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 album by US
westcoast band with 8 original cuts of
dark, haunting and aggressive electric music with female
vocals) band-bio,
unseen photos -
World In Sound
18 €
Caedmon Same (Vinyl RI of
1976 privately
pressd whimsical
folk masterpiece -
electronic /
instruments and male / female vocals)
180 g vinyl,original cover - Acme
18 €
Cair Paravel Some Other Morning
(Vinyl RI of 1976
privately released
studio recorded LP
on Koala records
feat feat rare
home-made lo-fi
psych/folk LP with
athmospheric folk
with male/female
vocals and magical
atmospheres) Insert - Sommor
20 €
Camisasca La Finestra Dento
(Vinyl RI of 1974
album on Bla Bla by progressive rock
abdn from Italy) 180 g vinyl, orginal
labels and cover
21 €
Canamii Concept (Vinyl RI of late 70s obscure
south african
progressive album
with excellent
female vocals) from masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Missing
20 €
Cardeilhac Same (Vinyl RI of
1973 sole album by
obscure heavy swiss prog originally on
Decibel - a blend of 60s british styles with teutonic 70s
hardrock and some
prog touches) 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Ohrwaschl
18 €
Carolyn Hester Coaltion Magazine (Vinyl RI of 1969 second LP by US Folkrockers
originally on
Metromedia) from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Missing
20 €
Carolyn Hester Coaltion Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 excellent
psychedelic folkrock album by US band
originally on
Metromedia) from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Missing
20 €
Case Blackwood (Vinyl RI of ultrarare
privately pressed
1971 raw and
primitive Velvet
Underground sounding album by US Band)
180 g vinyl, Insert, Original Cover -
Lion Production
20 €
Catapilla Changes (Vinyl RI of sought after 1972
second album by UK
progband originally on Vertigo)
20 €
Cem Karaca Nem Kaldi (Vinyl RI of 1975 album by
psych/progster - a
collection of 60s / 70s singles
releases) 180 g
vinyl, Insert,
original Cover -
19 €
Cerebrum Eagle Death (Vinyl
Collection of both
rare 45s and newly
unreleased by
spanish 60s
underground band)
180 g vinyl, heavy
cover - insert -
35 €
Chicken Shack Imagination Lady
(Vinyl RI of 1972
album on Deram
records by meanwhile more rockin british Bluesband) -
original cover -
Sunday Records
20 €
Chirco The Visitation
(Vinyl RI of 1972
privately released
progressive concept LP - two long suits with spacey vocals
and heavy organ)
Insert, original
cover - Out-Sider
20 €
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family My Ancestors (Vinyl RI of 1974 full fuzz psychedelic
underground album by band from Zambia)
180 g vinyl, no
insert, original
heavy sleeve -
35 €
Cinncinato Same (Vinyl RI of
1974 rare italian
progressive rock
album incl. The
20-minute suite
´Ebete`) 180 g
vinyl, from masters, original cover
21 €
Circus 2000 Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 eponymous debut LP by italian band originally on Rifi - excellent
psych/prog with a
westcoast flavour)
180 g vinyl,
original labels and Cover - Vinyl Magic
21 €
Clark - Hutchinson A=MH2 (DoCD RI of
1970 debut LP by UK underground band
originally on Decca Nova plus an
unreleased 1969
album as bonus)
Detailed Booklet -
19 €
Clark - Hutchinson DoLP DoLP - A=MH2 (Vinyl RI of 1970 debut LP by UK underground
band originally on
Decca Nova plus an
unreleased 1969
album as bonus LP)
Gatelfold sleeve -
180g vinyl - liners - on Sunbeam
27 €
Clear Light Symphony Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 debut lP by
french psychedelic
underground group on Virgin feat Cyrille Verdeaux) Original Cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Code III Planet of Man (Vinyl RI of 1974 german
electronic album
with a blend of
electronics and an
abstract use of
voice and effects)
Original Cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Complex The Way We Feel
(Vinyl RI of second album by UK
underground band
with another set of UK psych feat the
killer `We Don´t
Exist´) 180 g vinyl, original cover -
20 €
Country Weather DoLP - Same (RI of
lost San Francisco westcoastish
one-sided 1969 demo plus more studio
recordings and live appearances) FOC,
180 g vinyl & thick cardboard sleeve -RD Records
35 €
Creme Soda Tricky Zingers
(Vinyl RI of utterly cool 1975 album by Ohio band blending psychy fuzz rockers with dreamy psych
and garage RnB in a mid 60s way)
Original Cover -
Trinity Records
18 €
CWT The Hundredweight
(Vinyl RI of 1973
sole LP by UK heavy / progressive band
originally on
Kuckuck - produced
by A. Oldham) from masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Missing
20 €
Dando Shaft Lantaloon (Vinyl RO of 1972 third and
last album by UK
band - brillant
accousic folk-rock
and traditional
folk) 180 g vinyl,
insert, original
cover - Sommor
20 €
Dando Shaft An Evening With
Dando Shaft (Vinyl
RI of 1970 debut
album by UK
accoustic folkrock
band) 180 g vinyl, insert, original
cover - Sommor
20 €
Dando Shaft Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 second album by UK folkrock band
mixing traditional
folk tunes with
great Pentangle-like songs) 180 g vinyl, insert, original
cover - Sommor
19 €
Days Same (CD RI of 1971 debut album by
danish pastoral
progband originally on Spectator)
Booklet - on
15 €
Decembers Children Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 sole LP by Ohio psychedelic band
originally on
Mainstream) 180 g
vinyl - original
16 €
Denis Same (Vinyl RI of
1978 megarare french hippie folk album
incl. recordings
made from 68-78 -
psychedelic folk
with mellow songs,
acoustic guitar,
xylohone and english lyrics) Original
Cover - Mellotron
16 €
Derdiyoklar Ikilisi Coban Mamos (Vinyl
RI of 80s album by
turkish immigrant
duo originally on
Türkuola - Electric Saz, synthesized
drums, cymbalon,
overdubs and buzzy
flanged out guitar
solos) from masters, insert, original
cover - Pharaway
19 €
Deuter Aum (Vinyl RI of
1972 album by german artist - a mix of
eastern & western
styles, accoustic
and electric
instruments creating a meditative mantra like-groove)
Original Cover -
Cherry Red
18 €
Deuter Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 classic debut
album by german
Krautrocker - fusion of atmospheric rock and ethnic
influences) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - on Missing
19 €
Dharma Blues Band Dharma Blues (Vinyl RI of 1967 sole
album by british
blues band
originally on Majo
Minor - Band has
Hawkwind Dave Brock) Original Cover -
17 €
Dragonwyck Chapter II (Vinyl RI of more proggy 1972 acetate only
release by US band) painstakingly
remastered, PS bonus 7", 180 g vinyl &
heavy sleeve) -
World In Sound
35 €
Drama Meldodrama (Vinyl
collection of entire recordings by dutch psychedelic /
progband incl.their 1973 LP plus five
unreleased bonus
cuts) - 180g vinyl, from masters,
Gatefold Sleeve -
18 €
Dreamies Auralgraphic
Entertainment (Vinyl RI of 1974 US
electronic/psych LP feat Bill Holt -
sound collages,
proto sampling -
electronic psychpop) Original cover and insert -Out-Sider
19 €
Drugi Nacin Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 album by
yugoslavian progrock band - twin
guitars, organand
tight flute) 180 g
vinyl, heavy sleeve, original cover -
Still Looking
35 €
Dull Knife Electric Indian
(Vinyl RI of 1971 LP on Philips. LP
combines Deep
Purpple hardrock
with tough
blues-rock) 180 g
vinyl, Insert,
originalCover - Long Hair
19 €
Duncan MacKay Chimera (Vinyl RI
of ultra rare 1974
South African
progressive rock
album originally on Vertigo) 180 g
vinyl, original
gatefold cover -
Missing Vinyl
19 €
Dzyan Time Machine (Vinyl RI of 1973 second
album on Bacillus
moving away from the debut prog rock
sound to explore
more jazz, ethnic
and space-out
improvisations) 180g vinyl, original
cover - Long Hair
19 €
Dzyan Electric Silence
(Vinyl RI of 1974
third album on
Bacillus by german Krautband moving
even further into
exotic sounds, weird experimentation and mysticismn) - 180g vinyl, original
cover - Long Hair
19 €
East Of Eden Essen 1970 (Vinyl
deluxe edition of
live appearance from October 22nd 1970
by UK elabrated
progband recorded
live at the Essen
Pop & Blue Festival) detailed 32 page
booklet w/detailed
band history, rare
photos, discography - Garden Of Delight
20 €
Ejwuusel Wesshaqqan Same (Vinyl RI of
privately released
1975 album by german Krautband famous
for replacing guitar with the seven
string filouphone) 2 bonus, original
cover, 8-page insert - Garden Of
19 €
Electric Asylum Vol. 5 20 tracks of obscure late 60s / early
70s UK psychedelic
freakrock incl.
