Special 60s CDs Reissues

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Ace Of Cups It´s Bad For You,
but buy it (More
nuggets from the
golden state - US
60s garageband
unreleased demos,
rehearsals and
concert tapes) Big
15 €
Ache De Hormine Urbano
(CD RI of 1970 debut album on Philips by danish progrock
band) Detailed
Booklet - Esoteric
14 €
Ache Green Man (CD RI of 1971 second album on Philips by danish
progrock band)
Detailed Booklet -
14 €
Agincourt Fly Away (CD RI of
1970 UK acid/folk
megararity - post
Ithaca band)
15 €
Airbus Test Flight (25
track collection of long lost 1970 -72
recordings by post
West Coast
Consortium group -
superb songs with
vocal harmonies and hook laden melodies) detailed Booklet - Wooden Hill
16,5 €
Al Stewart DoCD DoCD - Images - The First Three Albums
(CD RI of 1967 -
1969 album incl.
Original and
revised version of
Bed-Sitter Images,
Love Chronicles and Zero She Flies)
Booklet -EMI
14 €
Alfie Shepard Wind In The Willows (Unreleased 1969 UK Pop/psych album with 10 bonus tracks by Angel Pavement
leader) from
masters, detailed
booklet - Wooden
16 €
Alice Through The Looking Glass Same (CD RI of Peter Howell and John
Fernandos 1969
concept album - an
amlagma of acid
folk, psychedelia
and surrealistic
lyrics) Bonus
tracks, detailed
booklet - Lion Prod
15 €
Alphabeat 13 track collection of uncompiled rare
67-70 slices of UK
pop, psych and proh incl. Graded Grains, Barrier,
Pathfinders, Black
Cat Bones etc - 16
page insert - 500
20 €
Amazing Blondel And A Few Faces (CD RI of 1970 debut
album originally on Bell Records - an
amalgam of folk and psychedelica) Prog
14 €
An Outbreak Of Twanging - Phantom Guitars Vol. 2 25 cool early `60s
guitar instros by
rare UK groups incl. Clifters, Saints,
Hearts, Sunspots,
Saxons,Rapiers etc - Booklet - on
Psychic Circle
14 €
Andwella´s Dream Love & Poetry -
Remastered &
Expanded (CD RI of
1969 CBS debut album by UK psychband - 4 bonus cuts,
improved sound and
booklet) Cherry Red
14 €
Annie Philippe Sensationnel! Ye ye Bonbons 1965-68 (24 track collection
andpure pop
highlights by french leading
Mademoiselles incl. C`est La Mode, Pas
de Taxi, Pour La
Gloire, Une Petite
Croix, Le Mannequin etc - Detailed
Booklet - Ace
16 €
Ant Trip Ceremony 24 Hours (CD RI of
1968 classic
psychedelic folkrock album by US band
originally on CRC)
13 €
Appletree Theatre Playback (CD RI of
1968 album by US
sunshine pop /
psychband originally on Verve Records)
From asters - 8 page booklet - on
15 €
Ark Voyages (CD RI of
1978 legendary and
rare US psychedelic album - eering
folkrock Doors
sounding spookers
with strong
songwriting and
superb musicianship) Guerssen Records
14 €
Audience House On The Hill
(CD RI of 1972
second album on
Charisma by UK
progband originally on Charisma) 3 bonus cuts, from masters, detailed Booklet - Esoteric
0 €
Badger White Lady (CD RI of 1973 second album
by UK progrock band -different in style than debut feat Jeff Beck as guest)
Background notes -
Prog Temple
15 €
Bakerloo Same (CD RI of 1968 album by short lived UK trio feat Clem
Clemson - a fusion
of blues, rock and
hardrock with some
jazz leanings) Prog Temple
14 €
Baris Manco Sakla Samani Gelir
Zamani (Third LP by king of Anadolu Pop feat 72-85 single
releases - comes
with some bonus
material) Detailed
booklet - Guerssen
14 €
Baris Manco Yenir Bi Gün (CD RI of 1979 album by
turkish rock
musician - funky
recordings with some lean mean
synthesizer and
excellent keyboards) detailed booklet - on Guerssen
14 €
Baris Manco Dünden Bugüne (CD RI of 1971 debut album incl. All early 45s by turkish psych
legend originally on Sayan - killer
psych/rock with
turkish flavour)
Original tracklist
and detailed insert - Guerssen
14 €
Beacon Street Union The Clown Died In
Marvin Gardens (CD
RI of 1968 second LP by Boston psych
band originally on
MGM) Cherry Rec
14 €
Beacon Street Union In The Eyes Of The
Beacon Street Union (CD RI of 1968 debut LP by Boston psych band originally on
MGM) Cherry Rec
14 €
Beat 4 Habia Una Vez (CD RI of 1968 emotional
soft folkbeat album by popular chilenian band originally on RCA) detailed
Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Beautiful Dreams - Ember 60s Pop Vol. 5 25 track collection and concluding
chapter of the
series with rare
45´s from the Ember Vaultr incl. 65-69
incl. Rare 45´s by
Julie Rogers, Linda Thorson and Twiggy - detailed Booklet - on Fantastic
10 €
Belfast Gypsies Same (CD RI of
excellent RnB album by post Them group
produced by Kim
13 €
Beryl Marsden Changes - The Story Of... (24 track
collection incl. The entire recorded
output by Liverpool girl-singer incl.all Decca / Columbia
releases and Shotgun Express 45´s)
Detailed Booklet -
13 €
Billy Fury Road To Paradise - Singles & Sound Of
Fury (37 track CD
Collection incl.
Early 45s, historic demodisc plus rare radio & TV
appearances) 38 page booklet - Peaksoft Records
14 €
Bit A Sweet Hypnotic 1 (CD RI of 1968 sole album by US band originally
on ABC - marvellous psychedelic pop and both sides of their 1967 single release as bonus) Booklet - Kismet
13 €
Blackwood Apology House Of Leather (CD RI of 1968 concept album on Fontana
written by Gestures member Dale Menten - a mix of acid
tinged pop rock and ballads) Aurora
15 €
Blonde On Blonde Contrasts (CD RI of 1969 debut LP by UK psych/prog band
originally on Pye
Records) Two debut
45 bonus c ts,
frmomasters, booklet - Esoteric
14 €
Blossom Toes We Are Ever So Clean - Expanded (CD RI
of 1967 popsike
debut album by UK
band w/10 non LP
45s, demos and live bonus tracks)
Detailed booklet -
14 €
Blossom Toes If Only For A Moment (CD RI of 1969
second, more proggie album by UK band
w/7 non LP 45s,
demos and live bonus tracks) Detailed
booklet - Sunbeam
14 €
Blue Cheer Outside Inside (CD
RI of 1968 second
album by US hard
power trio
originally on
Philips) From
masters, digipack,
liners - on
16 €
Blues Addicts Same (CD RI of 1970 album by danish
Bluesrock band
originally on
Spectator Records)
Booklet - on
15 €
Bob Smith The Visit (CD RI of 1970 DoLP from the
originally on Kent - LP ranges from
hardrock to
folkrock to jazz
15 €
Bobb Trimble Harvest Of Dreams
(CD RI of privately released 1982 second LP by US acid/folk singer) SC Records
14 €
Bobb Trimble The Crippled Dog
Band (CD RI of 1980s unreleased third
album by US psych
folk artist using a young backing band - his punk, throw - caution - to - the - wind LP) Yoga
13 €
Bodo Hits Internacionales (CD RI of 1967
mexican LP rarity on Orfeon feat a mix
of strange covers
and originals -
comes with 4-track
7´´ EP as bonus)
Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Bolder Damn Mourning (Legit CD
RI of 1971 heavy
psych album with
loads loud
originally on Hit
Records) detailed
Bookelt w/History,
lyrics, photos -
Shadow Kingdom
12 €
Bonniwell Music Machine Ignition (19 track
collection w/ 12
unrel. - long lost
3rd LP by garage
18 €
Bramstoker Heavy Rock
Spectacular (CD RI
of 1972 sole LP by
Birmingham band -
heavy organ prog
with jazzy and hard rock hints) Kismet
14 €
Breaking Point (Nothing Comes Easy Vol. 2) 20 hard edged 60s UK Beat Diamonds incl. Shorty & Them,
Muldoons, MI5,
Dennisons, Circles, Tiffany & Thoughts
15 €
British North American Act In The Beginning (CD RI of 1969 album by canadian band
blending harmony
pop, folk rock and
psych) Axis
15 €
Brush Same (CD RI of
privately released
japanese westcoast
hardpsych LP by
pre-Flied Egg band) 20 page booklet -
15 €
Buckinghams Times & Charges -
Portrait (CD RI of
1967 second & third albums on Columbia
by Chicago british
invasion pop/psych
band incl. Hits such as Don´t You Care, Mercy Mercy, Hey
Baby etc) Booklet - Thunderbrid
14 €
Bull This Is Bull (D RI
of 1970 Paramount
album by US band -
gritty heavy bluesy rock with plenty opf fine guitar)
14 €
Bush Same (CD RI of 1970 album by canadian
band originally on
RCA Records - a
milstone in canadian rock feat Domenic
Troiano) Booklet,
photos - Keyhole
14 €
Byzantium Seasons Changing (CD RI of 1972 dreamy
and atmospheric
third album by UK
progressive rock
band originally on
A&M) Prog Temple
14 €
Caravelles You Don´t Have To Be A Baby To Cry (31
track collection of 63-68 goodies by
brit girl duo incl. Decca LP and rare
45´s A´s & B´s)
Detailed Booklet -
13 €
Case Blackwood (CD RI of ultrarare privately pressed 1971 raw and primitive Velvet
Underground sounding album by US Band)
Detailed Booklet -
Lion Production
15 €
Cerebrum Eagle Death (CD
collection of both
rare 45s and newly
unreleased by
spanish 60s
underground band)
detailed booklet -
15 €
Chimera Same (CD RI of late 60s UK folk/baroque psychedelic
masterpiece produced by Nick Mason (8
bonus cuts -
16 €
Chocolate Watchband DoCD DoCD - Meltin Your
Brain (Complete
Collection w/all
LP´s, 45´s, rarities by US garage
legends) Big Beat
22 €
Chris Thompson DoCD - Same (CD RI
of 1973 excellent UK acid / folk album
originally on
Village Thing
Records) 16 bonus
cuts, rare photos,
detailed liners -
18 €
Chrissie Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family My Ancestors (CD RI of 1974 full fuzz
underground album by band from Zambia)
detailed booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Christopher Same (CD RI of 1970 LP rarity by Texas
trio - Hard- Hitting collection of fuzz laden biker rock and stoned ballads)
15 €
Churchills Down Same (CD RI of
unreleased 1968 Gary S. Paxton produced album by L.A. Band - excellent songs,
grat harmonies,
great guitars)
detailed booklet -
15 €
Clifford T. Ward DoCD - Path Through The Forest-The
Secret World Of...