Tracey Dean,
Biggles, Iron Horse, Hector, Mustard,
Whistle, 13 AMP and more
14 €
Electric Psychedelic Headswirlers Vol. 1 DoLP DoLP - Collection of eastern tinged
sitar rock, pop and folk feat Ray Brown & Moonstone,
Basement Wall,
Omega, Misty Wizards etc - Particles
29 €
Ellie Pop Same (CD RI of 1968 light & fresh
psychedelic folk/pop album by Michigan
band originally on
Mainstream Records) Kismet
14 €
Embermen Five - (Repress available now!) Fire In Their Hearts (11 track
collection incl. all rare 45´s and three unreleased tracks
by North Dakota 60´s Beat/Garageband)
top sound quality,
large booklet
w/history - on
13 €
Estrella Di Marzo A Los Ninos ConAmor (Vinyl RI of 1974
LP rarity by band
from Bolivia - great undergound with
lots fuzz, g reat
beats and beautiful vocals) 180 g vinyl, Heavy Cover, 2-page insert - on
35 €
Etcetera DoLP Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 original LP on Global Records by
Krautband plus
complete bonus with recordings from same ssession - weird
trippy fusion full
of ethnic spice)
From masters, four
page insert,
original silver
cover - Long Hair
38 €
Fading Yellow Vol. 1 DoLP DoLP - Vinyl RI of
debut release of
timeless 65-69
Popsike series - 25 magical 60s Popsike and other delights
by Zephyrs, Jon,
Steff Sulke, Dean
Ford & Gaylords,
Elliots Sunshine,
Bliss etc) improved Sound, photos,
liners - Flower
Machine Records
28 €
Fear Itself LP - Same (Vinyl RI of 1969 sole album
by US psych /
underground band
originally on Dot)
FOC w/inner sleeve, pics and bio - on
World In Sound
19 €
Fear Itself Same (CD RI of 1969 sole album by US
band originally on
Dot) World In Sound
16,5 €
Ferris Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 album on Love
Records by finnish
group incl. singer / songwriter Dave
Lindholm - pure
bluesy Cream-like
underground with
english vocals) 180 g vinyl, Insert,
original heavy cover - Shadoks
35 €
Fifth Order (repress available now) Bonfire! The Return Of (Cool 10 track
collection of rare
45´s and unreleased mid 60s garagers by Ohio´s Teenband No. 1) Full coloured
cover, detailed
insert, top sound - on Break-A-Way
13 €
Fikret Kizilok Anadolu`yum
(Collection of
1971-75 Singles by
Turkish 70s psycher incl. Doorsy organ, a prog flute and a
very splashy backing band) 180 g vinyl, Insert - Pharaway
22 €
Fillmore - The Last Days - 3 LP Set plus 7´´ 3-LP Set & 7´´
Vinyl RI of OST to
1972 documentary of the last Fillmore
week feat Elvin
Bishop Group,
Santana, Grateful
Dead, QMS, Cold
Blood, Stoneground, It's A Beautiful Day etc - de luxe
package with poster, tickets etc -
Sunday Records
45 €
Finch Vita Dominica
(Rarities Collection by dutch post-Q65
underground group
incl their rare 1975 single, three
unreleased 1975 VPRO recordings and a
1977 demo) from
masters, liners, de luxe Foldoutcover
18 €
Fire Could You Understand Me (Vinyl RI of
early 70s dutch only privately released progrock album by
band from yugoslavia - furious loud
psychrock with
thundering guitars) Original Cover -
16 €
Flowerz Flyte (US Garage
Bands 45´s and
12 €
Franco Battiato Foetus ( Vinyl RI of 1972 solo album by italian
minimalistic prog
artist originally
on Bla Bla Records) 180 g vinyl,
original labels,
original cover -
Vinyl Magic
21 €
Free Flight DoLP (excellent
collection of 60´s
surf/ garage/ psych from Dove Records
16 €
Freeborne Peak Impression
(Vinyl RI of 1968
remarkable US
psychedelic album
originally on
Molitor Records)
Original Cover -
13 €
Freeman Sound & Friends Heavy Trip (Vinyl RI of unreleased 70/71 album by US heavy
psychband) Deluxe
package, free 7'' - on World In Sound
32 €
Frumpy All Will Be Changed (Vinyl RI of 1970
german progressive
classic - perfect
70s prog with
burning hammond and bluesy vocals) 180 g vinyl, original
over - Acme
18 €
Funky Junction Tribute To Deep
Purple (Vinyl RI of 1972 UK
exploitation album
recorded by Thin
Lizzy under
pseudonym featuring a mix of cover and originals with some searing Eric Bell
guitar work) 180g
vinyl, original
cover - Kismet
20 €
Gallery The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Vinyl
RI of 1970 rare
british folk /
underground LP
originally on Midas) Insert, original
Cover - Guerssen
20 €
Garybaldi Astrolabio (Vinyl RI of second LP by
italian progband in original
foldoutcover) Vinyl Magic
21 €
Gene Clark Two Sides To Every
Story (Vinyl RI of
long out of print
1978 solo album by
Byrds founding
member feat an
impressive cast of
co-conspirators) 180 g vinyl, tip on
sleeve, 28 page
large booklet,
download card) High Noon Records
35 €
Gene Clark Two Sides To Every
Story (CD RI of long out of print 1978
solo album by Byrds founding member feat an impressive cast of musical
Packaged in De.Luxe hardbound Eco-Book
with 24-page booklet - High Noon
29 €
Gracious This Is Gracious
(Vinyl RI of 1972
second album by UK
heavy psych/prog
band originally on
Philips) 180g vinyl, original cover -
20 €
Grupa 220 Nasi Dani (Vinyl RI of mega-rare 1968
beat/psych album
originally on
Jugoton) 180 g
vinyl, original
heavy cover -
19 €
Guess Who DoLP Shakin All Over (RI of bands more Beat n Garage tracks from mid 60´s)
29 €
Gurnemanz No Rays Of Noise
(Vinyl RI of 1977
privately released
second album by
german folkrock
band) 180 g vinyl,
original cover -
Missing Vinyl
19 €
Guru Guru Live In Bremen,
12.09.71 (Vinyl
release of live
appearance by german Krautrockers
recorded for Radio
Bremen incl. The
23-min ´´LSD
March``) 180g vinyl LP with bonus track CD - Lilith
18 €
H.P. Lovecraft Same (Vinyl RI of
essential 1967 US
psychedelc folk/rock album by Chicago
Band originally on
Philips) 180g vinyl, original cover -
Subway Records
19 €
Habibiyya DoLP If Man But Knew
(Vinyl RI of british world music album
incl Mighy Baby
ex-members and
traditional and
exotic instruments) Non LP Bonus cuts,
liners, original
cover - on Sunbeam
27 €
Hamana Same (Vinyl RI of
1974 album incl.