(57 track of 1966-68 recordings incl.
The highly regarded 45´s by popsikers
`Secrets´ plus loads unreleased tracks
taken from masters) 16 page booklet -
wooden Hill
18 €
COB - Expanded Moyshe Mc Stiff and The Tartan Lancers
Of The Sacred Heart (RI of 1972 second
LP for Polydor by UK folkband feat Clive Palmer) loads bonus cuts - Sunbeam
14 €
Cold Sun Dark Shadows (CD RI of sought after 1970 classic Texas
Psychedelic LP
rarity with Bonus
Tracks) - Detailed
Booklet w/Jello
Biafra liners - on
World In Sound
16,5 €
Congregacion Viene... (CD RI of
1972 album by band
from Chile
originally on IRT
Records - dreamy,
melodic psychedelic sounds with soaring melodies and gentle arrangements)
De-luxe Mini LP
gatefold jacket and 32-page booklet -
15 €
Cosmic Dealer Child Of Tomorrow
(CD RI of 1973
unreleased by dutch psych / underground band plus seven
unreleased 1971
demos / live tracks) detailed Booklet - World In Sound
16 €
Count Five Psychotic Revelation (CD with complete
ouput by US Garagers plus - get this - a number of
unreleased tracks)
15 €
Creation Of Sunlight Same (CD RI from
masters of 1968 US
sunshine psychedelic album originally on Windi) 1 bonus cut
15 €
Czar Same (CD RI of 1970 Fontana LP by UK
keyboard dominated
progrock band) 8
bonus cuts, full
coloured booklet -
15 €
Day Of Phoenix Wide Open N-Way (CD RI of 1970 album by danish progrock
heroes with two
bonus tracks) from
masters, detailed
booklet - Esoteric
14 €
Dear Mr. Time Grandfather (CD RI of 1971 psych/prog
concept LP a la
Moody Blues and
early King Crimson
by UK band
originally on Square Records)
frommasters, 5 bonus cuts - detailed
booklet - Wooden
16 €
Deep Psychedelic Moods
(CD RI of 1966
all-time classic US psych album on Cameo - from original
4-track master in
previously unheard
sound) Detailed
Booklet, w/unseen
memorabilia and
liners - Cicadelic
15,5 €
Derdiyoklar Ikilisi Coban Mamos (CD RI
of 80s album by
turkish immigrant
duo originally on
Türkuola - Electric Saz, synthesized
drums, cymbalon,
overdubs and buzzy
flanged out guitar
solos) from masters, Booklet - Pharaway Records
13 €
Die Bremer Beatmusikanten 23 track CD
collection of rare
mid 60s local Bremen beatheroes 45´s and unreleased
Pipelines, Yankees, Bobbies, Five Spots, Germans etc
Detailed Booklet -
Bear Family
16 €
Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson Daily Dance (CD
Collection incl. A 1972 recorded set of fiery
improvisations - a
mythical frenzy of
distorted guitar and improvised drums
creating a wall of
psych noise) Paste
on Mini LP Jacket,
20 page booklet, one bonus track - US
15 €
Dragonwyck Same (CD RI of
former Rockadelic
album by excellent
Ohio psychedelic
band) w/5 bonus cuts and on World In
16,5 €
Dream Get Dreamy (1967 LP from Norway -
booklet, from
masters) Shadoks
15 €
Dukes Same - (CD RI of
unreleased album and rare 45s by german band famous for
´Unskilled Worker`
and ´The Dentist)
Comes w/booklet -
Red Lounge
15 €
Dutch Invasion 10 CD Set w/Bonus DVD Collection of dutch 60s Nederbeat feat
one CD each by
Golden Earring,
Shoes, Outsiders,
Sandy Coast,
Motions, Q65, early Cuby & Blizzards etc plus DVD Bonus disc feta these and
other dutch 60s
bands - BR Music
45 €
Dzyan Same (CD RI of 1972 debut LP on Aronda
by german krautband - bands most rock
orientated original album) detailed
booklet - on Long
16 €
Earth Island We Must Survive (CD RI of 1970 album by canadian band
produced by Kim
Fowley - a mix of
rock, psych and
sunshine pop with
vocal hamronies)
14 €
Eden Rose On The Way To Eden
(CD RI of 1969
french psychy album rarity originally on Katema Records) 2
bonus tracks,
detailed booklet -
Lion Production
15 €
Edip Akbayram DoCD - Same (22
track collection by top turkish
psychbands best LP
tracks and rare
45´s) on Shadoks
16,5 €
Edip Akbayram & Dostlar Nedir Ne Degildir
(CD RI of 1977
second album by
psychmaster incl.
Fuzz breaks, Hammond slams and Edips
echo covered voice) Detailed Booklet -
14 €
Edip Akbayram & Dostler Singles Overview
74-77 (Collection of hard-to-find 45s
that never made it
onto albums during
Edip`s psychedelic
period) Detailed
Booklet - Pharaway
14 €
El Brincos Contrabando (26
track CD collection incl. legendary UK
recorded 1968 third LP by spanish
pop/psych band
produced by Larry
Page plus a load of rare 7´´ A`s & B´s
recorded from 67-69) Detailed booklet - Cherry Red Records
13 €
El Polen Cholo (CD RI of 1972 debut album by
peruvian psychedelic / folk band incl. Their 11 min. long psych accoustic
improvisation `La
Flor´. ) One bonus
cut, inserts, mini
LP replica sleeve - Lion Production
15 €
Electric Cambodia (back in Stock) 14 cool remastered
60s surf, garage and psych rockers
never released
outside cambidao yet incl. Dara Cham
Chan, Pan Ron, Ros
Sereysothea etc -
Mink Records
14 €
Elonkorjuu Harvest Time (CD RI of 1971 album by
finnish progressive band - killer LP
w/heavy guitars,
organ and flute
-english vocals)
Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Embrujo Same (CD RI of 1971 album by chilenean
band originally on
Arena Records -
excellent psych/folk with beautiful
instrumentation and strong vocals)
Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Emperors Karate (17 track
collection with all vocal tracks by US
60s Soul Group plus bonus tracks by
rival band ´soul
Exotics´ and
´Emporors 69´)
6-Page booklet -
12 €
Equipe 84 Sacrificio (CD RI of 1974 ambitious
progrock album by
italian band
originally on
Ariston - comes
w/nine period non-LP Bonus Cuts) Booklet - On Sale
19 €
Ernan Roch La Onda Pesada (CD
RI of 1970 mexican
psychedelic rock
album originally on Discos Rex. LP feat the fuzz rocker `The Train´ and has all english vocals)
booklet - Shadoks
14 €
Etiquette Required Cool Collection of
rare garage 45´s
from the american
North West from the vaults of Etiquette Records
15 €
Eugene Charnan Same (CD RI of
unknown 1972 album
by UK trio -
powerful guitar
underground rock)
detailed Booklet -
15 €
Eve Take It And Smile
(CD RI of 1970 album on LHI by US female harmony trio - a
fine sunshine pop
album with a classy blend of covers and originals) -
booklet, one bonus
track - Kismet
13 €
Everybody Jive To The London Rock 25 jumpin british
rocknroll spins from the late 50s and
early 60s incl.