65-74 recordings by american indian
originally on
Canyon) World In
Sound - 180 g vinyl - thick cover
32 €
Hamlet Linnanherra (Vinyl
RI of extremely rare finnish underground rock album
originally on
Discovox Records -
powerful psych &
progrock with heavy leadguitar) 180 g
vinyl, 2-page
insert, heavy cover - Shadoks
35 €
Hanuman Same (Vinyl RI of
1973 classic Kraut
album by post-Murphy Blend band
oiginally on
Kuckuck) from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Missing
20 €
He And She 22 far-out pop/psych duos from the 60s
incl. Hubbles, Tony & Sigrid, St. George & Tana, Good &
Plenty, Tee & Cara, Gypsy Trips, Wolf & Monkey etc - Pet
16 €
Headstone Still Looking (CD RI of sole LP by US
hard-rock band
originally on Starr Records) 6 Bonus
cuts, Booklet w/band bio - World In
16 €
Heard - Only Ones 10´´ 10´´ - Lone Star
State 60s Punk
(Split release incl sole 45 by two cool 66/67 classic Texas garage bands) on
9 €
Hearts & Flowers Now Is The Time
For...(Vinyl RI of
1967 debut LP for
Capitol by West
Coast harmony
folkrock band) 180 g vinyl, original
Cover - Four Men
With Beards
20 €
Hearts & Flowers Of Horses, Kids &
Forgotten Women
(Vinyl RI of 1968
second Capitol LP - a classic slice of
late 60s westcoast
psychedelic country rock) 180 g vinyl,
original Cover -
Four Men With
20 €
Hearts Of Stone Vol. 1 Collection of rare
mid 60´s Beat/garage comp w/groups from Brasil
15,5 €
Hearts Of Stone Vol. 2 Great new volumen
dealin with 60´s
brasilian Beat &
Garage 45´s
15,5 €
Hearts Of Stone Vol. 3 Cool 16 track
collection of rare & sought after
brasilian Beat N
Garage from the
15,5 €
Hendrickson Road House Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 excellent album by US psychedelic
folk album feat. the talent of vocalist Sue Akins) 180g
vinyl, liners,
original cover -
Tenth Planet
19 €
Hobo Same (Vinyl RI of
1974 LP rarity by
harmonies and
excellent original
material) 180 g
vinyl, original
heavy cover -
19 €
Hot Tuna Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 landmark rootsy side project b
Jefferson Airplane
members originally
on RCA) From analog masters, original
cover - Sundazed
22 €
Huckle Once Upon A Time
(Vinyl RI of 1974
debut LP by highly
rated canadian
hippie folk artist - beautiful
songwriting and
masterpiece) from
masters, original
paste on sleeve,
Insert - Mapache
21 €
Human Instinct Burning Up The Years (Viyl RI of 1969
debut LP on Marble
Arch by New Zealand heavy psychers feat the guitar of Billy TK) 180 g vinyl,
liners & photos,
original cover -
18 €
I Nuovi Angeli Same (CD RI of 1968 sole LP on Durium by italian 60s Beat / Pop Band plus 12
66-69 bonus tracks
incl. group
originals and
italian versions of I Can`t Control
Myself, Sunny
Afternoon, Happy
Together etc
19 €
I Teoremi Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 rare italian
album originally on Polaris - excellent progrock with a
hardrock edge) 180 g vinyl, original
textured gatefold
cover with right
side flap - Vinyl
23 €
Ia-Batiste Chiconera´s Cat
(Vinyl Ri of 1975
second album by
catalan duo - a
collection of
charming progressive folkrock) G/F
sleev, insert - Wah Wah
20 €
ID DoLP Inner Sound Of
(Vinyl RI of 1967
legendary US psych
album on RCA w/loads bonus cuts) World
in Sound
23 €
Igla Staklenih Perli Same (Vinyl RI of
mid 70s psychedelic masterpiece from
former Yugoslavia - Floyedesque psych
with stunning
guitars and killer
keyboards) - 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Acme
18 €
Ihre Kinder Empty Hands (Vinyl RI of 1970 never
released english
version of legendary album by german
prog/psych band) 180 g vinyl, original
planned cover and
innersleeve -
Missing Vinyl
19 €
Imaginations - Psychedelic Sounds From The Youngblood, Beacon & Mothers Labels 1969-74 - A
collection of UK
influenced rarities incl. hard psych,
early glam,
psychrock and psych pop by Taiconderoga, Boots, Shakane, Uzi & Styles, Jelly,
Rubber Band etc -
Insert - on
19 €
International Vicious Society Vol. 5 16 track global
collection of
painfully obscure
crude - a - phonic
50s/60s dance craze platters incl Los
Jaguars, The
Hotdogs, Takeshi
Terauchi & Bunnys,
Fats & Cats, Nicky
Rocberts & Three
Bars, Les Merecumbes etc - UOV Records
16 €
J. W. Farquhar Formale Female
(Vinyl RI of 1972
privately released album - frinch
art-avant psych
obscurity) 180 g
vinyl, heavy glossy sleeve - on Shadoks
35 €
Jackson C.Frank 10´´ plus CD Forest Of Eden
(Collection of 1965 /66 previously
unreleased early
recordings by UK
ExtendedLiner Notes - Secret Records
15 €
Jade Fly On Strange Wings (Vinyl RI of
excellent 1970 UK
folkrock album
originally on DJM)
180 g vinyl, insert, original
Foldoutcover -
20 €
Janus Al Maestrale (Vinyl RI of 1978 sole
album by italian
progrock band mixing their early
hardrock influence
with a slight folky touch) Insert w/pics and liners - Vinyl Magic
21 €
Joe Peace Finding Peace Of
Mind (Vinyl RI of
1972 dreamy US
psych/folk album by US singer /
songwriter ranging
from Westcoast to
loner-folk to heaver psych rock) 180 g
vinyl, heavy G/F
cover - World In
32 €
John & Beverley Martyn Stormbringer (Vinyl RI of 1970 album by UK folkrock duo
originally on Island records - jazzy
undertones, spirit
lifting vocals and
buttery folk guitar) Original cover - 4 Men With Beards
20 €
John Bunyan`s Progressive Pilgrims Apricot Brandy
(Vinyl RI of 1969 US psychedelic
Exploito album
originally on
Alshine Records -
heavy psych LP full of fuzz guitars and screaming organs)
Original Cover -
Alshire Records
14 €
John Mayall & Bluesbreakers Crusade (Vinyl RI of 1967 album by UK
RnB Legend feat Mick Taylor) from mono
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - on Sundazed
18 €
John The Revelator Wild Blues (Vinyl RI of 1970 album by
dutch bluesrock band originally on Decca Records) 2 bonus
tracks, from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, Original
Foldoutcover -
18 €
Johnny & Mary Lauren Blackburn Echoes Of Love´s
Reality (Vinyl RI of timeless 1981 folk rarity originally on Wind´s Eye Music - a soft dreamy trip
inside melancholy
and bliss of an acid tinted romance)
original Cover -
20 €
Jokers Wild Liquid Giraffe
(Vinyl RI of
unreleased late 60s album by Minnesota
psychband - loads of fuzz, speedy drums and tight bass lnes) 180 g vinyl, thick cardboard sleeve,
2-page insert -
35 €
Jumbo Vietato Ai Minori di 18 anni (Vinyl RI
of 1973 third LP by legendary italian
progband originally on Philips) from
masters, original
g/f cover, 500 only
21 €
Jumbo DNA (Vinyl RI of
second LP by italian progsters
originally on
Philips) from