Jimmy Crawford, Tony Crombie & The
Rockets, Mike Sagar & Cresters, Dean
webb, Barbecues etc - Booklet -
Psychic Circle
14 €
Exotic Mindexpanders Vol. 4 Fourth in a series
of instrumental
comps feat the sound of bazaars, afro
funk, beaches and
fuzz guitars incl.
Los Rockets, Famous Casanaovas,Chelique Sarabia, Cengiz
D´Starlights, Skins, Los Masters etc
13 €
Fading Yellow #14- THE CD A 17 track trip into the spanish late
60s/70s pop-sike and other delights
scene incl. rare and uncompiled titles
by Los Sirex, Los
Isasi, Los Pasos,
Llovido, Pic-Nic,
Los Iberos, Los
Mustang etc Booklet - Flower Machine
15 €
Fading Yellow Vol. 13 Lazy Days - 20 track collection of magic sixties US pop /
psych 45´s incl.
Burnside, Arbors,
Michael, Bread,
Bread, Bread, Early Times, Harrys Group and more - Booklet - Flower Machin
15 €
Fading Yellow Vol. 2 More US Popsike and other delights incl. Disraeli, Network, Whispers, Poor,
Calliope, Dynamics, Oracle etc Booklet - Flower amchine
15 €
Fantasy Beyond The Beyond
(CD RI 0f 1974
unreleased album by british keyboard
orientated prog /
rock band)
-Prog Temple
15 €
Fever Tree San Francisco Girls (Collection w/all
original 10 tracks
from debut album & 5 previously
unreleased tracks by Houston ´60s
psychers) Gear Fab
15,5 €
Fikret Kizilok Anadolu`yum
(Collection of
1971-75 Singles by
Turkish 70s psycher incl. Doorsy organ, a prog flute and a
very splashy backing band) Detailed
Booklet - Pharaway Records
14 €
Filling The Gap - 5 CD Box Set 5 CD Set - CD RI of legendary and well
known collection
feat all non LP US
material now with a fifth bonus CD feat Bead Game, Jake
Holmes, Legend,
Federal Duck and
more - full detailed booklet with
background info and rare pics
42 €
Finn McCool Same (CD RI of 1970 sole album by UK
post `Shakespeares´ band - distinctive
blend of organ
driven prog/hard
rock and country
rock) Prog Temple
14 €
Fire & Ice The Happening (CD RI of 1966 album on
Capitol - an early
psychedelic set and a complete free form freak out) Kismet
14 €
Fireballs Firebeat! (27 track comp of tougher
recordings by US
band showcasing
their British
Invasion side -
incl. unissued
material and
enhanced bonus TV
15 €
Flies Complete Collection 65-68 (Entire output by UK freak/psych
band incl. all 45´s, demos, unreleased
and samples from
pre-Flies LP by the In-Sect) detailed
booklet - Lion
15 €
Floating Bridge Same (CD RI of 1969 excellent
psychedelic album by Seatlle quartett
originally on Vault) 2 non LP 45s - on
15 €
Fourmyula - 4-CD Set Complete Fourmyula - 85 track collection by top New Zealand 60s pop/psych band with all their 45´s and five LP release incl. their
unreleased 1970
album ´Turn Your
Back On The Wind´
recorded for UK
Decca) 40 page
booklet - EMI
42 €
Foxx The Revolt Of Emily Young (CD RI of 1970 album by texas
pop/psych group -
melodic songs,
psychedelic guitars and orchestration)
15 €
France Gall Made In France -
France Gall`s Baby
Pop (22 track
collection by
leading french
Mademoiselle incl
all her 63-68
hippiest 45´s incl. Teeny Weenie Boppie and Les Sucettes
plus rarities)
Detailed booklet -
15 €
Freeman Sound & Friends Heavy Trip (CD RI of unreleased 70/71
album by US heavy
psychband) Detailed booklet - on World
In Sound
16,5 €
Fremont`s Group Best Of Jimi Hendrix (CD RI of 1971
french only album by Chico Magnetic Band under a different
moniker - Wild hard rock with
adventurous jams)
14 €
Gants Introducing (CD
collection of
unreleased material by recorded at Sam
Philips Studios in
Nashville. 1964
Merseybeat from the Mississippi Delta)
15 €
Garagemental Collection of 66-69 midwest garage &
psych rarities and
unreleased from the vaults of Cuca
Records and its
subsidiaries - on
Big Beat
16,5 €
Gass Same (CD RI of 1970 album originally on Polydor by UK
funk/psych band with elements of jazz
and progrock feat
Peter Green) Aurora
14 €
Genesis In The Beginning (CD RI of 1968 lost
acid-rock classic
originally on
Mercury Records by
US band with melodic songs, searing
guitars and male /
femals vocal
harmonies) One45
bonus cut - Booklet - on Pilot
14 €
Gerardo Manuel & El Humo Apocalypsis (CD RI
of rare 1970 heavy
garage/psych album
by peruvian band
originally on Virrey Records -comes
w/four bonus cuts)
15 €
Gerardo Manuel & El Humo Apocallypsis (CD RI of legendary 1970
sole album by
peruvian psychers
originally on El
Virrey Records) 4
singles sides bonus tracks, booklet,
Lion Production
15 €
Ghost When You´re Dead -
One Seocnd (CD RI of 1970 psych / prog
album by UK band
originally on
Gemini) Legit
remastered digipack CD Reissue on
15 €
Glimpses Vol. 1 & 2 DoCD DoCD - CD RI of
first two volumen of legendary US
garagecomp series
feat all moody and
punky 45´s incl.
Troyes, Roy
Soerensen Group,
Pastels, Count &
Colony, Maurauders
16,5 €
Gloomys Winds Of Change (CD RI of 1968 second LP by Berlin
softbeaters incl.
Entire LP plus a
load of rare 45´s
and unreleased) 25
tracks, digi,
detailed booklet -
Bear Family
16 €
Goliath Same (CD RI of 1970 LP rarity by UK band originally on CBS
Records - heavy
progressive sound
with female voals,
jazz & blus
influences and an
14 €
Gomorrha Trauma (CD RI of
1970 english vocal
version on BASF of
the band`s debut
album with a more
modern sound)
detailed booklet ,
one bonus - Long
16 €
Gomorrha I Turned To See
Whose Voice It Was
(Vinyl RI of 1972 LP on Brain by german Krautband originally on Brain - complex pychrock, fronted
by angry guitars and organ) detailed
Booklet - Long Hair
16 €
Goodies Condition Red - The Complete Goodies
(Great collection
by US Girlie
garagers incl. their complete 1967 LP on Hip Records, four
rare non LP 45´s and 7 unreleased
tracks) Detailed
Booklet - Ace
15 €
Grannie Same (CD RI of
megarare 1971
privately released
sole LP by UK
melodic progrock
band) Detailed
liners - Wooden
15 €
Gravel Vol. 1 Collection of 30
rare and mainly
uncompiled US
sixties garagers
from small & obscure labels incl.
Cirkit, Next Stop,
Counts, Secrets,
Thorns, Buck Rogers Movement etc - all
in brillant sound
15 €
Gravel Vol. 2 Brillant 30 track
collection of rare & uncompiled US mid
60s garagers -
excellent sound and cool pics incl. Epic V, Satins,
Something Else,
Staffs, Edicates and more
15 €
Groundshaker Same (Vinyl release of 1972 undiscovered beserk heavy
westcoast monster a la Morley Grey,
Headstone or Day
Blindness) One bonus track - Red Lounge
15 €
Happy Lovin` Time - Sunshine Pop From The Grapax Vaults 24 track superb
collection of rare
tracks from the
vaults of maverick
pop personage Gary
S. Paxton incl.
TheNew Wing, What
Four, Johnny Apollo, Lords, Curt
Boettcher, Jay Bees etc) Detailed
Booklet - Big Beat
16 €
Harper`s Bizarre Feelín Groovy
(Expanded CD edition of 1967 first LP by US harmony /
sunshine pop group
on Warner - comes
with bonus material and all 45´s by pre Harper garageband
Tikis and Other
Tikis) Detailed
Booklet - RCA
13 €
Harpers Bizarre Anything Goes (CD RI of 1967 second
album by US band
incl. The original
mono LP plus a load of bonus cuts)
16-page booklet - on Rev Ola
13 €
Head Machine Orgasm (CD RI of
1970 album on Major Minor recorded by
the `Gods` under
pseudonym feat Ken
Hensley - LP is a
british underground classic and moves
more towards heavy
rock) Background
notes - Aurora
14 €
Heaven & Earth Refuge (CD RI of
1973 psychedelic
folk/funk beauty
with intelligent
songs and clear
voices originally on Ovation Records)
Mini LP replcia
sleeve - detailed
Booklet - Lion
16 €
Help Yourself DoCD Reaffirmation - An
Anthology 1971-73
(27 track collection of best tracks from all five UA/Liberty LPs by british acid rockers plus two
rare tracks)
Detailed Booklet
16,5 €
Hendrickson Road House Same (CD RI of 1970 excellent album by
US psychedelic folk album feat. the
talent of vocalist
Sue Akins) 6 bonus
tracks, detailed
booklet - Wooden
15 €
Hillow Hammet Hammer (CD RI of
1969 album release
by US heavy psych
group originally on fox Records.
Produced by Lelan
Rogers) Booklet -
Gear Fab
13 €
Hollins & Star Sidewalk Talking (CD RI of 1970 gorgeous album by US duo
originally on
Ovation Records - an ethereal blend of psych/folk, pop and avantgarde moves)
From masters, deluxe mini LP sleeve -
Lion Prod
15 €
Holy Mackerel Same (CD RI of 1968 psychedelic LP by US Band originally on Reprise plus 8 bonus cuts) Detailed
Booklet - Now
13 €
Home Same (CD RI of 1972 second album on CBS incl. Their classic track `Western
Front´) From
masters, booklet -
Esoteric Records
14 €
I Nuovi Angeli I Successi Die Nuovi Angelo (CD RI of
1971 album by
italian Beat/Pop
band originally on
Durium - mix of
covers and group
originals plus six
1967-1969 non LP
Bonus Cuts) Booklet - On Sale
19 €
Icarus Marvel World Of (CD RI of 1972 highly
collectable UK
psych/prog gem with 5 bonus cuts incl. a US non LP 45, debut 45, cancelled 45 - 16 page detailed
booklet) Wooden
15 €
Illusion Same (CD RI of 1978 second album on
Island by
members) detailed
booklet - Esoteric
14 €
Impala Syndrome Same (CD RI of 1969 album by venzuela
band originally on Parallax -
blend of melodic
songs with fuzz
guiutar) Mini LP
replica sleeve -
Gear Fab
12 €
Infinity Collected Works
69-70 (12 track
collection of heavy psychedelic pop by
UK band formed out
of the ashes of the Flies and Cymbaline - great organ,
punchy guitars and
harmonies) Detailed Booklet - US Lion
15 €
Instant Orange Same (CD RI of 68 - 75 recordings by
Californian Byrds / Buff Springfield
inspired band whose original released
were extremely ltd) 12-page booklet -
15 €
It Came From The Beach - Surf, Drag and Rockin Instros from Downey Records 28 Track collection of early sixties
instro rarities incl Sir Frog & Toads,
Rumblers, Pastel
Six, Riviaires,
Surftones etc -
detailed booklet -
Big Beat
15 €
It Came From The Garage! Nuggets From
Southern California (24 track collection of rare US Garage & Psych 45s &
unreleased from the Downey Records
vaults incl.
Barracudas, Kicks,
Rumblers, Last Words etc
5 €
It´s Zimmerman`s World ... We Just Live In It 18 track far-out
collection of mid
60s garage & folk
45´s emulating their Hero `Mr. Bob
Dylan´ - CD ct
obscure suff by
Terry & Trip-Outs,
Toads, Bill Easley & Gorillamen,
Changing Times, Love Society and more - Mini LP Replica
Sleeve - Pet
11 €
Ithaca A Game For All We
Know (CD RI of
privately released
1973 UK sacred
acid/folk prog album by post Agincourt
15 €
J. W. Farquhar Formale Female (CD
RI of 1972 privately released album -
frinch art-avant
psych obscurity) -
on Shadoks
15 €
Jan Duindam Thoughts (CD RI of
1978 solo album by
originally on Munich Records -
psychedelic folk
rock/acid folk)
detailed booklet -
14 €
Jarvis Street Revue Mr. Oil Man (CD RI
of 1971 sole album
by canadian heavy
psychband originally on Columbia
Records - comes with 10 single bonus
tracks & unreleased) Detailed Booklet - Pacemaker
15 €
Jesters Cadillac Man - The
Legendary Sun
Masters (18 track
collection of rare
45´s and unreleased by Memphis 60s
garagabend incl. all Escapades 45´s too) Detailed Booklet - Big Beat
15 €
John Mayall & Bluesbreakers Crusade (CD RI of
1967 album by UK RnB Legend feat Mick
Taylor) from mono
masters, booklet -
on Sundazed
15 €
Johnny Kidd & Pirates DoCD DoCD - Very Best
Of... (Ultimate 56
Track collection by UK 60s beaters incl loads rarities)
12 €
Junco Partners Same (CD RI of 1969 sole album by
Newcastle Band
originally on
Philips - excellent organ driven
blues-rock with prog leanings) Kismet
14 €
Kansas City Jammers DoCD Got Good If You Get It (CD RI of 1971
privately released
album by Ohio Band - mix of heavy rock
and dreamy acid/folk with fuzz and
accoustic guitar.
Disc two has
unreleased 1972
album) From masters, 24-page booklet -
Lion Prod
16,5 €
Kath DoCD Same (CD RI of 1974 megarare US album by US garage /
psychers a la
Mystery Meat or
Index - CD has EP
Bonus cuts and 2nd
disc with loads of
unreleased material) Detailed Booklet - Lion Production
18 €
Kim Fowley - Technicolour Dream Lost Treasures From The Vaults Vol. 4
(16 rare 50s/60s
Fowley productions
incl. Newmarks,
Rangers, Jack
B.Nimble & Quicks,
Falling Angels,
Belfast Gypsies etc) detailed booklet - Norton
14 €
Klubs Midnight Love Cycle (Superb collection
by UK 60´s psychband incl. unreleased)
16 €
La Confiserie Magic - Groove Club Vol. 1 22 track collection of 66-71 french
popsike and soft
sounds feat Les
Hamsters, Les
Parisiennes, Yar &
Yana, Le Systeme
Crapoutchik etc -
detailed booklet -
Lion Production
15 €
La Stelle Di Mario Schiffano Dedicato (CD RI of
1967 innovative LP
by italian
psychedelic band
originally on B.D.S. ) Axis Records
15 €
Landslide Two Sided Factory
(CD RI of 1972 album on Capitol -
combination of
hard-rock, catchy
ballads and
progressive - style jamming) Background notes - Aurora
14 €
Lang`Syne Same (CD RI of 1976 sought after
english language
german psych/folk
album with a large
variety of exotic
instruments) 15
bonus tracks, from
masters, detailed
booklet - Garden Of Delight
14 €
Leaves Are Happening
(Sundazed RI w/best tracks of their Mira recordings)
18 €
Left Banke Too (Vinyl RI of
1968 second LP by US Baroque Pop Heroes originally on Smash Records) from
original stereo
masters, detailed
booklet - Sundazed
15 €
Left Banke Walk Away Renee (CD RI of 1967 debut
album by US baroque pop combo originally on Smash Records)
from original stereo masters, detailed
Booklet - Sundazed
15 €
Legends DoCD High Towers (Compi
w/rare 45´s and tons of unreleased by
16 €
Les Goth Same (CD release of unreleased 1968
album by french
underground band
recorded for EMI -
heavy psychedelic
influenced by Cream & Hendrix) Detailed Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Les Irresistibles Essential Hits &
More (25 track
collection of 1967 - 1971 LP tracks and rare 45´s by
excellent US
beat/pop/psych band famous in France)
Magic Records
13 €
Les Lutins Laissez-Nou Vivre
(26 track collection w/both original
LP`s by canadian 60s band & 2 bonus
18 €
Les Sultans Vol. 2 DoCD (Collection of 64-68 45´s/LP tracks by french /
canadian beatband
plus 1968 frenetic
Live LP as bonus
18 €
Les Variations Nador (De Luxe CD RI of 1970 EMI debut
LP by french heavy
rock band) Six bonus tracks - de Luxe
Vinyl Repplica - on Culture Factory
16,5 €
Liverpool Five Best Of (20 track
all killer-no filler compilation of rare 45´s and LP Tracks by US 60s garagers) Detailed Booklet -
15 €
Look At The Sun - Precious Second Thoughts Gone From The British Psychedelic Underground Collection of
1967-70 BBC and
unreleased Acetates incl. Kaleidoscope, Conconut Mushroom,
Fleur De Lys, Onyx, Glass Opnening,
Elastic Band etc -
detailed Booklet -
on Top Sounds
19 €
Los Canarios DoCD DoCD - Todas Sus
Grabaciones 1968-72 (Collection of rare tracks by spanish
beat / soulmod group incl. early LP,
rare 45s and
unreleased) Booklet - Rama Lama
19 €
Los Dug Dug`s Smog (CD RI of
second album on RCA by mexican
psychedelic band
from 1973) from
original masters,
mini LP replica
jacket - Lion
13 €
Lost Lost Tapes (Arf Arf Comp w/rare singles & prev. unrel.)