masters - lim 500
only in G/F Cover
21 €
Just Others Amalgam (Vinyl RI of 1974 self released album by UK gentle
folk rock band
originally released in a micropress of
250 only) Cartoon
Cover, Insert -
20 €
Karthago Rock `n´ Roll
Testament (Vinyl RI of third album by
german Krauters from 1974) From masters, Original Gimmick
27 €
Keef Hartley Band Halfbreed (Vinyl RI of 1969 debut album on Deram by UK
progrock band)
original cover -
20 €
Ken Kesey & Merry Pranksters The Acid Test (Vinyl RI of 1966
legendary document
from the world´s
epicenter feat psych godfather Ken Kesey and the Dead
playing in the
background) Sound
City Records
18 €
Kenny & Kasuals 1966-68 The
Singles...plus (20
track collection of 1966-68 rare 45´s
and unreleased by
Texas Garage / Psych Kings) Missing
20 €
King George Discovery Peace Of Mind (Vinyl RI of lost acetate LP by US musician
recorded in Sweden - Great Hendrix type psychedelic guitar
work) 180 g vinyl,
Heavy Cover, 2-page insert - on Shadoks
35 €
Knaves 10´´ - Leave Me
Alone (8 track comp w45´s and unrel. by Chicago 60´s punks)
13 €
La Confiserie Magic - Groove Club Vol. 1 DoLP DoLP - 22 track
collection of 66-71 french popsike and
soft sounds feat Les Hamsters, Les
Parisiennes, Yar &
Yana, Le Systeme
Crapoutchik etc -
detailed Liners -
Lion Production
21 €
Laghonia Glue (Vinyl RI of
1971 debut LP onMag records by peruvian psychedelic band -
with fuzz, wah wah
guitar and Hammond
B2 organ) From
cover -World In
19 €
Lard Free Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 unreleased work by french
experimental band)
Wah Wah Records
20 €
Lard Free Gilbert Artman´s
Lard Free (Vinyl RI of 1973 album on
Vamp by innovative
and inspirational
free rock french
band) Original
cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Lard Free I´m Around About
Midnight (Vinyl RI
of 1975 second LP on Vamp by french band moving ahead to
more electronic
influenced sounds)
Original Cover - Wah Wah
20 €
Laser Vita Sul Pianeta
(Vinyl RI of sole
album by italian
progressive rock
band originally on
Car-Jukebox Records) 180 g vinyl, from
masters - Vinyl
21 €
Legend Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 sole album by
US garagepop / psych band originally on Megaphone Records)
Original Cover -
Klimt Records
16 €
Legend From The Fjords
(Vinyl RI of 1979
progressive heavy
rock masterpiece by US band from
Original Cover -
Acid Nightmare
18 €
Les Sultans 16 track collection of 45´s by canadian beatband incl. ``I
Can Only Give You
15 €
Lied Des Teufels Same (Vinyl RI of
1973 album by
post.Murphy Blend
band originally on
Kuckuck - german
Krautrock) 180 g
vinyl, original
Cover - Missing
20 €
Life Life After Death
(Vinyl RI of british heay prog rarity
originally on
Polydor - band has
Ian Hunter and Ken
Hensley) 180 g
vinyl, origianml
cover - Prog Temple Records
19 €
Light Of Darkness Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 sole album by
german / scotttish
band originally on
Philips Records) 180 g vinyl, original
Cover, Long Hair
19 €
Lightshine Feelings (Vinyl RI of 1976 german Kraut LP originally on
Trefton and
remiscent of early
Floyd Psych) 4-page insert w/detailed
history, from
masters - Garden of Delight
19 €
Litter $100 Fine (RI of 2nd LP from 1968 by
Mpls garagers)
12 €
Litter Distortions (RI of
first & classic 1967 US Garage LP)
12 €
Little Phil & Nightshadows Patriarchs Of Garage Rock (12 track
collection of 64 -
67 rare 45´s and
unreleased by
legendary Georgia
Garage Band)
15 €
Logos Firesides & Guitars (Vinyl RI of 1970
legendary folk rock album by Kansas Trio - dual accoustic
guitars and fresh
male/female vocals) Insert, 180 g vinyl, original cover -
19 €
Los Mockers Complete Recordings (RI of LP and 45´s
by 60s Stones-A-Like band from Uruguay) on 0,22 Kilo vinyl
14 €
Los Ovnis Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 legendary
garage/psych album
by famous mexican
60s band originally on Eco Records) 180 g vinyl, heavy
sleeve, insert,
poster - on Shadoks
35 €
Los Zantos - Los Strwck Mexican Fuzz Masters (Wild down- the-
border fuzz festival feat two late 60s mexican punk bands
with crazy sounds
and heavy fuzz
guiutars) Jijuana
Dicos Records
17 €
MacKay Into You - Take Two (Collection of
1975-79 unreleased
tracks - laid back
rural psych with
dreamy harmonies,
raw fuz-guitars and druggy atmosphere)
From masters, Insert - Guerssen
19 €
Made In Shade 16 ferocious rocking tracks mixing
rumbling instros,
60s garage rockers
and rocknrollers
incl Bleach Boys,
Pattens, Nothing and No-Names, Jesters, Los Apson,
Beachcombers, Leon
Grissom & Roulettes, Cubs Talismen etc - Obscureville
10 €
Mariani Perpetuum Mobile
(Vinyl RI of 1970
Texas heavy psych
album originally on Sonobeat) Pasted
hardboard G/F sleeve - Akarma
20 €
May Blitz Essen 1970 (Vinyl
deluxe edition of
live appearance from October 22nd 1970
by fabulous UK heavy progband recorded
live at the Essen
Pop & Blue Festival) detailed 32 page
booklet w/detailed
band history, rare
photos, discography - Garden Of Delight
19 €
McCully Workshop Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 debut album by South African
psychedelic band
originally on
Trutone) from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Missing
20 €
McCully Workshop Genesis (Vinyl RI of 1971 rare second
album on Truetone by south african
psychedelic band)
from masters, 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Missing
20 €
McKay A New Light Shines
(Collection of 74-79 recordings - more psych, raw andloose than Ìnto You LP`, but same laid back sound, outlaw
guitars and top
west coast
Guerssen Records
20 €
Michael Fennelly DoLP Love Can Change
Everything (24 track collection of
1967-72 Demos by
Crabby Appleton
leader - excellent songs in a power pop vein with a crystal clear voice and
great melodies)
Liners - Sundazed
32 €
Midnight Circus Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 album by german Krautband
originally on
Bacillus - 4 tracks with raw power,
cranky vocals and
arrangements) 180 g vinyl, insert,
original cover -
Long Hair
19 €
Midnight To 66 US garage comp w/all rare unknown 65/66 singles
10 €
Mikki Curtis The Third Ear (Vinyl RI of 1972 album on Vertigo by Samurai frontman - fantastic otherworldly
eastern tinged
psychedelic with
spacey guitar solos) 180 g vinyl,
Insert, original
cover - Bamboo
19 €
Misty Hush Revival Your Heart Is Broken (Vinyl RI of 1971
local US album
originally on
Dynamite - cool mix of 60s sounding
dreamy poppsych and raw fuzz teenbeat)
Insert, original
cover - Guerssen
20 €
Moby Grape DoLP DoLP - Live!
(Collection of
historic Moby Grape Live performances
1966-69 from
Soundboard and
Broadcast Tapes
incl. Avalon 66,
Monterey 67,
Amsterdam 69 etc)
detailed notes -
32 €
Mod Meeting #1 Great 14 tracker
incl rare 45´s by
classic modbands
Richard Kent Style & St. Louis Union
15,5 €
Mod Meeting Vol. 2 16 rare & exciting
british modbeaters
65-68 (cool comp
incl. Clayton
Squares, Gnomes Of
Zurich, C. Kerry,
Rats, Kevin ´King´
Lear, Hamilton &
Movement etc) Cool
coloured cover)
15 €
Mod Meeting Vol. 3 16 exciting rare
british sixties
modbeaters (incl.
Clayton Squares,
Laurie Jay Combo,
Blue Aces,
Mockingbirds and
15 €
Modulo 1000 Naole Fade Com
Paredes (Vinyl RI of rare brasil
psych/prog LP from
1970 - heavy
guitars, swirling
keyboards and a
barrage of protest
lyrics) Original
Cover - Cherry Red
18 €
Moloch Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 sole album by
Memhis band on
Enterprise records - heavy bluesy rock
with loads fuzz
guitar) Original
Cover - Klimt
16 €
Murphy Blend First Loss (Vinyl RI of 1970 sole LP
originally on
Kuckuck - unique
heavy psychedelic
krautprog album) 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Missing
20 €
Naked Lunch Same (First time
release of 1969
recordings by San
Francisco Santana
type Latinrock band w/one bonus cut and large poster) World In Sound
18 €
Naked Lunch Same (First time
release of 1969
recordings by San
Francisco Santana
type Latinrock band w/four bonus cuts)
Detailed booklet -
World In Sound
16,5 €
Nimbus Obus (Vinyl RI of
1974 sole album on
Satsanga Records by finnish progrock
band with three
period TV broadcast live tracks) heavy
sleeve, insert -
35 €
Nosferatu Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 sole album by
german Krautband -
raw, rough & heavy
progressive rock
w/great guitar,
organ,flute & sax)
180 g vinyl, from
masters, original
cover - Long Hair
19 €
Nucleus Elastik Rock (Vinyl RI of 1970 debut
album by UK
originally on
Vertigo) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Tapestry
19 €
Odissea Same (Vinyl Riof
another eponymous
debut album by
italian melodic
progrock band
originally on Rifi
Records ) 180 g
vinyl, original
labels, orignal
Foldoutcover - Vinyl Magic
21 €
Onyx Kaleidoscope Of
Colours (Collection of 1967 studio demos feat early versions of subsequent
single tracks - a
host of previously
unissued day-glo
psychedelic Pop
incl. So Sad Inside, Gotta Be With Me
and Climb That Tree) 12 page booklet -
Wooden Hill
14 €
Os Mutantes The Sixth Finger -
Singles, Rarities & Outtakes 1965-68 (14 track collection
by legendary
brasilian 60s wild
and raw psychband - most tracks from
masters) WL Records
18 €
Out Of Focus Same (Vinyl RI of
second album by
german progressive
Krautrock band -
unique blend of
rock, jazz and
psych) from masters, original cover -
Missing Vinyl
20 €
Out Of Focus Wake Up! (Vinyl RI
of debut LP by
german Krautband
originally on
Kuckuck - blend of
rock, jazz and
psychy overtones)
from masters,
original cover -
Missing Vinyl
20 €
Out Of Focus DoLP DoLP - 4 Letter
Monday Afternoon
(Vinyl RI of third, 1972 release on
Kuckuck by german
Krautband with many lengthy instrumental tracks) from
masters, Original
Cover - Missing
30 €
Oxfords Flying Up Through
The Sky (Vinyl RI of 1970 sole album by US psychedelic soft rock band. Excellent male / femals
harmonies and
arrangements) 4
Bonus cuts, from
masters, 180 g
vinyl, Gatefold
Cover - Missing
19 €
Pacific, Gas & Electric Get It On (Vinyl RI of 1968 debut album by US band from the Westcoast incl. The first-ever cover of `Motor City`s
OriginalCover -
17 €
Panna Freda Uno (Vinyl RI of
1971 sole album on
Vedette by italian
progsters incl.a
very effective
guitar keyboard
interplay and strong vocals) 180 g
vinyl, original
label and cover -
Vinyl Magic
21 €
Pell Mell Marburg (Vinyl RI
of 1972 first LP by german Krautrock
band playing a u
inque and complex
combination of psych & prog) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Long Hair
19 €
Petrus Castrus Mestre (Vinyl RI of 1973 debut album by portuguese excellent progrock band) 180 g vinyl - Guerssen
20 €
Petrus Castrus DoCD - Mestre (CD RI of 1973 debut album by portuguese
excellent progrock
band) 3 Foldout
digipack w/12 page
18 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 1 20 late 60s/early
70s flower power
trippers from the
deep valleys of the British Pop Music
Culture incl Jason
James, Peppermint
Circus, Roger Blooms Hammer, Sounds Inc, Nocturnes, Merlin Q, Mood Of Hamilton etc - Booklet - on
Past & Present
19 €
Please Seeing Stars (Vinyl RI of 1969
unreleased killer
studio LP by UK
pre-T2 Band -
psychedelic with an intoxicating blend
of hammond, fuzz
leads and superb
melodies) Acme
18 €
Plus Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 holy grail of
european progressive jazz-funk
originally on Pink
Elephant Records)
Lim to 700 only -
Golden Pavillon
19 €
Pop Five Music Inc. Same (Vinyl RI of
portuguese Psych /
Rock bands sole
album with mostly
covers and hammond, keyboards and fuzzy guitars) Original
Cover - LS Records
18 €
Prints Of Darkness Zindabad (Vinyl
collection of
forgotten 1968
garage / psych
recordings by US
band living in
Pakistan feat a
great mix of covers and originals)
package,booklet -
Ravi Records
26 €
Psych Funk A La Turkish Vol. 2 10 track collection from turkish 70s
psychedelic funk
heritage incl.
rarities feat Rana & Secuk, Semiramis, Hayko, Nil Burak etc detailed liners,
pictures - on
18 €
Psychedelic Minds Vinyl Collection
featuring rare 45´s from the 67-71 heavy psych era incl.