12 €
Machine Same (CD RI of1970
album on Dwarf by
dutch post Dragonfly progressive rock
band) Axis
15 €
Mad Dog Same (CD RI of
´´Dawn Of The 7th
Son`` LP plus one
bonus cut - heavy
westcoast psych
artefact) RD
15,5 €
Mantis Turn Onto Music (CD RI of 1973 New
Zealand Vertigo
label release by
Fiji Island Band
with and
irresistable blend
of covers and
originals) Kismet
14 €
Max Merritt & The Meteors The Very Best Of
(Cool 25 track
collection of
1960-69 material by top New Zealand 60s beater incl.
material from HMV & Viking)
16,5 €
MC Squared Tantalizing Colors - The Reprise
Recordings (CD RI of 1968 long lost
harmony/psych album plus the band`s
Reprise Singles A´s & B´s as bonus) 16
page detailed
Booklet - Now
13 €
Meic Stevens Gwymon (CD RI of
1972 second original LP by welsh singer / songwriter - mix
of pop, folk &
blues) 2 bonus cuts, booklet - on
16,5 €
Melchior Alias Same (CD RI of 1969 ultra rare album by french canadian
group originally on Capitol - catchy
pop, spaced out
psych and plenty of acid guitar) Aurora
15 €
Micah I´m Only One Man (CD RI of 1971 little
known US underground band - blend of
hard psych and
art/symphonic rock) Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Michael Oosten Same (CD RI of 1973 album rarity by US
folk /psych /rock
singer and stellar
guitarits) Comes
w/three 1973 bonus
cuts - WG Records
10 €
Michael Raven & Joan Mills Death & The Lady (CD RI of 1972 megarare privately released UK Folk LP combining virtuoso guitar
playing with
haunting vocals)
Detailed Booklet -
14 €
Midnight Sun Same (CD RI of 1971 album by danish
progband blending
elements of rock,
prog, jazz and
psych to a powerful effect) Aurora
14 €
Midnite Sound Of The Milky Way Crude & Crazy Garage Punk from the
legendary Midwest
studio that brought you ´´Dean Carter`` incl. tracks by
Kookie Cook, Cobras, Grapes Of Wrath,
Four A While and
more - on Big Beat
16 €
Midwinter Waters Of Sweet
Sorrow (CD RI of
1973 album by
pre-Stone Angel acid folk trio incl.
Vocalists Ken Saul
rare 1970 7´´ as
bonus tracks)
Booklet - Prog
14 €
Mindbenders DoCD - A Groovy Kind Of Love - Complete LP´s and Singles
1966-68 (37 track
collection incl. the entire output by UK 60s beatband with
loads of rare sides) Booklet - RPM
18 €
Mindexpanders Vol. 1-5 Box Set Collection of all
volumen from
legendary global
exploito series feat late 60s/early 70s obscurities feat
obscure, psych, funk and exploito music from the UK, US,
Africa,Asia and
Eastern Europe Comes with detailed
Booklet - Particles
20 €
Missus Beastly Dr. Aftershave &
Mixed Pickles (CD RI of 1976 third LP by german Krautband
originally on April) " Bonus tracks -
detailed Booklet -
Garden Of Delight
14 €
Misty Hush Revival Your Heart Is Broken (CD RI of 1971
local US album
originally on
Dynamite - cool mix of 60s sounding
dreamy poppsych and raw fuzz teenbeat)
detailed booklet -
14 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 1 20 track collection from the strange
valleys of late 60s / early 70s obscure UK pop and rock
incl. Barlaston
Down, Toby Jug,
Money Jungle,
Chopper etc -
Booklet - on Past & Present
15 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 3 20 track collection from the strange
valleys of late 60s / early 70s obscure UK pop and rock
incl. Toby Jug,
Penny Arcade,
Monsoon, Free Ferry Styvar Manor, Spunky Spider etc -
Booklet - Particles
14 €
Mixed Up Minds Vol. 4 20 more rare,
overlooked ad
obscure tracks from the strange valleys of late 60s / early 70s obscure side of the UK pop and rock scene incl. Putney
Bridge, Chrystian,
Autmn Wine, Tynsley, Grumbleweeds etc - detailed booklet -
14 €
Mojo Men Not Too Old To Start Crying - Lost 1966 Masters (24 tracks
of 66 material by
San Francisco Band
ranging from snotty Punk and folk rock
to sprinking
Detailed Booklet -
Big Beat
15 €
Mojo Men There Goes My Mind? (CD RI of unrleased great paisley pop LP of the 60s by
california band)
16 €
Morly Grey The Only Truth (CD
RI of 1972
masterwork by US
Band originally on
Starshine plus
unreleased and rare 45s bonus tracks)
From masters,
digipack, booklet - Sundazed
16,5 €
Moving Sidewalks DoCD in Cap Box Complete Collection (De Luxe Edition and ultimative RI of
entire 1968 LP on
Tantara plus bonus
disc with the band`s rare non LP 45s and unreleased plus
five previously
unreleased Coachmen recordings) de-luxe Cap Box Edition -
Rockbeat Records
23 €
Music Machine DoCD - The Ultimate Turn On DoCD
(Unbeatable version of debut album in
mono & stereo and a complete disc
rehearsals, demos & alternate versions
plus on US TV video clip) large booklet - on Big Beat
18 €
Mutzie Light Of Your Shadow (CD RI of 1970 sole LP by Detorit
bluesy rock band
originally on
Sussex) Axis
15 €
My Indole Ring Same (1968 canadian psych - underground album recorded for
Vanguard w/4 extra
15 €
N.S.U. (CD RI of 1969 tough psychedelic blues
rock album by band
from Scotland)
14 €
Necrocopia Collection of 1968 - 77 devoted to early UK doom, cosmic
doom & occult
underground bands
incl.raries by Zior, Horse, Iron Claw,
Three Headed Dog,
Necromandus, Flying Hat Band etc -
Poster Sleeve,
detailed history -
Audio Archive
15 €
Neil Diamond The Bang Years 1966 - 68 (23 track
collection of real
cool early Beat/Pop recordings by US
music icon incl. 60s classic such as
Solitary Man, You
Got To me, Cherry
Cherry, Girl You`ll Be A Woman Soon,
Kentucky Woman etc
Booklet - Capitol
10 €
Nightshadows Legendary #2
(collection of 45´s and prev. unrel punk material)
16 €
Nippon Girls 25 track fascinating overview of
tremendous 60s
japanese girls
singers. Lots groovy go-go, ye ye and
wobbly pop psych
incl. Yun Mayuzumi, Mie Nakao, Ejko
Shuri, Linda
Yamamoto, J. Girls, Emy Jackson, Aki
Izumi and more -
detailed liners -
Big Beat
15 €
No No No (New Arf Arf Compi
w/moody garage
11 €
Northern Girls - Heartbreak, Revenge & The New Dance Craze 26 track collection of great and rare
northern soul 45s
feat Barbara Dane,
Charmaine, Donays,
Lula Reed, Bubby
Smith & Dream Girls, Jo Ann Henderson,
Tiny Topsy etc -
Detailed Booklet -
Righteous Records
14 €
Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol. 4 Cool 30 track
collection of more
US garagerock
rarities from the
Jerden vaults - on
Big Beat
15 €
Of Hope And Dreams And Tombstones Essential Collection of Aussie mid 60´s Beat, RnB &
Garagepunk.From the vaults of Festival
Records and on Big
17 €
One In A Million Double Sight (11
track collection by UK 60s band incl.
their classic 68
psych 45, their 67
mod pop 7´´ and 7
unreleased tracks
from the same
period) Detailed
booklet - Wooden
18 €
Only In America Vol. 2 100% pure incredibly strange and truly
60´s/70´s outsider
music fromm the US
of A and of course
on Arf Arf (very
15,5 €
Orange Bicycle DoCD DoCD - Let´s Take A Trip - Anthology (40 track collection by uK legendary psych band incl.the
complete works incl. All singles A´s &
B´s, complete LP,
plus rare and
unreleased) Detailed Booklet - Secret
16,5 €
Palace Guard Same (Collection of 45s by great
Southern California Pop/Folk & psych
band) on Gear Fab
15,5 €
Party Party Party 34 raw, ruthless and rugged sixties
garage rockers from the US of A.