Dirty Filthy Mud,
Purple Canteen,
Mastermind etc - on World In Sound
20 €
Psychedelic Schlemiels Vol. 2 20 track collection with more lost
sounds from the
Britpsych Scene 1965 - 67 incl. Loot,
Cellophane Cloud,
Opal Butterfly,
Intruders etc -
detailed booklet
16 €
Psychedelic States - Arkansas Cool 31 track
collection of local Arkansas 60s garage 45´s incl. Sires Of Oxford,
Vipers, Romans,
Mercenairies etc -
Booklet - Gear Fab
13 €
Psychedelic States - Ohio Part 2 Another 27 rare and totally unknown
wild garage & psych 45´s from Ohio -
incl.Onion Ring,
Times, Jimmy &
Strangers etc
13 €
Public Nuisance Gotta Survive (Vinyl RI of lost 1969 LP by San Diego post
`Moss & Rocks´ Band - blend of punky
tinged garage /
psych rock with Who energy, Seeds/Music Machinemania and
Stooges heavyness)
from masters,
download code, cool cover - Third Man
16 €
Purple Image Same (Vinyl RI of
sole album by US
band blending soul
funk and psychrock
to a Hendrix
influenced fuzz and Wah Wah effort) 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Spiral
18 €
Quicksilver Messengers Service Live At The Avalon
Ballroom, San
Francisco - 1966
(Early Live
recordings by US
westcoast acidpsych combo feat first
vocalist Jim Murray and incl. Pride Of Man, Mona and a 20 min Hooochie Coochie Man - amazing sound quality) Vinyl
17 €
Ra Can Row Same (Vinyl RI of
rare early 80s LP by Ohio band - blend
of spacerock, psych and heaavy rock
Original cover -
Sunday Records
20 €
Rain Make The Day Break
(Unreleased 1974
`Live In
Studio´recorded LP
by norwegian band - great musical
skills, compositions and playing) 180 g vinyl, insert, thick cover - Shadoks
35 €
Rain Same (CD RI of 1972 US progrock album
originally Project
3) One Bonus track - booklet - Sunbeam
15,5 €
Raks! Raks! Raks! Persia´s `60s 17 golden garage
psych nuggets from
the iranian 60s
scene incl. The
Littles, Group
Takhala La, Penahi, Googoosh,
Rebels,Group Sageed etc Reza Pahlewi
liner notes
19 €
Rare 60s Beat Treasures Vol. 6 Cool collection of
27 UK mid 60s Beat, Psych & Freakbeaters incl. Tommy Scott, Klan, Mike Proctor, Ransom Head etc
15 €
Rare 60s Beat Treasures Vol. 7 25 track collection with more UK Beat,
Psych and Freakbeat incl.Montanas, Love Children, Truth,
Cedars etc
15 €
Rare Mod Vol. 4 Fourth Volumen of
60s UK Underground, RnB, Psych And Mod
Series (16 rare &
unreleased tracks
incl. All Night
Workers, Gary Farr & T-Bones, Syd`s
Crowd, Artwoods,
Wild Ones, Virgin
Sleep, Tomorrow`s
Children etc) Liners - Acid Jazz
14 €
Red Dirt Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 album by UK
heavy bluesy psych
band originally on Fontana) From
Masters, original
cover - Secret
20 €
Reinhold Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 mexican only LP by Bodo Molitor
Brother - an
accoustic folky and blues mix of
originals and
tradionals) original Cover - Vam
19 €
Remains 6 sensational 65/66 vinyl debut tracks
by Boston Garagers. Sundazed 10´´
13 €
Riff Raff Original Man (Vinyl RI of 1974 second LP on RCA by british
band - keyboard
progressive rock
with a jazz rock
feel) Original Cover - Klimt
17 €
Ringers Let Them Be Known
garagebands 45´s -
Stones, Beatles,
Them style)
13 €
Road Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 crunching
hardrock album by UK band incl. Noel
Redding) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Relix
20 €
Sacros Same (CD RI of rare chileanian LP on IRT - 12 string guitar, effects, great
rhythms and an
experimental touch) Shadoks
15 €
Sacros Same (Vinyl RI of
rare chileanian LP
on IRT - 12 string
guitar, effects,
great rhythms and an experimental touch) 180 g vinyl, heavy glossy sleeve - on
35 €
Saint Anthony`s Fyre Same (Vinyl RI of
1970 ultrarare
underground hard
rock album
originally on Zonk
insert and original Cover - Rockadrome
21 €
Saint Just Same (Vinyl RI of
1973 debut album by italian prog/folk
band originally on
Harvest) 180 g
vinyl, Original raw textured cardboard
sleeve -Vinyl Magic
21 €
Saint Just La Casa Del Logo
(Vinyl RI of second, more rocking LP by italian band feat
the voice of Jenny Sorrenti - mix of
folk, psych and
influences) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Akarma
19 €
Salam Alay The Sound Of
Armenian Diaspora
1969-79 (12 track
collection of ethnic armenian psych
incl. Jack
Baghsarian Ensemble, House Of Seven
Uncles, Omnik
Dinkjian, John
Berberian, Kef Time Fresno etc) Detailed liners
15 €
Salamander Ten Commandments
(Vinyl RI of 1971 LP by UK prog band
originally on
Youngblood Records - excellent
progressive Pop/Rock with a good dose of organ, guitar and
brass) - 180 g
vinyl, original
deluxe poster cover in PVC sleeve, from masters - on
20 €
Sandrose Same (Vinyl RI of
1972 Polydor LP by
superb french mellow proto-prog rock
band mindblowing
guitar, femmes
vocals, excellent
Keyboards) Original Gatefoldsleeve,
Insert - Sommor
19 €
Sandy Coast Shipwreck (CD RI of 1969 dutch
progressive rock
album compared to
King Crimson and
Moody Blues) 4 Bonus cuts - Kismet
14 €
Satan & Deciples Underground (CD RI
of goofy cult garage album from 1969
originally on
Goldband feat
Freddie Fender)
14 €
Sensacional Soul DoLP DoLP - 37 groovy
1968 - 75 spanish
soul and funk
stompers incl. Los
Buenos, Calibre
38,Connexion, Duo
Inter, Los Gritos,
Los Jovenes etc
22 €
Sensacional Soul Vol. 3 DoLp DoLP - Collection of 28 1966- 76 spanish soul stompers
Arlequines, Los De
La Torre, Els Five
Xics, Los Kifers,
Los Goya etc Liners, pics - Vampi Soul
23 €
Seventh Dawn Sunrise (Vinyl RI of 1976 US folkalbum
originally on FWU
Records - sppoky
british sou nding
fragile folk with
some prog and psych hints) original
Cover, Insert -
20 €
Sick & Tired Cool collection of
uncompiled US garage 45´s from the 60´s
10 €
Siddharta Weltschmerz (Vinyl
RI of 1975 privately released album by
german band mixing
psych, prog and
folk) 4_page LP
sized Insert -
Gardne Of Delight
19 €
Sideburn Sounds Sixteen 1966 - 72
freakbeat, Mod Soul and psych dancers
incl. Gilbert
Safrani, Nuovi
Angeli, Dauphins,
Blue Beards, Golden Boys, Carlo Pavone, Springwell etc coll cover, rare
17 €
Silberbart 4 Times Sound Razing (Vinyl RI of 1971
album on Philips by heavy progressive
underground power
trio from Hamburg)
180 g vinyl, Insert, original cover -
Long Hair
19 €
Simla Beat 70 Vinyl RI of original 10 track collection from 1970 `All
India Beat Contest´ feat Confusions,
Inner lights,
Xlents, Genuine
Spares etc - mix of clear western
influences with a
distinctive eastern twist - original
cover - on
18 €
Simla Beat 71 Vinyl RI of original 10 track collection from 1971 `Àll
India Beat Contest´ feat an overview of the Fentones mixing clear western
influences with a
distinctive eastern twist - original
cover - on
18 €
Sir Douglas Quintett Best Of (RI of mid
60´s brit-invasion
recordings for Tribe Records)
19 €
Skid Row DoLP 34 Hours (Vinyl RI
of second LP on CBS by hardrockin irish band - comes with a complete bonus LP
feat unreleased late 60s / early 70s
27 €
Smack Same (Vinyl RI of
1968 sole LP by US
Band from Kansas
feat a load of extra heavy fuzz
psychedelic covers) 180 g vinyl, heavy
cover - insert -
35 €
Soma Records Story #3(Classic Mpls 60s Label Collection)
18 €
Soma Records Story #2(Classic Mpls 60s Label Collection)
18 €
Sonics Introducing (RI of
1966 LP on Jerden)
18 €
Sproton Layer With Magnetic Field Disrupted (Vinyl RI of 1970 recordings
by pre-Destroy All
Monsters Trio mixing progressive acid
punk with havy
psychedelia) from
original tapes,
heavy handmade cover - World In Sound
30 €
SRC Milestones (Vinyl RI of 1968 second and most sought after
album by legendary
Michigan psych
rockers originally
on Capitol Records) Original Cover -
Depaja Records
23 €
Standells 10´´ - The Live Ones (Unheard 1966 live set by L.A. punkers w/all classics)
13 €
Stepson Lost Tapes 72-74
(Collection of
unreleased material by post Touch band
feat the growling
guitar of Joey
Newman and and
awesome vocals of
Jeff Hawkes) Liners - Rockadrome
20 €
Steve Atkinson Small Boats (1981
UK, with Insert)
35 €
Steve Linnegar`s Snakeshed Classic Epics (Vinyl RI of 1982 album by South African
prog/psych crown
jewel. Dreamy
organ,fuzz leads,
nice vocals and
effects. Incl. The
14-min long
´Desert´) 180 g
vinyl, insert
original cover -
20 €
Stone Harbour Emerges (CD RI of
1974 sole album by
US Duo mixing heavy psychrock with
dreamy psychedelia) detailed Booklet -
US Lion
15 €
Strawberry Alarm Clock Best Of (Vinyl
collection of key
tracks and non-LP
45s by US
Starting Out The
Day, Incense &
Barefootin In
Baltimore, Sit With The Guru and more)
180 g vinyl,
original 1970 LP
`Strawberry cover´ - Sundazed
22 €
Strawberry Window Same (Vinyl release of unreleased 1967
material by pre-
Dandelion Wine Bay
Area band - catchy
folk,westcoast rock and energetic
acid-jams) 180 g
vinyl, heavy core & bonus 7´´- World In Sound
32 €
Sub In Concert (Vinyl RI of 1971 Studio
album by german
underground band
originally on Help
Records) From
masters, two bonus
cuts, original cover - Garden Of
19 €
Subway Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 french only
album by UK/US duo - marvellous acid
originally on Epic) 180 g vinyl, insert, original cover - on Sommor
19 €
Suendenfall II Suendenfall II
(Vinyl RI of 1972
album by german band originally released on Trepitia in a
ltd edition of 200 - mix of folk, jazz
and Tull influences) 180 g vinyl, 4-page insert, original
cover - Garden Of
20 €
Swamprats Disco Sucks (Ri of
rare 45´s and
unreleased tracks by classic US garage
band from
13 €
Tear Gas Same (Vinyl RI of
second album by
scottish based prog - heavy rockers
originally on Regal Zonophone) Original cover - Akarma
19 €
Terje, Jesper & Joachim Same (CD RI of 1970 sole LP by danish
heavy/psych trio
originally on
Spectator Records)
15 €
Tetragon Stretch (Vinyl RI of 1971 recorded
unreleased second
album by german
Krautband - five
long tracks in well proven style of
frst LP) from
masters, 4-page
insert, detailed
liners - Garden Of
20 €
Texas Flashbacks Vol. 2 Vinyl RI of classic second volumen with legendary 60s punk
from the lone star
state incl.
Esquires, Floyd
Dakil Combo,
Countdown Five,
Reasons Why, Lynxs, Sherwoods etc -
original Cover -
Past & Present
19 €
Thai Dai! - Thai Underground The Heavier Side Of The Luk Thung
Underground (14
track collection
feat rock, psych and underground bands
from Thailand
incl.Pai Joi, Ying
Ting, Kuen Kuen
Lueng Lueng, Kanon
Krung amd more)
detailed liners - on Finders Keepers
20 €
The Golden Road (Electric Coffee House #2) 20 Track collection of US
and folkpop 45´s
incl. Counts IV,
MC2, Raintree,
Ragamuffins, Kynd,
3´s A Crowd etc -
Liner - Psychic
15 €
The Night Is So Dark Compilation of rare US 60´s moody garage 45´s - all
10 €
The Sun Tristan (Vinyl RI of unreleased album by unknown UK
underground band -
electric folk with
progressive touch,
male / female
vocals and a wide
range of
instruments) 180 g
vinyl, 4-page
insert, thick cover - Shadoks
35 €
Third Bardo 6 track 10´´ incl.