Frenetic movers &
shakers from the mid 60s - on Arf Arf
14 €
Patron Saints Fohhoh Bohob
(Official de-luxe CD RI of privately
released 1969 US
psych / folk
underground album
rarity) from masters - exact miniature
cover & insert
reproduction and 6
bonus tracks - Time Lag
20 €
Paul Ngozi The Ghetto (CD RI of early 70s LP rarity from Zambia of 70s rocking underground band blending
african rhythms with razor sharp
guitars) detailed
booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Pebbles Vol. 11 Brandnew 20 track
Volumen of US 60s
garage comp filling the gap in the
series incl. Trolls, Barry Carlos &
Nightcaps, Boys
Blues, Soultons,
Druids, Big Timers
14 €
Peculiar Hole In The Sky Pop Psych From Down Under (top notch
australian 60s
psych, freakbeat &
Pop feat rare 45´s
from 1966-69) on Big Beat
17 €
Phantoms Same (30 Track
collection of
1963-65 recordings
by australian instro / beat band incl.
many bonus tracks by Steve Denver &
Phantoms) Detailed
Booklet - Canetoad
18 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 10 20 more tracks to
tip-toe thru the
trippin late
60s/early 70s
wonderous cultural
dustbin of UK beat, Psych & Flower Power incl. Warm
Copperfiled, Almond Lettuce, New York
Public Library,
Barry Fantoni,
Sleepy etc -
Booklet - on
14 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 11 A further delve
through the colorful confines of brtish 60s flower power pop feat Mike Stevens & Shevelles, Crew,
Act, Loose Ends,
Chris Kerry,
Gibsons, End,
Keepers etc Booklet - on Particles
14 €
Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 9 One more 20 track
collection of 66-69 UK beat/psych and
trippin flower power obscurities on 45
incl. Mike Wallace, Weather, Deuce
Coupe, Smokey
Circles, Nocturnes, Montanas and more - booklet - Particles
14 €
Polyphony Without
Introduction( CD RI of 1971 US heavy
prog rock album with organ and guitar
interplay) Booklet - Gear Fab
12 €
Portobello Explosion 24 track collection of 65-70 UK mod pop euphoria nd RnB cool incl. Clayton
Squares, Feet, Him & Others, Roger James Four,Answers,
Twinset, Richard
Kent Style etc -
16-pgae booklet - on Particles
14 €
Psychedelic Aliens Psycho African Beat (Collection of
entire output incl. sole EP and both
45´s by 60s band
from ghana - a blend of western
african rhythms and melodies) hardcover bookbound CD - 32
page booklet -
Academy Records
15 €
Psychedelic Guitars - Mindexpanders Two ultra rare and
yet unreissued 1968 US exploito LP´s
with mind blowing
titles, crazy sound effects,mystical
istruments and
discortant guitar
work - Gear Fab
12 €
Psychedelic Jumble Vol. 1 What´s The Rush Time Machine Man? (20
Track collection of unheard UK 60s Pop, Psych & Freakbeat
from lost masters,
demos and acetates
incl. Penny Peeps,
Tintern Abbey,
Paradox, Five´s
Company etc)
13 €
Psychedelic Mynds Vol. 1 12 track collection of international 67 - 71 psychedelic
45´s incl.Dirty
Filthy Mud,
Obsession, Purple
Canteen etc
16,5 €
Psychedelic Rock Mexican Collection of 1971
recordings by three mexican killer
psychedelic rock
groups incl. Los
Papos, Free Minds & Polvo) Mini LP
replica sleeve -
15 €
Psychedelic Schlemiels Vol. 3 Another 20
unreleased british
psychedelic Pop
artefacts taken from demos, acetates and private recordins
incl. Serendipity,
Mirror, Jade
Hexagram, Montanas, Airbus, Warm Sounds, Schadel, Outside
Toilet etc - detaild liners - on Wooden Hill
16 €
Psychedelic Schlemiels Vol. 4 Collection of 20
rare tracks by UK
psychbands of the
sixties taken from lost acetates, rare 45´s and demos incl. Bulldog Breed,
Velvet Frogs, Jason Crest, Dawn Of Men, Blue Existence etc - Detailed booklet
with liners & pics - Wooden Hill
16 €
Psychedelic States - Alabama Cool 29 track
collection of rare & obscure Alabama
60´s garage bands - comes with detailed booklet
13 €
Psychedelic States - Alabama Vol. 2 More great unearthed sixties garage 45´s - heaps of
uncompiled and
obscure stuff
13 €
Psychedelic States - Florida Vol. 2 Cool 27 track
collection of
Florida mid 60´s
garage bands -
14 €
Psychedelic States - Illinois New 17 track chapter of rare & obscure
tracks by Illinois
60s garage bands
incl. Nervous
System, Untamed,
Children Of Darkness etc
13 €
Psychedelic States - Indiana Vol. 1 28 track collection of sixties garage
rarities incl.
Chevelles, Wild
Ones, Dawn Five,
Sanz Inc. Etc -
13 €
Psychedelic States - New York Vol. 1 Cool collection with rare garage band
45´s unearthing
great undiscovered
stuff from Buffalo
to Rochester
13 €
Psychedelic States - New York Vol. 2 2nd volumen with all cool & great 60´s
US garage 45´s from the Empire state -
29 trax and detailed booklet
13 €
Psychedelic States - Ohio #3 Another 26 track
collection of rare
US 60s beat /
garagerock incl
Dantes, Streys,
Counts, Cliches, The Four, Last Times
13 €
Psychedelic States - Ohio Vol. 1 27 track collection of 60s garage 45´s
from the 'Buckeye'
state w/many
uncompiled titles
incl. Traveller´s
Four, Other Guys,
Myrchents etc
13 €
Psychedelic States -Texas Vol. 1 Collection of rare
and unreleased mid
60s garage 45´s from the Lone Star
13 €
Psychedelic States Vol. 1 (Florida In The 60´s) Cool comp w/all rare uncompiled 60´s
Florida garageacts
on Gear Fab
14 €
Psychedelic States Vol. 1 - Georgia collection of rare
sixties garage/psych 45´s from the USA
on Gear Fab
14 €
Psychedelic States Vol. 3 - Florida Cool collection of
rare US mid 60´s
garage 45´s by
Florida bands
14 €
Psychegaelic 28 track collection of 1966-69 french
60s garage/psych 45 feat rarities by Les Bain Didonc, Boots, Sparks, Gaelics,
Les Brummels,
Benjamin, Pollux,
Witackers, Les
Bowlers etc -
14 €
Ptarmigan Same (CD RI Of 1973 canadian folkish
prog/psych album
originally on
Columbia) detailed
booklet - Lion
15 €
Pugsley Munion Just Like Me (Gear
Fab RI of stunning
69 US garage-psych
14 €
Quatermass DoCD Same (De luxe RI of 1970 sole album by
british progressive powerrock trio
originally on
Harvest - incl. The entire original LP, new mixes and three unreleased bonus
cuts) Detailed
Booklet - Esoteric
16,5 €
Quatrain Same (CD RI of 1969 original
Tetragrammaton LP by US psychedelic band plus 8 previously
unreleased bonus
cuts) Booklet -
16,5 €
Rain Norsk Suite (CD RI
of 1969 unreleased
album by norwegian
band incl. their
rare EP - heavy
fuzzy complex
arrangements with
hammond, horns and
orchestra) Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Ramases 6-CD Box Set 6-CD Set - Complete Discography
(Collection of
complete recordings by weird early 70s
UK psych/prog act
incl. both Vertigo
LPs - Space Hymns & Glass Top Coffin -
all CBS, Major
Minor, Philips &
Vertigo 7´´ and
loads of unreleased) Booklet - Stormvox
45 €
Ray Columbus The Solo Years
(65-69 collection of 45´s incl. Art
Recordings by New
Zealand 60s
16,5 €
Rayburn Collection of 14
tracks recorded from 1972-75 by Arkansas underground rock
band. Comes with
12-page booklet -
Psych Of The South
13 €
Rayne Same (CD RI of 1979 album rarity by New Orleans band - first class psychrock
with moody touches) Booklet - on
15 €
Reaction Same (CD RI of 1972 sole album by german power trio from
Hamburg originally
on Polydor Records - nine pieces of
heavy blues-rock a
la Agnes Strange,
Incredible Hog or
even Black Sabbath) Zeitgeist
14 €
Reinhold Same (CD RI of 1969 mexican only LP by
Bodo Molitor Brother - an accoustic