45´s and 2 prev.
unrel. by US
garage/psychers on
13 €
Third Eye Awakening (Vinyl RI of 1969 much complex debut LP by south
african band
underground band
originally on
Polydor) 180 g
vinyl, glossy heavy G/F sleeve and
insert - Shadoks
35 €
Thors Hammer Same (Legit vinyl RI of 1971 sole LP by legendary danish
progressive band
originally on Sonet Records) - from
masters, 4-page
insert w/history,
original cover - on TH Records
20 €
Three In The Attic OST Original Sound Track (Vinyl RI of clasic 1968 US melodic
psych album with
Zombies, Byrds and
Beatles feel
throughout feat the music of Chad &
Jeremy and side
long psych track
w/flutes, sitar,
tablas and strings) Original cover -
Lost Century Rec
18 €
Toad Same (Vinyl RI of
swiss band`s debut
LP on german Vertigo - legendary Power
Rock Blues) 180 g
vinyl, original
Cover - Akarma
20 €
Toad Tomorrow Blue (Vinyl RI of 1973 second
LP rooted into rock and blues and
considered to be the band`s masterpiece) 180 g vinyl,
original cover -
19 €
Tongue Keep On Truckin
(Vinyl RI of 1969
album by US band -
blues based organ
fueled country and
rural folk
influenced hard rock bands sole album)
Original cover -
18 €
Tonto`s Expanding Head Band Zero Time (Vinyl RI of New York bands
1971 debut LP
originally on Embryo - synthesizer
electronic spacey
sounds a la beaver & Krause) 180g vinyl, originalcover -
Prog Temple Records
19 €
Tormentors Hangin´ Around
(Vinyl RI of 1967
album on LHI by US
band feat garage,
psych and british
invasion sounds -
fuzz guitars and
harmonies) Original Cover - Void
15 €
Total Raunch 28 track collection of rare & obscure US 60s garage 45´s
feat mainly
uncompiled tracks
incl. MH Royals,
Warlords, Teddy
Boys, Swaydes etc
15 €
Tripsichord Music Box DoLP DoLP - Tripsichord
(Vinyl RI of classic US westcoast
psychedelic album
originally on San
Francisco Sound
Records - plus
second disc with
bonus cuts) Original Embossed Gold
Cardboard Sleeve -
29 €
Truth DoLP DoLP - Of Them &
Other Tales (Vinyl
RI of 14 unreleased 69/70 US recordings by ex-Them members) Gatefold cover
30 €
Tsee Music LSD Bacro (1969/71
LP from Venezuela)
Insert - Shadoks
35 €
Turkish Freakout Vol. 2 LP + Single - 17
track collection of 60s/70s turkish
psych, folk, pop
7´´ers incl. Afet
Serenay, Baris
Manco, Gulcan Opel, Sevil & Ayla, Kem
Caraca & Mogollar,
Kamuran Akkur etc
Liners, photos, free 7´´ single w/first copies - Bouzouki
Joe Rec.
22 €
Tyburn Tall Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 megarare
privately pressed
german Krautrock
album originallyin a micro edition of
200 copies - an
organ based album
with long
passages) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover, insert -
Garden Of Delight
19 €
Velvet Underground Scepter Studio
Sessions (Official
RI of April 1966
different and
alternate early
recordings from
debut LP captured on an acetate) 180 g
vinyl, Universal
30 €
Velvet Underground DoLP DoLP - La Cave,
October 1968 (Vinyl release of legendary concert feat Doug
Yule - superb
performance incl.
some then unreleased songs and excellent guitar soloing) 180 g vinyl, background notes and pictures - Sunbeam
28 €
Victoria Kings, Queens and
Jokers (Vinyl RI of long deleted 10
Little Indians label demo LP by New
Jersey underground
psych band w/female vocals and
splattering leads) 180 g vinyl, Insert, Heavy red velvet
sleeve w/engraved
artwork - Shadoks
37 €
Vita Nova Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 by german
artrock underground band originally on
Austria) 180 g
vinyl, original
cover - Garden Of
19 €
Warhorse DoLP DoLP - Same (Vinyl
RI of 1970
progressive album
by UK band
originally on
Vertigo) Original
pasted hardboard
gatefold Sleeve -
23 €
Warpig Same (Vinyl RI of
ultrarare canadian
heavy prog psych
hardrock album
originally on
Fonthill) 500 copies only, full colour
insert - Kreator
20 €
Water Into Wine Band Same (Vinyl RI of
1973 UK version of
debut album on Myrrh Records by UK
progressive acid
folk band incl. The 11 min. long ´Song
Of The Cross´) 180 g vinyl, original
cover - Spiral
20 €
Wavy Gravy Remastered 14 track collection of wild, savage & weird
50s/60s discs incl. Garage, Surf Instros and Novelty Ditties by Juveniles,
Laughing Monster,
Wendell Austin, Igor & Maniacs,
Shandells etc - Full coloured cover,
label reprints -
Beware Records
12 €
Web Teraphosa Blondi (CD RI of 1970 second
LP on Deram by UK
post-pop progrock
band) from masters - 2 bonus tracks -
booklet - Esoteric
14 €
Windy Corner The House At Windy
Corner (Vinyl RI of 1973 folkrock album by UK band
originally on Deroy Records -progressive psychedelic folk
rock with a fragile atmosphere) 180 g
vinyl, insert,
original cover -
19 €
With Love - A Pot Of Flowers Sought after
collection from 1967 feat US psychedelic Band originally on Mainstream incl.
Harbinger Complex,
Wildflower, Euphoria and Other Side -
180 g vinyl -
original cover
16 €
World Of Acid 18 track global
collection incl.
some of the finest
60s/70s garage/psych 45´s from the US
and Europe incl.
mindblowers by
Pretty, Raw Meat, Cerebrum, Shy Guys, Living End, Purple Canteen etc - 6
bonus cuts, booklet - Particles
14 €
Writing Letters To Nowhere (Best Of Datura Dreamtime) A Psychotropic
Experimentation In
The Land Of Oz
(Brillant collection of Australian 60´s psychedelic 45´s)
Comes in full
coloured psychedelic cover with insert
15 €
Yellow Autumn Children Of The Mist (Vinyl RI of 1977
megarare US
folk/psych album
originally on Vala
Records) Original
Insert and Cover -
Mellotron Records
18 €
Yma Sumac Miracles (Vinyl RI
of 1972 blistering
exploitation opus by 50s exotica singer growling its way
over solid grooves, swirling keys and
fuzz guitars) From
masters, two bonus - Roundtable Records
21 €
You´re Playing With Fire Collection of 14
rare and uncompiled US 60s garage trash punkers feat
Interns, Paatz,
Striders, G. Palmer & Avengers etc
10 €
You´re So Square Cool collection of
all rare & obscure
uncompiled US 60´s
garage 45´s - great 60´s styled cover
12 €
Yu Grupa Same (Vinyl RI of
1975 LP rarity on
Jugoton by
jugoslavian hard
rocking power trio) 180 g vinyl,
original heavy cover - Jugoton
19 €
Zephyr Same (Vinyl RI of
1969 album by US
band feat Tommy
Bolin originally on Probe - mix of heavy metal, jazz and
blues) Original
Cover - Sunday
20 €
Zior Same (Vinyl RI of
1971 debut album on Nepenthia by britsh heavy rock band) 180 g vinyl, original
Cover - Akarma
20 €
Zipps Kicks & Chicks: Ever Stoned (Beautiful
vinyl collection by dutch 60s beat /
psychedelic band
feat live 65, demos, unreleased 45
`Singer Was Stoned
b/w Lotus Love´ etc) Wonderful package with stunning
psychedelic Sleeve - Pseudonym Records
18 €
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