folky and blues mix of originals and
tradionals) Booklet - Vam Records
15 €
Revolution! Teen Time In Corpus Christie 1965-70 28 track collection of rare 45´s and
unreleased v´by
various Corpus
Christie, Texas
bands feat the
legendary Bad
Seeds,The Four More, Liberty Bell,
Michael and Kubla
Khan - detailed
booklet - on
15,5 €
Ringers Let Them Be Known
(L.A. 60´s
complete output) 21 Tracks
15 €
Robert Lent Scarecrow `s Journey (CD RI of 1971 UK jazzy electric folk album by US singer / songwriter
originally on
Nepentha Records)
Booklet - Prog
14 €
Rock Box - Ember Originals - 4 CD Set 4-CD set - CD Set
comprises four rare UK 70s progrock /
folkrock albums
incl. Rare LP´s by
09.30 Fly, Knocker
Jungle, Blonde ON
Blonde and Blue
Beard - each LP w/
Bonus tracks)
Booklet - Fantastic Voyage
10 €
Rock En Avandaro Collection of studio recordings by four bands feat on the
1972 ´´Avandaro
Festival`` incl. La Fachada de Piedra,
Love Army, Free
Minds, Soul Masters - Mini LP replica
sleeve, Insert - On Orfeon
15 €
Roger & Wendy Love Rog & Wem (CD
RI of 1971 privately pressed psych/folk album by pre-Bermuda Triangle US duo)
From master tape, 5 bonus cuts and
original LP replica cover - Lion
15 €
Sagittarius Blue Marble (CD RI
of 1968 second LP on Together Records by Usher / Boettcher
pop/psych Studio
Project) 4 bonus
cuts - booklet -
15 €
Sandhy & Mandhy Para Castukis (CD RI of privately
released megarare
album by uruguayan
duo - groovy organ
driven excellent
psychedelic folk pop with Zombies type
harmonies) 5 Bonus t racks - Booklet -
Lion Production
15 €
Sandstone Can You Mend A
Silver Thread (CD RI of 1971 privately
pressed acid
psychedelic folkrock album w/male -
female vocals and
two bonus tracks)
detailed booklet -
Lion Production
15 €
Scott Key The Forest & The Sea (CD RI of 1976
privately pressed US accousic instro
album with a
brooding loner
folk/psych feel)
detailed Booklet -
Lion Production
14 €
Search Party DoCD DoCD - Montgomery
Chapel (CD RI of
1969 christian
westcoast LP
originally on
Century - a spooky
metaphysical wacid
trip with a bizarre and avantgarde Bonus disc LP by St. Pius X Seminary Choir)
12 additional bonus cuts, detailed
Booklet - Lion
16,5 €
Sensacional Soul DoCD DoCD - 37 groovy
1968 - 75 spanish
soul and funk
stompers incl. Los
Buenos, Calibre
38,Connexion, Duo
Inter, Los Gritos,
Los Jovenes etc
19 €
Sensacional Soul Vol. 3 DoCD DoCD - Collection of 28 1966- 76 spanish soul stompers
Arlequines, Los De
La Torre, Els Five
Xics, Los Kifers,
Los Goya etc
detailed Booklet -
Vampi Soul
19 €
Shapes & Sounds - 60s BBC Archives 17 track collection of unheard material from BBC radio shows incl raries by
Spectrum, Timebox,
Tomorrow,Montanas - superb soundquality - detailed booklet
19 €
Shifting Sands - 20 Treasures from The Heyday of Underground Folk Collection of 20
global late 60s
incl.Moonkyte, Rick H eyard, Roger
Rodier, Loudest
Whisper, Oriental
Synanthesia etc -
Booklet - Sunbeam
14 €
Sigh, Cry, Die 29 Garage Rock Tales Of Woe And Despair From The Sixties -
follow up to ´´No,
No, No`` on Arf Arf
14 €
Silk Smooth As Raw Silk
(CD RI of 1968 sole album by Cleveland
psychedelic band
originally on ABC)
14 €
Simla Beat 70 CD RI of original 10 track collection
from 1970 `All India Beat Contest´ feat Confusions, Inner
lights, Xlents,
Genuine Spares etc - mix of clear
western influences
with a distinctive
eastern twist - on
14 €
Simla Beat 71 CD RI of original 10 track collection
from 1971 `Àll India Beat Contest´ feat an overview of the
Fentones mixing
clear western
influences with a
distinctive eastern twist - on
14 €
Smack Same (CD RI of 1968 sole LP by US Band
from Kansas feat a
load of extra heavy fuzz psychedelic
covers) detailed
booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol. 6 - Sounds Of She 23 track of female
vocals fronted psych / pop from the 60s aquarian age incl.
Ravelles, Enchanted Forest, Amands
Ambrose, London
Phogg, Guardians Of The Rainbow and more - detailed booklet -Pet Records
16 €
Sons Of Champlin DoCD Loosen Your Heart - Sons - Follow Your
Heart (CD RI of
first three albums
on Capitol by US
westcoast band
recorded from 1969 - 1971) BGO
16 €
Spriguns Time Will Pass (CD
RI of 1977 second
Decca LP by UK
folkrockers) Acme
15 €
Sproton Layer With Magnetic Field Disrupted (CD RI of 1970 recordings by
pre-Destroy All
Monsters Trio mixing progressive acid
punk with havy
psychedelia) from
original tapes,
detailed booklet - World In Sound
16 €
Staccatoes / Five Man Electrical Band DoCD First Sparks -
Anthology 1965-69
(51 track Collection by canadian mid 60s group incl. All
Capitol 45s, their
1965 sole LP,
unreleased and all
tracks from the Coca Cola promo Split LP w/Guess Who)
16-page booklet -
26 €
Stepping Through An Empty Time - Fairytakes Can Come True Vol. 5 Another 20 slices of British & European pop psych confection incl. Sleepy, Mec
Op Singers, Rokes,
Pattersons, Katch
22, Dave Anthony´s Mood, Crown´s Clan, Keith Field,
Montanas etc -
Booklet - on Psychic Circle
14 €
Stepson Lost Tapes 72-74
(Collection of
unreleased material by post Touch band
feat the growling
guitar of Joey
Newmanand and
awesome vocals of
Jeff Hawkes)
detailed booklet
14 €
Steve Atkinson Small Boats (CD RI
of 1981 UK, with
Insert) Booklet,
15 €
Steve Tilston An Acoustic
Confusion (CD RI of 1971 debut album by UK acoustic
guitarist and
originally on
Village Thing
Records) De Luxe
edition with five
bonus tracks and
detailed Booklet -
Lion Prod
15 €
Stories Stories Untold (19
track collection of 45`s and LP tracks
by post Left Banke
group feat Michael
Brown & Ian Loyd. CD incl. Brother
Louie, I`m Coming
Home, Love Stealer, Circles etc plus
Bonus solo 45s)
detailed booklet -
RGM Records
17 €
Sugar Shoppe Same (CD RI of 1967 sole album by
canadian soft/psych band released only
in the US on Capitol Records) 4 mono
version bonus cuts, detailed booklet - Now Sound
13 €
Summer Turns To Autmn - Prog, Psych & Folk rock from The Ember Vaults Vol. 2 15 track collection of 69-72 45´s and LP tracks from the
vaults of Ember
records incl a rare Blue Beard 45,
Knocker Jungle,
Paddy McGuire, Milt Matthews Inc, Polly Niles etc - Detailed Booklet - on
Fantastic Voyage
10 €
Swamprats Disco Sucks (Ri of
rare 45´s and
unreleased tracks by classic US garage
band from
15 €
Sweet Marie Sweet Marie One (CD RI of 1970 debut LP by Hawaii Rock trio originally on
Yard-Bird - mix of
blues, psychedelic
elements and hard
edged acid-rock)
Booklet - Gear Fab
14 €
Sweet Slag Same (CD RI of 1971 album by UK prog
band originally on
President -
experiemental rock
with frenzy riffs,
gruff vocals and
deff drumming)
14 €
T.S. Bonniwell Close (CD RI of 1969 rare and strange
solo album by Music Machine leader
originally on
Capitol) Booklet,
digipack - Real Gone Music
14 €
T2 Same (Legit CD RI of eponymous second
album recorded in
1970 by UK
psych/prog band)
Detailed booklet -
Acme/Lion Records
14 €
T2 It´ll Work Out In
Boomland (Legit CD
RI of 1970 sole
official LP by UK
underground band
originally on Decca) Three 1970 BBC
bonus cuts -
detailed booklet -
Acme/Lion Records
14 €
Taos Same (CD RI of 1970 album on Mercury by US folkrock harmony band) Kismet
14 €
Ted Lucas Same (CD RI of 1974 downer folk album by ex-Spikedrivers
gutarist originally on OM) Mini LP
Replica Sleeve - on Riverman .
16,5 €
Tetragon Agape (CD collection of 1973 unreleased material from the
masters by german
band famous for the `Nature´ LP. Organ
driven instrumental jazz rock
reminiscent of
Collosseum) Detailed booklet - Garden Of Delight
14 €
The Alan Bown DoCD Outward Bown (DoCD
RI of 1968 lost UK
psych jewels on
Transatlantic feat
mono & stereo
versions of the band plus a number of
rare 67/68 45´s)
Detailed 16-page
booklet,from masters - Grapefruit
16,5 €
The Eve-Folk Recordings DoCD DoCD - Collection of 1965 recordings by Geoff Stephens &
Peter Eden - a
treasure trove of
British period folk incl. complete LPs
by Mick Softley,
Vernon Haddock, Bob Davenport & The
Rakes, rare 45s and very early Donovan
recordings) Booklet - Retro-RPM
16,5 €
The Mads - Molestos Same (CD collection of 60s/70s London
recordings by
peruvian band with a link to Mick Jagger - early Summer of
Love material mixes with furious rock)
Detailed booklet - Lion Production
15 €
The Sound Of Young Sacramento 65/66 garage
collection from Bill Rase Recording
Studio (Big Beat)
15 €
The Underground Psychedelic
Psychedelic Guitars (CD RI of two rare
60s US exploitation LP`s originally on Mercury - recorded
by unknown studio
musicians) Gear Fab
13 €
The Upside Down World Of John Pantry DoCD DoCD - Astonishing
52 track collection of 66.-69 raries by Factory, Peter &
Wolves, Bunch,
Sounds Around,
Norman Conquest etc incl. 26 previously unreleased UK psych gems - Detailed
booklet - on Wooden Hill
17 €
Them Now And Them (CD RI from masters of 1967 Tower album by UK
band from their post V. Morrison era)
13 €
Them Time Out, Time In
(CD RI of 1968 full psychedelic LP
originally on Tower Records) Rev Ola
13 €
Think Dog Dog Days (CD RI of
1969/70 US LP
recorded by post
´´Time`` band -
influenced by the UK Canterbury scene)
15 €
Third Estate DoCD DoCD - Years Before The Wine & Agonistes (Legit RI of 1976
privately released
rare & delightful US melodic psych album - bonus CD w/1973
unreleased LP and
rare 45s) - 28 page booklet - Lion
16 €
Third World War Same (CD RI of 1971 album on Fly by UK
underground proto / punk legends) from
masters,two bonus
cuts, detailed
booklet) Esoteric
16 €
Thors Hammer From Keflavik With
Love (Cool 20 track comp by 60´s Punkers from Iceland)
15 €
Thors Hammer Same (Legit CD RI of 1971 dankish
progressive rock
album originally on Metronome) 32 Page
Booklet w/complete
detailed hhistory
16 €
Tisheh o Risheh Funk, Psych & Pop
from the iranian
generation incl.
Sharam, Beti, Soli, Ramesh, Afshin Sahd and more - detailed Booklet - Pharaway
13 €
To Fathom Hell And Soar Angelic 20 masterpieces of
early 70s heavy rock and psych incl.
Schizo, Hook,
Rotomagus, Dickens, Sound Of Imker,
Spirit Of St.Louis, Gallery etc -
Booklet - Particles
14 €
Tomorrow Come Someday DoCD/DVD CD/DVD - Same (Legit CD RI of 1970 UK
soundtrack folk LP
for BBC Production
with music by
Agincourt` and
´Ithaca` members
Peter Howell & John Ferdinando) Comes
with bonus DVD of
film/soundtrack -
From masters,
detailed Booklet -
on Acme/Lion
18 €
Tony Barber Someday...Now (RI of 1966 awsome aussie Beat LP plus 7 bonus tracks)
10 €
Too Much Monkey Business - The CD 23 Global Beat ´n`
Garage Raves from
64-67 incl. Skins,
Rangers, Bitter End, Wild Colonials,
Bats, Vanguards etc - detailed booklet, photos
15 €
Trubrot Undir Ahrifum (CD RI of 1970 second LP
by icelandic band - UK underground
influences psych
prog/rock) Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
True Love Has Gone Forever (Copenhagen Beat Vol. 2) CD RI of long gone
danish 60´s beat/RnB comp w/bonus cuts
15,5 €
Truth Same (CD RI of 1970 album by US band
originally on People Records - accoustic and orchestrated
folkrock with nice
harmonies) Relics
14 €
Tsee Mud LSD Bacro (CD RI of 1969/71 LP from
Venezuela) Booklet - Shadoks
15 €
Tudor Lodge Same (CD RI of 1970 UK progressive
hippie folk / rock / pop album
originally on
Vertigo by UK Band) from masters - `Good Times We Had`B-Side as Bonus - Booklet - on Esoteric
14 €
Tully Loving Is Hard (CD
RI of 1972 final and best album by
australian band with a serene,
folk-psych sound
feat Shayna Stewart of cult folk heroes `Extradition´) 2
bonus tracks
-Chapter Music
18 €
Turkish Freakout Vol. 2 19 track collection of 60s/70s turkish
psych, folk, pop
singles incl common & obscure names such as Afet Serenay,
Baris Manco, Gulcan Opel, Sevil & Ayla, Kem Caraca &
Mogollar, Kamuran
Akkur etc detailed
booklet - Bouzouki
Joe Rec.
16,5 €
Ugly Ducklings Somewhere Outside
(Canadian 66 garage classic)
15 €
Under The Southern Cross - Restock! CD - The Kiwi Rock
Scene 1970-75 (24
track collection of New Zealand
rock-bands incl many raries by Rocking
Horse, Dragon,
Lutha, Billy TK &
Underdogs, Ticket,
Human Instinct etc) 12-page booklet
16,5 €
Unfolding How To Blow Your
Mind (CD RI of 1967 US exploitation
album originally on Audio Fidelity) Gear Fab
13 €
Velvet Underground Squeeze (CD RI of in fact 1972 solo
release by Don Yule recorded in London - pleasant poprock
collection recorded with help from Ian
Paice) Kismet
14 €
Victor Brady Brown Rain (CD RI of 1970 sole
psychedelic LP by
steeldrummer - an
unusual underground and psychedelic
relic of the era)
14 €
Victoria Same (CD RI of 1971 US excellent
privately released
psych album w/five
bonus cuts) Shadoks
15 €
Wailers Everywhere - Out Of Our Tree (two
classic LP´s by US
Northwest garageband on one CD)
16 €
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Part 1 (Sundazed RI from masters of
classic 67 psych
album) 2 bonus
15 €
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. 2 (Sundazed RI from masters of 2nd LP fro 1967) 2
15 €
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. 3 (Childs
Guide... Sundazed RI from masters of
1968 3rd LP) 2
15 €
West Coast Workshop Wizard Of Oz and
Other Trans-Love
Trips (CD RI of 1967 US album on Capitol - psych
instrumentals with
eastern influences) Relics
14 €
Where You Gonna Go ? Motor City Garage Bands 1965-69 25 track collection of cool Detroit
Garage 45´s incl.
Unrelated Segments, District Six,
Unknowns, Lykes Of
Us, Couriers, Tidal Waves etc - 16 Page booklet - on
15,5 €
Wicked Lady Axeman Cometh (CD RI of complete 1968-72 recordings by
legendary UK
underground Power
Trio feat later Dark Member Martin
Weaver) detailed
Booklet - Guerssen
14 €
Wicked Lady Psychotic Overkill
(CD RI of final 1972 recordings still
feat Martin Weaver - more doomy
underground hard
rock) Booklet -
14 €
Wilcox - Sullivan - Wilcox An Album Of Original Music (CD RI of
1973 US privately
released spiritual
hippie folk album
originally on
Golddust Records) GD Records
15 €
Wizz Jones The Legendary Me (CD RI of 1970 album on UA by folk/blues
artist) Four bonus
cuts - booklet. On
14 €
Yama & The Karma Dusters Up From The Sewers
(CD RI of 1970
underground album by Chicago band
originally on
Manhole Records)
from masters - 2
bonus tracks,
detailed Booklet - on Lion
15 €
Yardbirds - Mono Little Games (CD RI of 1967 album
w/final line up
playing gritty blues rock and swirlng
psychedelia - from
original UK mono
masters) 2 Bonus
cuts, detailed
booklet- on
14 €
Yellow Payges Vol. 1 (CD RI of
1969 sole LP by
californian garage
pop group originally on UNI) Relics
15 €
You Got Yours East Bay Garage 1965 -67 (Cool power
packed collection of East Bay Garage
bands incl.
Baytovens, Spyders, US Male, Harbinger
Complex, Soul
Vendors etc) Cool
booklet - on Big
15 €
 Backcatalogue available on australian reissue labels Raven and Canetoad, section w/spanish 60´s CD´s and more